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Bandsman is a musician at Gran Tesoro.[2] He appeared in One Piece Film: Gold.[1]


A close up of Bandsman's face.

Bandsman is a slim man with dark brown hair, prominent lips, and a drunken stupor. He wears a white shirt with the collar unbuttoned, and a suit of the same color over it.[1]


Bandsman is a happy man, drinking with his friends to the point of intoxication. When he was drunk, he did not think clearly about how to act in the presence of Tesoro. Bandsman laughed hysterically at Luffy's dream of becoming the Pirate King, but upon realizing he offended Tesoro, he pleaded to his boss in fear for forgiveness.[1]


One Piece Film: Gold

At a party, a drunk Bandsman was drinking with friends when he overheard Tesoro and Carina's conversation about the Straw Hat Pirates. He interjected that he thought Luffy's dream was ridiculous and began laughing profusely. Tesoro asked him why he was laughing without his permission, and Bandsman began to nervously apologize. Tesoro took off one of his gold rings and threw it at Bandsman as the musician tried to run away. It wrapped him in gold, and Tesoro made liquid gold fall from a chandelier onto his head. The gold solidified over Bandsman's face, and Tesoro laughed at his squirming while everyone else stared in horror and grief.[1]


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