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After the Nightmare of Baldimore, Franky rebuilt and upgraded his body into a second configuration which he dubbed BF-37 or "Armored Me" (アーマードおれ, Āmādo Ore?). This form is completely different in appearance to his previous cyborg body. Notably, he is several times larger and has more conventional cyborg parts.[1] He has even gone the extra mile and included utility (Franky Nipple Lights) and nonsense functions (Franky Hair Salon). As in his previous form, Franky is fueled by cola.[2] He also retains his original weakness of his back being unmodified, being unable to reach there by himself.[3]


Franky's Eye

Franky's modified eye as seen after battle.

Franky has added several changes in the configuration to his head, both unnecessary and battle related. He also modified his skin and is able to remove and replace his injured skin.

He appears to have made modifications to his eye as well, as his left eye was seen with inverse coloration and with a glowing pupil after his battle with Senor Pink.[4] It is unknown which benefits these particular modifications entail.


  • Franky Hair Salon (フランキーヘアサロン, Furankī Hea Saron?): After pressing his metal nose like a button for more than three seconds, Franky's hair will pop out of his scalp. The hair is controllable, and he can change it to whatever style he wants, including his signature hairstyle. According to Oda, the number of hairstyles he has is infinite.[5] This function was first demonstrated during the Straw Hats' reunion at Sabaody Archipelago,[6] and was named during the Dressrosa Arc.[7]
    • Franky Rocket (フランキーロケット, Furankī Roketto?): An anime-only technique, after changing his hair style to "Battle Style", Franky kneels and places his hands on either side of the "cannon", making it seem like he's about to fire a rocket from it. This is only a joke technique, as his hair can do no such thing, and its only use was frightening some Donquixote Pirates.
  • Franky Fireball (フランキーファイヤーボール, Furankī Faiyābōru?): The improved version of his Fresh Fire, Franky shoots a fireball from his mouth. This attack was first used against Ikaros Much during the events on Fish-Man Island, when he shot it out of the cockpit in Iron Pirate General Franky.[8] He later used it successfully on Punk Hazard, where it was shown to be powerful enough to cause noticeable damage to a Marine battleship and set it ablaze.[9]


Canon Hairstyles[]

Franky Standard Post Timeskip Hair
Franky with his new standard hairstyle.
Pointy hair
Franky with his pointy hair style.
Franky BF-37 original hair
Franky with his original hairstyle.
Franky's Mohawk Hair
Franky with a mohawk hairstyle.
Franky Afro
Franky with an afro.
Franky's Insect Jaws Hairstyle
Franky with a hairstyle in the shape of stag beetle jaws.
Franky Hair Eye Style
Franky with a hairstyle resembling cat ears.
Franky's Bear Hair
Franky with a hairstyle in the shape of a bear head.
Franky Braided Hair
Franky with braided pigtails.
Franky Gun Hair
"Battle Hair".
Franky Spike Hair
Franky with a spike hairstyle.
Franky Half Hair
Franky with a sidecut hairstyle.
Franky Whale Hair
Franky with hair shaped like a whale.
Franky Hammer Hair
Franky with hair shaped like a hammer.
Franky Beasts Pirates Hair
Franky's hair as part of his Beasts Pirate disguise.
Franky First Egghead Hair
Franky's hair at the beginning of the Egghead Arc.

Non-Canon Hairstyles[]

Franky Chonmage
Franky with a chonmage.
Franky Updo
Franky with a updo.
Franky Kung Fu Afro Hair
Franky with a kung fu afro hairstyle.
Franky Bear Ears
Franky with a hairstyle resembling bear ears.
Franky Chinese Braid
Franky with a Chinese braid.
Franky Hercules Beetle Hair
Franky with a hercules beetle hairstyle.
Franky Dango
Franky with a hairstyle resembling dango.
Franky Gold
Franky's hairstyle in a One Piece Film: Gold promotion.
Franky Germa
Franky's hairstyle as part of the "Mugiwara 56".
Franky Topknot
Franky with a topknot.
Franky Ponytail
Franky with a ponytail.
Franky Ice Cream
Franky with a hairstyle resembling ice cream.
Franky Whale Shark
Franky with a hairstyle resembling a whale shark.
Franky Umbrella Hair
Franky with a hairstyle resembling an umbrella.
Franky Dragon Hair
Franky with a hairstyle resembling an azure dragon.
Franky Flat Top Hair
Franky with a flat top hairstyle.
Franky Long Flat Top Hair
Franky with a longer flat top hairstyle.
Franky Shaggy Hair
Franky with a shaggy Bob cut hairstyle.
Franky Rhino Beetle Hair
Franky with a rhinoceros beetle hairstyle.
Franky Sakura Tree Hair
Franky with a cherry blossom hairstyle, his hair having been dyed pink.
Franky Tall Hair
Franky with a tall hairstyle.
Franky Wing Hair
Franky with a hairstyle resembling wings.
Franky Masked
Franky with his hair covering his face.
Franky Heart of Gold Hair
Franky's hairstyle in Heart of Gold.
Franky Film Gold
Franky's hairstyle in One Piece Film: Gold.
Franky Bonsai Hair Art NUE
Franky with a bonsai hairstyle in One Piece Art NUE.
Franky Arashi
Franky with a hair style similar to the kanji 嵐 (arashi?).

