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Banchi is a giant turtle used by Miss All Sunday for transportation.[1][4] It is unknown what happened to him after the Arabasta Saga. He is classified as a Type A creature, "Big Friendly".[5]


Banchi is a turtle with a dark brown shell and a greyish-green underbelly. He has a depressed or bored look on his face.[3]

He is seen smoking a cigar, wears a horizontal-striped white cowboy hat with a pink cloth that ties it to his head.[1] Banchi also has purple belts connecting him to the carriage that he carried the Officer agents in.[4]


Little is known about Banchi’s personality, but he is intelligent enough to take commands from Robin. He also has a habit of smoking cigars.

Abilities and Powers

Banchi the strength to pull a cart full of three grown men (one of which was overweight, as well as carrying a 4-ton baseball bat) and three grown women, so he is presumably quite strong.[4]

He's also an adept swimmer, serving as Miss All Sunday's method of travel inbetween islands.


Arabasta Saga

Whisky Peak Arc

He was first seen taking Robin back to Arabasta after her first meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates.[1]

Arabasta Arc

He was later seen transporting the officer agents to Crocodile's based in Rainbase.[4]


Video Games

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