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The Baratie Arc is the fourth story arc in the East Blue Saga of the manga and anime, One Piece.

The Straw Hats meet Johnny and Yosaku, who direct them to the restaurant ship Baratie, a sort of "floating oasis" in the middle of the ocean, where they meet Sanji. However, a pirate admiral named Don Krieg sets his sights on the Baratie as a replacement for his devastated fleet, and the restaurant soon comes under siege.


Of Bounty Hunters, Cooks, and Pirates

The Straw Hat PiratesLuffy, Zoro, Nami, and the newly-joined Usopp—checked out their new pirate ship, the Going Merry, as well as designed a Jolly Roger for it. As a test of the ship's capabilities, Luffy and Usopp tested out one of the cannons on board by shooting at a rock formation. However, unbeknownst to them, two pirate hunters happened to be on the rock, and one of them attacked the ship in retaliation. Luffy fought him, but Zoro pointed him out to be a friend of his. The two bounty hunters were Johnny and Yosaku. After the Straw Hats apologized and Nami cured Yosaku of his scurvy, the crew realized that they were going to need a cook for the ship to maintain the healthy quality of their food stores before they could go to the Grand Line. To repay the favor for helping them, Johnny and Yosaku told the crew of a floating restaurant in the middle of the ocean where they might find a cook, helpfully navigating the crew to the aforementioned restaurant, the Baratie.

Sanji gives a starving Gin food.

Upon their arrival, the group ran into trouble with a Marine Lieutenant named Fullbody. In the scuffle between the two, Luffy accidentally redirected a cannonball into the Baratie's roof. Luffy tried to make a deal with the captain, head chef, and owner of the ship, Zeff, to pay for the damages caused to the roof. Meanwhile, the assistant chef, Sanji, had an encounter with Fullbody as well and almost killed Fullbody for insulting the Baratie's food. A pirate named Gin, a member of Don Krieg's armada who was being detained by Fullbody, came onto the ship demanding food. Although denied food, beaten, and thrown out of the restaurant by the crew, Sanji secretly served the man a savory meal, saving Gin from starvation. Despite this act of kindness, when Gin left and returned to his ship, he told Don Krieg about the Baratie. After hearing about the ship, Don Krieg came to believe that taking over the Baratie was a key step in resurrecting his fleet.

Eventually, Krieg came to the restaurant under the pretense that he would not hurt anyone if he received some food. Of course, once he had eaten, Krieg attacked the cooks onboard and claimed the Baratie as his own, since his original ship and his entire fleet were destroyed seven days into the Grand Line by a mysterious figure. Just as important, his crew was on the verge of death from starvation. Surprisingly, Zeff gave a sack of food to Krieg and warned his cooks about the upcoming battle. The Baratie raised its battle fins, which protect the restaurant portion of the Baratie, as the cooks and the Krieg Pirates began to fight.

The Ultimate Armada and the Ultimate Swordsman

Mihawk defeats Zoro.

In the midst of the battle, Luffy (who had been working as "Chore Boy" to pay off the damages to the roof) and the other Straw Hats tried to get the Going Merry away from the battle. Only then did they realize that Nami had double-crossed them and stole their ship and treasure, with Zoro, Usopp, Johnny, and Yosaku preparing to go after her. However, their plans were brought to a halt when Krieg's galleon was suddenly sliced in half. Through the wreckage of the ship sailed the mysterious figure that Zoro instantly recognized as Dracule "Hawk-Eyes" Mihawk, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the greatest swordsman in the world. Zoro decided to try and defeat Mihawk to gain the title of greatest swordsman in the world, but was clearly outmatched by Mihawk's strength.

However, Zoro impressed Mihawk with his courage and honor. As a result, Mihawk spared Zoro's life so that he could become a better swordsman and face him again someday. After the loss, Zoro vowed never to lose again before setting off with the other Straw Hats to go after Nami. Luffy stayed behind to help the Baratie, with Zeff accepting Luffy's request for his debt to be repaid as the reward for his assistance against the Krieg Pirates. With that, Mihawk departed and Krieg directed his attention back to the Baratie.

The Chef and the Chore Boy's Battles

Luffy breaks Krieg's armor.

The cooks found that Krieg's pirates were not pushovers, and the battle was not going well for the cooks, until Sanji joined the fray. However, the tide turned back in Krieg's favor when his second mate, "Iron Wall" Pearl, arrived. At first, Sanji had the upper hand, but after Pearl nearly burned down the ship, Gin was forced to hold Zeff at gunpoint to keep Sanji from fighting back, allowing Pearl to thrash Sanji around. Surprisingly, Gin saved Sanji from Pearl, claiming he wanted to kill the cook himself. The two fought briefly, but with Sanji still injured from his fight with Pearl, Gin gained the upper hand. However, Gin could not bring himself to kill Sanji, which infuriated Krieg. As a result, he tried to kill Gin with a poison gas grenade known as MH5, which Gin barely survived. This act upset Luffy, who attacked Krieg and had a long fight on the wreckage of Krieg's ship.

Krieg used everything in his armor's arsenal to try to kill Luffy. However, Luffy countered and powered though each weapon, finally finishing off Krieg by slamming him into the side of the Baratie with his legs, although Krieg did not stay down until a final punch in the gut by Gin stopped him in his tracks. Krieg's final attack with his iron net sent Luffy into the ocean. Sanji saved Luffy from the ocean, and Gin and the rest of Krieg's pirates sailed away on a small dinghy.

Sanji tearfully thanks Zeff as he leaves with Luffy.