Upper Body[]


Most notable among his new modifications is that Franky gained extremely large robotic arms. His forearms are encased in large light blue cubes with his trademark star tattoo printed on the edge, and he has replaced his elbows with large blue hinges. On his red orb-like shoulders, he has BF-37 printed on each sphere. The ball joint on his left arm can fire missiles from a slot beneath the "BF-37" logo. His right forearm has also been shown to serve as a toolbox, holding several tools, including a hammer and a wrench.

Franky's Small Hands

Franky's secondary right hand.

Although Franky's hands being incredibly huge in this configuration would otherwise hinder his carpentry's precision, he has modified them to overcome this inconvenience; in the middle of each of his huge hands, there is a hatch which pops open to reveal regular-sized robotic mannequin-like hands. With these extra hands, Franky can make precise modifications to anything without being encumbered by his main hands. An example of how good they are is that Franky use them to quickly seal Caribou in a barrel without him being able to escape with his Devil Fruit power. His main hands, though large and clumsy looking, are capable of being delicate, as he was seen holding his sunglasses up gently without crushing them. In the anime, the color of his robotic mannequin-like hands is colored yellow while in the cover of Chapter 660 it is shown to be gray like steel.[6]


Franky Radical Beam

Franky defeating Ikaros Much with his Radical Beam.

  • Franky Radical Beam (フランキーラディカルビーム, Furankī Radikaru Bīmu?): According to Franky, this one is his massive ultimate attack. By making a circle or oval shape gesture with both of his hands, similar to when he used Coup de Vent, Franky first charges a light inside of it before shooting a powerful laser beam that causes a massive explosion and can easily burn his opponent. The beams are strong enough to destroy a metal cell door that Sanji could only dent with all his normal kicks. It is strong enough to knock over one of the Numbers and to make someone as durable as Big Mom express fear of the attack.[10] The drawback is that Franky has to have the use of both his arms to be able to use the beam.[9] The beam's appearance and explosion are reminiscent of the ones fired by Kizaru and the Pacifista. This was first used as his finishing move against Ikaros Much.[11]
  • Strong Right (ストロングライト, Sutorongu Raito?): A new version of the original Strong Right, Franky launches his much bigger right fist at his opponent akin to a rocket, with a chain to retract it. The fist also has flame-shaped plates on the sides with "STRONG" written on them that seem to be purely for aesthetic design. His fist also seems to have an electrical charge. This was first seen used against the attackers on Punk Hazard.[12]
    • Strong Impact Right (ストロング衝撃インパクトライト, Sutorongu Inpakuto Raito?): An enhanced version of Franky's Strong Right. Franky throws an even more powerful punch. This was first seen used to enhance Luffy's attack on Marcus Mars on Egghead.[13]
BF-37 Weapons Left

Franky utilizing his new Weapons Left.

  • Weapons Left (ウエポンズレフト, Ueponzu Refuto?): A more powerful version of his previous Weapons Left, Franky reveals gun barrels in his knuckles similar to machine guns that shoot his opponents. This was first used on the Punk Hazard guards.[14] In the anime, Franky also uses a variation of Weapons Left where his left hand opens downwards like a door hinge revealing a large gun barrel that fires an explosive cannonball at his opponent.[15]
    • Coup de Vent (風来砲クー・ド・ヴァン, Kū do Van?, literally meaning "Wind Cannon"): Since the timeskip, Franky has improved his Coup de Vent attack by making it a variation of Weapons Left, allowing him to perform this attack with one hand, rather than requiring both. Franky holds his left hand forward and releases a blast of compressed air from a hole that opens in the center of his palm. This was first seen used against Senor Pink and his subordinates at the entrance to the Toy House on Dressrosa, where it caused large-scale damage to the building and sent many of Franky's opponents flying.[16] Coup de vent is French for "gust of wind."
Franky Southland Suplex

Franky Southland Suplex

  • Franky Southland Suplex (フランキーサウスランドスープレックス, Furankī Sausurando Sūpurekkusu?): Franky grabs a person with both of his arms and smashes the opponent's head by throwing them backwards. It was first used against the Factory Boss Kyuin, in which he crashes her head with that of Senor Pink.[17]
  • Strong Hammer (ストロングハンマー, Sutorongu Hanmā?): A more powerful version of his previous Strong Hammer, Franky lifts his right arm to charge and deliver a punch to his target with his large metallic fist. Unlike the previous version, Franky does not need to remove his skin anymore, and can utilize this attack without preparation. This was first seen being used against Senor Pink.[18] It is named after the real-life punch, Hammer Fist, wherein one strikes an opponent with a compacted fist as fast as possible.
Franky Iron Boxing

Franky pummels Senor Pink with Franky Iron Boxing.

