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Baroque Works[2] was a criminal syndicate created by the Warlord Crocodile to destabilize and conquer the Arabasta Kingdom (and, by extension, acquire the ancient superweapon Pluton). For this one purpose, it conducted countless acts of espionage, sabotage, and murder over a span of years, ultimately manipulating Arabasta into civil war.[5][6]

While the syndicate mostly employed common bounty hunters and mercenaries (motivated[3] by the half-truth that they were building a new, "ideal" nation), its elite members contained significantly skilled combatants and spies. Despite multiple setbacks, its endgame Operation Utopia[7] nearly succeeded in every objective, and was only narrowly stopped by the combined efforts of Princess Nefertari Vivi, the Straw Hat Pirates, and a contingent of Marines led by then-Captain Smoker.

After Operation Utopia's failure, the syndicate was exposed and dismantled, with Crocodile and most of his subordinates—many personally defeated by the Straw Hats—arrested by the Marines. In years to come, however, many of them would escape and continue to impact world events.

Due to their actions and role, they are collectively the main antagonists of the Arabasta Saga, with varying members being the focus of each individual arc (excepting the Drum Island Arc). Several ex-members also serve as the protagonists of the Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works" cover arc, and supporting characters in the Impel Down Arc and Marineford Arc.


At its height, the syndicate contained over 2,000 members, with operations ranging from the Grand Line's Paradise region to the East Blue.[2] Crocodile heavily enforced secrecy throughout, with most (possibly all) members assigned codenames and often forbidden from interacting with higher-ranked personnel; his own identity was kept the highest secret, and any would-be threats were immediately marked for execution.

On a day-to-day basis, most members were assigned to fundraising, especially through bounty hunter work. Those in Arabasta proper sometimes performed more direct sabotage assignments, e.g. smuggling and using Dance Powder (a notorious source of drought), vandalizing drought-stricken towns, and spreading lies to agitate chaos and hostility among citizens. Whenever possible, King Nefertari Cobra and his loyalists were framed for these doings, steadily laying the groundwork for a full civil war.

Organization and Ranks

Baroque Works' hierarchy, as explained by Nefertari Vivi.

As head of Baroque Works, Crocodile adopted the alias of Mr. 0, and similarly titled his main partner (and effective chief-of-staff) Nico Robin Miss All-Sunday.[8] This naming scheme was extended through the syndicate's agents (エージェント Ējento?), roughly two dozen subordinates prominent and powerful enough to receive direct orders from Crocodile:

  • Male agents were given numbered codenames (Mr. 12, Mr. 11, Mr. 10, etc.), with lower numbers directly corresponding to higher rank.
  • Female agents were given holiday and weekday codenames (Miss Monday, Miss Valentine, etc.); unlike the male codenames, these followed no particular ranking pattern.

Agents were organized into twelve male-female teams (excepting Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, an okama effectively allowed to serve as his own partner), usually with emphasis on joining complementary skills. These teams were further divided along two subcategories:

  • Officer Agents (オフィサーエージェント Ofisā Ējento?), comprising Mr. 1 through Mr. 5's teams. These were the deadliest of the agents, and almost all held Devil Fruit powers; a majority were considered vital enough that Crocodile willingly revealed his identity to them in preparation for Operation Utopia.
  • Frontier Agents (フロンティアエージェント Furontia Ējento?), comprising Mr. 6 through Mr. 12's teams. These were considered "lesser" elites, and mostly assigned to overseeing the syndicate's various fundraising operations (though the Mr. 7 team was given a semi-pivotal role in Operation Utopia).

The bulk of Baroque Works' membership, however, consisted of unremarkable foot-soldiers assigned as the agents' subordinates: 200 Billions (ビリオンズ Birionzu?) for the Officer Agents, and 1,800 Millions (ミリオンズ Mirionzu?) for the Frontier Agents.[8] These were give more eclectic codenames (Miss Catherina, Mr. Love, etc.) and treated more disposably, though their work could sometimes approach the agents' in complexity and importance.[9][10]

Members could be promoted to higher categories and ranks in the wake of major accomplishments and/or a (preferably fatal) vacancy. This encouraged greater efforts from many—particularly the Billions, who were considered direct candidates for agenthood—but also many internal hostilities, sometimes escalating to outright murder.[11]

Irregular Members

In addition to conventional personnel, Baroque Works also employed a number of animals in specialized roles:

  • Most prominent were the Unluckies (13日の金曜日アンラッキーズ Anrakkīzu?, lit. "Friday the 13th"), comprising the otter Mr. 13 and the vulture Miss Friday. They were responsible for ferrying written communications, recording new threats to the syndicate, and punishing members of Frontier Agent rank or below.[12]
  • A squad of lizards known as Erimaki Runners were sometimes used as backup messengers, especially within Arabasta proper.[13]
  • A large colony of Bananawani were kept in the lake surrounding Rain Dinners, for executing enemies (and/or incompetent members) who had earned Crocodile's personal ire.
  • Various other creatures, such as F-Wani (a smaller, faster Bananawani subspecies) and the "all-terrain tortoise" Banchi, were occasionally used for long-distance transportation.