Zeff and his cooks tried to persuade Sanji to leave by telling him a soup he cooked tasted awful. Sanji almost fell for it, but then overheard them when they actually said it tasted delicious. He remembered his dream of finding the All Blue and finally agreed to join Luffy's crew. Just as he made his decision, Yosaku returned, traveling on a panda shark, and warned Luffy that Nami was heading toward a dangerous island. Zeff and the Baratie cooks all gave Sanji a tearful send-off before he, Luffy, and Yosaku headed out to catch up with the others.

Story Impact

  • Fullbody, Johnny and Yosaku are introduced.
  • Usopp's cannon wielding earns him his role as the sniper of the Straw Hats.
  • Nami's betrayal shows her hidden nature and hints toward her past and her relationship to the fish-man pirate Arlong and his crew. Her obsession with looking over Johnny and Yosaku's copy of Arlong's wanted poster would help the two suspect a connection between Nami and Arlong, which allows them to successfully predict Nami's destination.
  • The crew gets their cook, Sanji, who is considered their third strongest fighter.
  • Sanji's past with Zeff is shown. However, his earlier history with his family will not be revealed until the Whole Cake Island Arc. Furthermore, Sanji's devotion and love for his father figure would also be put at risk by his birth father Judge.
  • Dracule Mihawk is introduced, as well as the Seven Warlords of the Sea as a group.
  • Zoro loses his duel to Mihawk and vows never to lose again, leaving him with his first permanent battle scar and his two unnamed swords destroyed, leading to him receiving new ones two story arcs later in the Loguetown Arc.
  • Jinbe is mentioned, he will later appear in the Impel Down Arc and later became the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, after Nami asks Luffy and Usopp to get limes to cure Yosaku's scurvy, they convert it into a drink which helps Yosaku wake up. In the anime however, Luffy and Usopp instead try to squeeze the juice from the limes into Yosaku's mouth, before stuffing them into the mouth and the choking effect causes Yosaku to wake up.[1]
  • In the manga, when the Straw Hats and Johnny talk about recruiting a cook for the Straw Hats they are on the Going Merry's deck. In the anime this was moved into the ship's lounge instead.[1]
  • In the manga, when Mihawk is mentioned by Gin and Zeff, the chefs had a recollection of a customer they once had called Drunk Eyes (chapter 49), which turns out to not be the "Hawk-Eyes" that Johnny is referring to earlier (chapter 42). This confusion is not mentioned in the anime, and Drunk Eyes was left out.
  • In the manga, when Fullbody notices that Johnny and Yosaku are on the ship and insults them, Johnny and Yosaku attempt to attack him, but get beaten up instead, with Johnny's wanted posters falling on the Going Merry's deck. In the anime, Johnny gets angry at the insult and simply throws some wanted posters on the deck.[2]
  • In the manga, when the Straw Hats are fired upon by the Marines, Luffy deflects it with a simple Gomu Gomu no Balloon. In the anime, he invents a new technique called the Gomu Gomu no Pachinko.
  • In the manga, Lines the marine is not shown after being shot by Gin, and is presumed to be dead. In the anime, he can be seen crawling out of the Baratie alongside Fullbody.
  • In the manga, Gin accepts Sanji's fried rice almost immediately. In the anime, he initially rejects it out of pride, and Sanji has to convince him to eat it.
  • In the manga, Luffy stays "employed" at the Baratie for two days before Don Krieg arrives. In the anime, it is four days.
  • In the manga, when Sanji announces his intention to cook for the rest of Don Krieg's men, the rest of the Baratie's cooks point pistols at him. In the anime, the cooks instead point enormous kitchen utensils, such as forks and knives, at Sanji.[3]
  • In the manga, during the battle against Don Krieg, Krieg at first feints using the MH5 by using a shuriken bomb instead. This is not shown in the anime.
  • In the manga, during the battle against Don Krieg, when Gin subdues Zeff, he does it by breaking Zeff's peg leg and pointing a gun at him. In the anime, Gin simply knocks over Zeff and points the gun at him.
  • In the manga, during the flashback, Zeff loses his leg by eating it. In the anime, he loses his leg by cutting it off when he was caught in some sinking ship debris.[4]
  • The amount of time Sanji and Zeff stay shipwrecked on the island is shorter in the anime, which is marked with a chalk for 47 days instead of the caption, stating it was 85 days. Also in the manga, a passing ship's crew fails to hear Sanji's cries the first time it comes around, before coming back several months later. This is skipped in the anime, and instead they are immediately rescued when it comes by on the same day Sanji learned that Zeff lost his leg (which is 15 days earlier in the manga).[4]
  • Once Zeff and Sanji start the Baratie, Sanji picks up smoking and claims that "he's a man now". This was cut out of the anime, as to not tell viewers smoking equals maturity.
  • In the manga, just as Zoro is preparing to battle Mihawk, at the scene with the Going Merry, Nami sadly hopes that she will get to see her new friends again and is happy that she will soon be free, before she sadly calls out to Bell-mère. In the anime, this scene is instead moved to after Luffy defeated Don Krieg.[5]
  • In the manga, after Luffy punches Don Krieg through his spiked cape, the wounds on his fingers are shown after he removes the spear from his shoulder. These injuries are not seen in anime.

4Kids Edits

  • Sanji is given a Brooklyn accent, and his cigarettes are changed permanently throughout the series into red lollipops.
  • Don Krieg's nail gun is changed to poison suction cups. All blood is also removed from the fight.
  • Pearl is given a stereotypical surfer voice.
  • Kuina's death is changed to her being hurt and unable to fight with a sword again.
  • Mihawk's sword hilt is shortened because it looks too much like a cross. The same goes for his knife.


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