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A Bandit refers to a type of organized criminal that acts on land. Otherwise, they operate very much like most pirates, invading and stealing from communities.

Bandits in the World of One Piece are regarded as the opposite to pirates in terms of views and ideals (and from what is seen in the series, also strength). Unlike pirates, most bandits tend to harass local villages and towns, rarely traveling to sea and remaining mostly grounded to the landscape they have come to know.

Types of Bandits

Mountain Bandits

The only known groups of bandits so far are Mountain Bandits (山賊 Sanzoku?), some of whom are based around Mt. Colubo on Dawn Island. Higuma stated that the differences between pirates and bandits mean that they do not get along at all with each other.[1] Also they do not represent a major threat to the World Government, as they mainly remain rooted to their home island and the towns of the area, rarely (if ever) setting out to sea. However, that does not mean that they are without infamy: Curly Dadan and her "family", who lived on the same island as Higuma, are stated to have accomplished a number of crimes "as many as the stars in the sky".[2]

The Mt. Atama Thieves are a specific group of mountain bandits that reside in Wano Country, taking residence in the forests of the Kuri region. Their leader, a Samurai known as Shutenmaru, has achieved enough notoriety around the country for his great strength, unlike the mountain bandits of Dawn Island, to the point of being courted by the Emperor Kaidou to join his pirate crew.


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  • Vander Decken IX was referred as a bandit of the sea despite being a pirate. This may be due to the limited area in which he operated.[3]
  • One of Higuma's bandits was the first person to be shown to be killed after being shot by Lucky Roux.
  • Jean Ango is known by the epithet of "The Bandit", despite being a Bounty Hunter.


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