Jolly Roger

Though not a pirate crew per se (indeed, many its members openly disdained pirates),[citation needed] the organization identified itself with a typical Jolly Roger, distinguished by rapiers in place of crossbones and a backdrop of light-purple wings. This symbol was often emblazoned on the organization's ships and paraphernalia; some lower-ranked members even carried it on clothing and/or tattoos.


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Baroque Works 
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Officer Agents
Daz Bonez (Mr. 1) Zala (Miss Doublefinger) Bentham (Mr. 2 Bon Kurei) Galdino (Mr. 3) Marianne (Miss Goldenweek)
Babe (Mr. 4) Drophy (Miss Merry Christmas) Gem (Mr. 5) Mikita (Miss Valentine)
Frontier Agents
Mr. 6 Miss Mother's Day Mr. 7 Miss Father's Day Igaram (Mr. 8) * 
Miss Monday Mr. 9 Nefertari Vivi (Miss Wednesday) *  Mr. 10 Miss Tuesday
Mr. 11  Miss Thursday Mr. 12 Miss Saturday Previous Mr. 7 
Mr. 13 Miss Friday
Billions Akumai Mr. Mellow Mr. Love Geronimo 
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Millions Miss Catherina Mr. Beans Mr. Shimizu Hercules 
Other Members
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Members' Fates

Crew Strength

Baroque Works was one of the most significant threats the Straw Hats faced as a whole in Paradise (and the second-largest, surpassed only by the forces of Enies Lobby). Though ultimately defeated, it was well-organized and effective enough to manufacture a full-scale civil war in one of the Twenty Kingdoms, and nearly unearthed Pluton—a superweapon so elusive that even the World Government's most ambitious intelligence agency had resigned itself to searching only for diagrams.

In enabling this, even the syndicate's common foot-soldiers were cunning and well-trained—if not particularly combat-worthy against the Straw Hats—on the whole. The agents were many times stronger, with the Officer Agents in particular containing eight separate Devil Fruit users; of particular note were Mr. 1 and Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, who nearly killed Roronoa Zoro and Sanji in single combat several times over.

As the agents' field commander, Miss All-Sunday was deadlier still, possessing a Devil Fruit power that could spy on, incapacitate, and assassinate virtually anyone from any distance. In addition, she was—and remains—the last living individual able to read Poneglyphs, effectively giving the syndicate closer access to Pluton and other ancient superweapons than any other group in the world.

Finally, the syndicate's leader Crocodile ranked among the Seven Warlords of the Sea, with total mastery of one of the world's most powerful Devil Fruits and the experience of a New World veteran. Notably, he was the first individual to not only defeat Monkey D. Luffy in single combat, but do so in multiple battles (a feat matched only by Kaidou of the Four Emperors).


The Baroque Works organization used multiple ships to transport their personal, in case of the officer agents, some of them were seen using personalized ships.

Baroque Gustave

The Baroque Gustave (バロックギュスターブ号 Barokku Gyusutābu-gō?) was a ship belonging to Crocodile.[15]

The name may come from Gustave, the name of a well-known man-eating crocodile in Burundi Africa, reported to have killed and eaten over 300 people.

Kill Sassoon

The Kill Sassoon (キルサスーン号 Kiru Sasūn-gō?) was a ship that was used by Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger.[16]

Swanda Express

Further information: Swanda Express

The Swanda Express was Mr. 2's personalized ship, which was themed after a swan. Some of the ship's features included: pink sails, hand operated paddle wheels, and a swan figurehead.

Chiryaku Ten'nen Maru

Further information: Chiryaku Ten'nen Maru

The Chiryaku Ten'nen Maru was a ship used by Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek. It is largely personalized after Mr. 3, which he used to travel to Arabasta and escape from Mr. 2 (who was ordered to kill him). The ship had sails with blue and white stripes, a number 3 figurehead and was powered by the Doru Doru no Mi powers.

Holly Home Run

The Holly Home Run (ホーリーホームラン号 Hōrī Hōmuran-gō?) was a ship used by Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas.[17]

Its name may originate from baseball's Home run, in reference to Mr. 4's ability skill with the bat.

Pop Rock Candy

The Pop Rock Candy (ポップロックキャンディ号 Poppu Rokku Kyandi-gō?) was a ship used by Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine.[18]


Further information: Full

The Full was a large purple and yellow ship that used Dance Powder to make artificial rain. It had a crocodile figurehead and a tall smokestack in the forecastle deck (which had the Baroque Works jolly roger in its base).


