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Balong is a member of the Long Long Pirates. He appears in One Piece Film: Gold as an antagonist, and was named in the film's credits.[1]


Balong is an extremely large and muscular man with messy blue hair and a very long blue beard. He does not wear a shirt, but has purple sleeves over his arms that are covered in a form of silver armor; this armor goes over his chest in an X shape. He wears white pants and large black boots.[1]


Like the rest of his crew, Balong is willing to resort to violence to get money, as shown when he attacked the Straw Hats. He was appalled when Sanji managed to break his weapons.[1]

Abilities and PowerEdit


Balong wields brass knuckles with spikes on them, which he used against Sanji. Despite his large size, he is able to unleash a flurry of quick attacks, although his attacks are only wild swings that Sanji, a Kenbunshoku Haki user, was able to easily dodge. The brass knuckles were also weak enough to be destroyed by a single kick from Sanji.[1]



Sometime in the past, the Long Long Pirates went to Gran Tesoro to win money but lost it all.[1]

One Piece Film: GoldEdit

When the Straw Hat Pirates entered Gran Tesoro, the Long Long Pirates attacked them in order to steal their money. Balong went after Sanji, but the Straw Hat Crew's cook managed to easily dodge his attacks while carrying a tray full of food. Sanji then managed to intercept Balong's attack with a kick, shattering his brass knuckles; Sanji then defeated Balong with a vertical kick to the chest that sent him flying upward.[1]

Major BattlesEdit


  • Balong's name contains the word "long" in it, corresponding with the Long Long Pirates' long theme.


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