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The Banzai Pirates are a crew commanded by Banzai.[1]


Not much is known about the crew as they have only made one appearance. They were residing on the island the Straw Hat Pirates washed up on after having there memories taken by Noko and Tatsu, but it is not known how the Banzai Pirates got to the island. They were later seen trying to prevent Nami, Robin and Vivi of leaving an island after they discovered "too much" about the Baroque Works, which inferes they were at least associated to the organization.[1]

Crew Members

Banzai, Bravo, and Harasho are the only known members.

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Banzai Pirates
Banzai Bravo Harasho

Crew Strength

Banzai and his crew, despite being able to successfully attack and hurt the Straw Hat Pirates, are fairly weak, as they were swiftly defeated after the opposing pirate crew regained their memories about how to fight. The crew is at its strongest when they band together, as seen in their combined technique.


One Piece: Ocean's Dream!

After the Straw Hat Pirates had their memories taken by Noko and Tatsu and washed up unconscious on an island, the crew woke up on the beach and tried to figure out what was going on in their amnesiac confusion. Having decided to work together, they approached the coast and heard the sound of Noko's seahorse flute. The Banzai Pirates appeared before the Straw Hats and threatened Monkey D. Luffy, who challenged the captain Banzai. Because Luffy, in his lapse of memory, couldn't remember how to fight, Banzai took the first assault, injuring his opponent as well as Roronoa Zoro and Sanji. He then attack Nami and Tony Tony Chopper, but Mr. 2 Bon Kurei arrived to even the playing field, counterattacking the advancing pirates. Luffy, with the fighting guidance of Mr. 2, declared that he would fight Banzai one-on-one and defeated the crew.[1]

Later, Nami, Nico Robin and Nefertari Vivi, when searching for some strange dolls that the Baroque Works supposedly sailed away from Whisky Peak with, they arrived at a secret island where they found said dolls. Vivi recognize the dolls as the ones used by Igaram on his ploy to deceive the other Baroque Works members during the Whisky Peak Arc. The Banzai Pirates notice that the girls have found out "too much" and try to prevent them from leaving the island, being defeated once again.[1]


  • All the known members' names are interjections of acclaim: "banzai" (万歳 banzai?) in Japanese; "bravo" in many languages, including English; and "harasho" (хорошо khorosho, meaning "okay!" or "alright!") in Russian.


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