The Billions traveled in multiple ships with various designs, however, all of them had the Baroque Works name and/or jolly roger in their sails.

In the ending of Movie 2, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine were seen using a relatively small boat with a white sail and no Baroque Works insignia. It's unknown if the same boat was also used by the pair to travel to Whisky Peak or Little Garden.

Mr.5 and Miss Valentine's Boat.png
Mr. 5 and Mis Valentine's boat from Movie 2.
Billions Infobox.png
Some of the Billions fleet ships.


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  • Oda once joked that Baroque Works sends their members on holiday to the winter festivals in Hokkaido. Since none of the members are allowed to meet, they would send them separately.[19]
  • Many of the dreams revealed by Miss Goldenweek's Colors Trap were difficult for the Baroque Members to resolve.
    • Crocodile's dream (like Luffy's) was to become the Pirate King.
    • Mr. 1's dream to be a superhero was a pun with his Devil Fruit, the Supa Supa no Mi, because in Japan super is supa. His nickname as a "Killer" makes it somewhat ironic with heroism.
    • Mr. 4's dream to be a pizza boy would have been hindered by the fact he was too slow (hence why his apron has "delivery in 30 hours" written on it).
    • Mr. 5's dream to be a fireman was also considered problematic, as his Devil Fruit powers are something a fireman would have considered hazardous. (On the other hand, the fact that he was immune to explosions could be seen as beneficial as he would be unaffected by backdraft explosions).
    • Miss Doublefinger's dream to remain as Paula the cafe owner would not have been considered ideal due to the Spiders Cafe's run-down state. (However, her dream was one of the few to be realized: the Baroque Works members who escaped returned to create a new Spiders Cafe from the Cactus Saloon)
    • Miss Merry Christmas' dream to be a princess was also considered very farfetched because of her rudeness and Devil Fruit power involving digging around in the dirt.
    • Miss Valentine's wished to be a girl who creates chocolate confections, linked to her name "Valentine." It can also be considered ironic, due to her lemon theme and as chocolates are often linked to obesity, though her Devil Fruit allows her to hide her weight.
  • Out of all the officer agents only Miss All-Sunday, Mr. 3 and Mr. 2 Bon Kurei did not have their dreams revealed by Miss Goldenweek's technique.
    • Robin's own dream was revealed through the Straw Hats' adventures: to discover the True History. Her dream was hindered by her plight against the World Government, something later revoked by the Straw Hats' dedication to their own crewmates.
    • Mr. 2 Bon Kurei later revealed he had always dreamed of meeting Emporio Ivankov, a dream he later is able to make happen in Impel Down thanks to Luffy. His dream had been hindered by the fact that Ivankov was held within Impel Down's walls.
    • Coincidentally, all three have aided Luffy in some way.
  • Members of Baroque Works are placed in levels of Impel Down that are more severe than their assigned bounties (Mr. 2 Bon Kurei was in Level 3 despite having a bounty lower than Beli.png50,000,000; Crocodile was in Level 6 despite having a bounty lower than Beli.png100,000,000).
  • "Baroque" is the name of an artistic style from the 17th century around Europe, including Italy, which might be a reference to how Italian mafia organizations work (like codenames). This particular name may have been chosen because the Baroque art style is associated with the elaborate and dramatic, mirrored by Baroque Works' deeds. In addition, the Italian word for opera signifies "work", both as an action and as a piece of art.
  • The idea of a numbering system to designate agents, such as the one Baroque Works uses, is fairly popular in fictional criminal organizations, such as the SPECTRE organization of the James Bond series.

Baroque Works ship from Movie 2.

  • During Movie 2, a Baroque Works ship (with a slightly different jolly roger), can be seen behind Going Merry when it was being captured.
  • All the male members except Crocodile have their numbers somewhere on their bodies.
  • The Baroque Works share many similarities with Donquixote Pirates.
    • Crocodile shares several similarities with Doflamingo. Members Mr. 5, Miss Valentine, Miss Goldenweek and Mr. 1 have similar abilities to Gladius , Machvise, Giolla and Baby 5 respectively.
      • Both crews also have as a member a former princess from the kingdom they are trying to rule planning to overthrow the organization: Miss Wednesday (Nefertari Vivi) and Violet (Viola).
      • Both crews have a member that ended up becoming allies with Luffy: Mr. 2 Bon Kurei and Trafalgar Law.
    • Both crews aimed to conquer a kingdom (the Arabasta Kingdom and Dressrosa) by overthrowing the current king (Nefertari Cobra and Riku Doldo III).
    • Both crews were defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies.


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