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The Barbar Pirates are anime-only sand pirates of Arabasta. The Barbar Pirates are skilled sand sailors. It is shown that they often clash with desert bandits. They travel the desert searching for food. All the members wear little umbrellas on their heads. While searching for water, Luffy accidentally broke the Barbar Pirates' ship and decide to go to Melias to search for wood in order to repair their ship.[2]

Jolly Roger

The Barbar Pirates' Jolly Roger is a white skull with Barbarossa's fuzzy, gray beard. Two dark pink-colored umbrellas with yellow handles stick out on both sides of the skull.[3]

Crew Members

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Barbar Pirates
Barbarossa Rasa Zaba


The Barbar Pirates' ship first appeared in Episode 97. It can run on sand and its figurehead is an umbrella. After accidentally breaking their mast, Luffy promised to search for wood in order to repair their ship, a promise that he carried to the end. The crew also uses Sand Sleds, which Rasa in particular is said to be quite skilled at using.[2]


  • Their name seems to be taken from the Barbary pirates, Muslim pirates who raided parts of North Africa. Their captain's real-life namesake, Hayreddin Barbarossa, was affiliated with pirates from that region.


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