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Bamboo[2] is the sword wielded by Marine rear-admiral T Bone.


It is a sword with a perfectly straight blade and is finely decorated, as is the green and yellow hilt. It has a straight edged tsuba and a pommel that is trapezoidal in shape with a cross engraved, while the scabbard is gray.


The exact properties of the sword are unknown, but its user T Bone is able to use it to create flying slash attacks and kill a Sea King[3] with ease. He is also renowned for cutting ships, giving him the epithet "Ship Cutter".

In the anime, it gives off blue streaks of light or energy when swung.[4]


Chokkaku Senko: Bone Soir.

  • Chokkaku Senko: Bone Soir (直角閃光 ボーン空割ソワール Chokkaku Senkō Bōn Sowāru?, literally "Right Angle Flash: Bone Sky Division"): T Bone first makes a right angle cut in the air with his sword, and then swings it, sending a rectangular cut forward. This makes a clean, rectangular cut on whatever it hits.[5] In the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub, this is called Right Angle Flash: Bone Soir. The name of this technique is a pun on T Bone's name and French for "good evening," bon soir.
  • Chokkaku Hicho: Bone Odori (直角飛鳥 ボーン大鳥オオドリー Chokkaku Hichō Bōn Ōdorī?, literally "Right Angle Flying Bird: Bone Large Bird"): T Bone slashes the air and propels a beam-shaped cut at the enemy. The cut is able to bounce off the air on sharp angular turns, and appears with a bird shaped head at the front of the cut.[6] In the Viz Manga, this is called Right Angle Flying Bird Bone: Bird of Prey, and in the FUNimation dub, it is called Right Angle Flying Bird: Bone Phoenix. The name is a pun on the "Bon Odori", or Bon Festival.


Water 7 Arc

T Bone wielded this sword while on the Sea Train to Enies Lobby. He used it to attack Sanji, Usopp, and Franky. He later used it to attack Rocketman to prevent it from catching up, but the blade was broken by Zoro's Gyuki: Yuzume.[6]

Amazon Lily Arc

Later at Marineford, the sword appears to have been repaired at some point as T Bone was shown with it on him when he arrived.[7]


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