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Ballon Terminal is a ruined city located on a Sky Island above the New World.[2]


The sky island is suspended by a multitude of helium balloons along its underside.[3] It is 10,000 meters directly above the Kid Pirates' base.[2]



Ballon Terminal is the location where all the lost helium balloons end up, and that is how it stays in the sky. At some point in time, a civilization moved to and thrived in Ballon Terminal, building multiple buildings. Later, this civilization ended by unknown causes, and the buildings fell into ruins.[3]

Dressrosa Arc

Urouge retreated here after sustaining wounds.[1] He and the people near him then encountered Kaidou, who attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the island.[2]


  • Ballon means "balloon" in French, German, and Dutch.


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