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The Bayan Pirates is an anime-only pirate crew in One Piece, appearing in the Special 2. Their captain is Bayan and their "division" commander is Zap. They have many members and their general theme is musical. They use Bayan's compositions to hypnotize enemies into obedience, and planned to use this to manipulate Amanda to reveal a treasure to them. The entire crew was eventually defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates.[1]

Crew MembersEdit

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Bayan Pirates
Bayan Zap Maccus  Bonney 
Amanda  Milia  Holy 

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Crew StrengthEdit

Like many of the early enemies that the Straw Hat Pirates face, the Bayan Pirates are mainly a group of normal humans with only two decent fighters, Bayan and Zap. It is in fact one of the few crews that the leader is actually weaker than his subordinates, as Bayan relied on his orchestra's unique ability to control others, having no means of combative skill, while Zap was another run-of-the-mill brute depending on physical prowess and weapons to win fights. He is also easily dealt with by more sophisticated fighters.[1]


Bayan Pirates Ship
Bayan Pirates' ship.
Zap Ship
Zap's personal ship.

The crew's unnamed ship is very big with three trumpets as figurehead. Zap also has a smaller personal ship which is red with a blue plate all round the center of the ship. The front of the ship has a golden like figure head. The only two sails are white and red. The white sail features Bayan's jolly roger, while the red sail features Zap's name in bold black letters.[1]


  • Bayan is a type of accordion developed in Russia in the early 20th century.


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