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Bandsman is a character in One Piece Film: Gold.[1]


Bandsman Portrait

A close up of Bandsman's face.

Bandsman was a slim man with dark brown hair, prominent lips, and a drunk look. He wore a white shirt with the collar unbuttoned, and a suit of the same color over it.[1]


Bandsman appears to be a happy party-goer, as he got himself intoxicated, to the point of laughing in the presence of Tesoro. However, upon realizing he offended Tesoro, he pleaded in fear for forgiveness.[1]


One Piece Film: GoldEdit

At a party, a drunk Bandsman was laughing profusely, so Tesoro punished him for laughing without his permission by wrapping him in gold and dropping liquid gold from a chandelier on his head. The gold solidified over Bandsman's face, and Tesoro laughed at his squirming while everyone else stared in horror.[1]


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