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Baltigo, labeled as the "Land/Island of White Soil" (白土の島 Shiratsuchi no Shima?), is an island located somewhere in the Grand Line.[1] The island's existence was long shrouded in mystery but finally became known to the whole world after the Zou Arc. Baltigo was destroyed during an intense battle with the Blackbeard Pirates.[2]


The landscape has tall rock pillars and the ground looks like it might be snow-covered. It is also very windy there. The island has some ancient ruins that served as the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army.


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Former Residents
Monkey D. Dragon Sabo ? Koala Hack Terry Gilteo
Bartholomew Kuma Emporio Ivankov Inazuma Nico Robin Bosa 

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At a certain point, Dragon made this island the base for the Revolutionary Army.

The island served as a hub of information for the Revolutionaries, and is a home to their leader Dragon and the other members.[1]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Sabo's Initiation

After arriving at Baltigo, an amnesiac Sabo started training under Hack, however, his body remembered his time training with his siblings, and he quickly abandoned the class in favor of personal training, achieving a fighting level of the top members of the army.[3]

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Water 7 Saga

Post Enies Lobby Arc

After the Straw Hats attacked Enies Lobby, the news of their bounty increase reached Baltigo.[1]

Summit War Saga

Straw Hat Separation

Later, when the Straw Hat Pirates were split up, Nico Robin landed on Tequila Wolf and was rescued by the revolutionaries. She eventually went to Baltigo and trained there for two years.[4]

Post War Arc

Upon reading the news about the Summit War of Marineford and about Ace's death, Sabo's regained his childhood memories and broke down in tears and collapsed at the headquarters. He woke up at the medical bay and asked to meet with Dragon, regarding finding the Mera Mera no Mi.[5]

Four Emperors Saga

Zou Arc

Upon Sabo's return to Baltigo, the Yonko Blackbeard's 1st fleet captain Jesus Burgess managed to stow away on his ship and was shown gravely injured while contacting fellow fleet captains Laffitte and Shiryu to attack the island. Meanwhile, Koala reported to Dragon, saying they discovered Liquor Iron Ore from the weapons they retrieved from Dressrosa. Dragon then instructed her to arrange a meeting with all of the Revolutionary Commanders throughout the world. While the orders were issued, Sabo was training with his Mera Mera no Mi outside the headquarters.[6]

From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc

Sometime afterwards, they received the news about the Straw Hats new bounties.[7]

Whole Cake Island Arc

Blackbeard attacked the base and destroyed Baltigo, which was reported in the news. However, the Blackbeard Pirates fled after briefly clashing with Cipher Pol. This also marked the first time Baltigo, the land of mysteries, was revealed to the world.[2] The Revolutionary Army managed to escape Baltigo's destruction and relocated their operations to Momoiro Island.[8]


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