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The Batto Batto no Mi, Model: Vampire[2] is a game-exclusive, Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit[1] that gives the user the ability to turn into a vampire. It was eaten by Patrick Redfield.


  • Batto is the Japanese pronunciation for the word "bat".
  • In the English subs, it is called the Bat-Bat Fruit: Model Vampire.


The Batto Batto no Mi is a purple tomato-shaped fruit with swirl patterns around it and a curly green stem resembling a tail. The fruit is small enough to be held easily in a man's hand.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Patrick Redfield's Human-Beast Form after eating the fruit.

The main strength of the fruit's power is that it allows the user to transform into a full vampire or assume a vampiric hybrid form. This gives the user the abilities of flight, to create a shroud to cloak themselves, and an apparent form of teleportation by appearing and disappearing in blood-red bursts of energy. The greatest strength of this fruit is the ability to suck someone else's life-force either by biting the victim's neck or digging their nails into the victim's skin. By sucking the victim's life-force, the user can age them to regain their own youth, with Red implying the fruit grants immortality and eternal youth as long as there is life-force for the user to drain.[2] The user can also return the life-force to to their victims if they choose to do so, and there were no ill effects to the victims after their life-force was returned.

It is unknown if the fruit gives the user the usual weaknesses of a vampire such as sunlight, garlic or crosses, but the user does require taking another person's life-force to use the fruit's power to its full potential, as when Red gave the life-force he stole back to his victims, he stopped using it (except for the ability to create shrouds). Also, an opponent can still see the user in the shroud they create by focusing on their glowing eyes and claws. Otherwise, it has standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Redfield's victim aged and weakened.

Redfield obtained and ate this fruit as a means of regaining his youth. He then sucks out Yadoya and Luffy's life-force, leaving the latter in a state similar to aging him by many years. Luffy is left with white hair and gray skin, and his aged body made it difficult for him to fight.[2] He uses his wings and claws to swipe and or cut his opponent.



Sometime after Patrick was released from Impel Down by Marshall D. Teach, he gained the Batto Batto no Mi, Model: Vampire and ate it.[2]


  • This is the first non-canon Devil Fruit to appear in its fruit form.
  • Despite being a vampire, the user does not suck or drain blood from their victims, instead, they drain their life-force.


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