  • Franky Iron Boxing (フランキーアイアンBOXINGボクシング, Furankī Aian Bokushingu?): A much more powerful version of the original Franky Boxing, Franky delivers fast and continuous punches to his target with his large metallic fists. The attack is strong enough to knock out one of the executives of the Donquixote Pirates. This was first seen being used against Senor Pink.[19]
  • Franosuke Iron Suplex (フラの介アイアンスープレックス, Furanosuke Aian Sūpurekkusu?): Franky copied Senor Pink's Baby Buster and developed his own variation of the powerful suplex as "Franosuke". This was first seen being used against Kaku.[20]


  • Star Shield: By placing his forearms together in front of his face he is able to block incoming attacks, though its size is limited. It was only used in Adventure of Nebulandia as well as the game One Piece: Unlimited World Red, when he used it to defend his friends from Marine fire.


Franky has added a number of weapons to his newly constructed giant shoulders. The weapons seem to mostly be explosive projectiles.


Franky Rocket Launcher

Franky Rocket Launcher.

  • Franky Rocket Launcher (フランキーロケットランチャー, Furankī Roketto Ranchā?): By pressing the line crossing his orb-like shoulders and thus opening it, Franky can fire three rockets from that small slot. It is yet unknown if he can shoot missiles from his right shoulder as well. This was first seen against one of the Kraken's tentacles when it attacked the Thousand Sunny.[21] Franky showed another variation of this move by opening part of his left shoulder like a door hinge to reveal five holes in a quincunx pattern which he shot six rockets from. Franky used it against Senor Pink and his henchmen during the Dressrosa Arc.[22]
  • Franky Cannon (フランキー大砲キャノン, Furankī Kyanon?): Franky shoots his enemies with cannons that come out of hatches on his shoulders. This attack was first seen in conjunction with Iron Pirate "General Franky", although Franky merely popped out the mech's chest to use the move. This was first used against some of the New Fish-Man Pirates.[23]


  • Franky Suppon Rocket (フランキースッポンロケット, Furankī Suppon Roketto?, literally meaning "Franky Soft-Shelled Turtle Rocket"): Franky fires six rocket propelled suction cups that resemble plungers into the side of a building. These are used to scale the side of it, using them in conjunction with his strong right to climb up to each one. This was used in One Piece Film: Gold. In the English versions, this is called "Franky Snapping Turtle Rocket".
  • Yukidama Cannon (雪玉キャノン, Yukidama Kyanon?, literally meaning "Snowball Cannon"): Using his Franky Cannon, Franky launches a barrage of snowballs. This was used in One Piece Party.[24]



Franky Nipple Lights

Franky lighting up his nipples.

  • Franky Nipple Light (フランキーニップルライト, Furankī Nippuru Raito?): Franky has built-in a light function. After screaming his usual "FRANKYYY" he lights up his nipples, illuminating and allowing him to see what is on a ship and outside it, even 7,000 meters under the sea, where no light exists. This was first used to light up the way to Fish-Man Island.[25] He can also flash the light in Morse code for distant messaging. Usopp was rather disturbed by this new function.[26] In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 and its sequels, it appears as one of post-timeskip Franky's combos and is capable of damaging enemies.
    • Nipple Light Special (乳首ニップルライト・スペシャル, Nippuru Raito Supesharu?): A variant of Nipple Light that Franky used during his fight with Senor Pink.[27]


SBS102 Franky Airbag

Franky sleeping on his Airbag

  • Franky Airbag (フランキーエアバッグ, Furankī Eabaggu?): Franky deploys an inflatable cushion from the back of his head and waist. This allows him to sleep comfortably in any location to compensate for his large orb shoulders which would make sleeping on his back put strain on his heels.[28]

Lower Body[]



Franky and Thunder Soldier Traveling Through Dressrosa

Franky Tank.

  • Franky Tank (フランキータンク, Furankī Tanku?): Franky is capable of producing treads from his legs, allowing him to move on them like a miniature tank. This function is much loved by the children of PH-006.[29]



  • Coup de Boo (風来噴射クー・ド・ブー, Kū do Bū?, literally meaning "Wind Jet Propulsion"): Franky inflates his buttocks to a large size and propels himself forward with a giant fart. It is unknown if this move is more powerful after the timeskip but Franky states he is capable of performing this move.[9] In the anime, he is shown using it to escape the cage Caesar Clown had locked him and the others in, seemingly achieving flight from the force of the projected wind.[30] "Boo" is the Japanese onomatopoeia sound for a fart.


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