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Bearman is a non-canon Gifter in the Beasts Pirates.[1]


Bearman's human face inside his bear head.

Bearman resembles a huge, green-furred, upright-walking bear. His full-bodied animal self comes with his human head hidden inside an expressionless, button-eyed bear head, visible whenever the latter's mouth opens. The fur of his frontal torso (corresponding to a bear's underside) is slightly lighter. Visible on his back is his short, bushy bear's tail. For clothing, the Gifter dons a detached, white fur collar, a pair of pink, spiked pauldrons underlined with yellow fur, a pair of brownish-orange leather belts crossed on his front and back torso (connecting to the pauldrons), a pair of blue-purple, baggy pants with a pink flap of cloth on either side, and a turquoise belt whose gold-rimmed buckle looks distinct (showing orange, mildly swirled jags pointing inward). The aforesaid pants are tucked into simple, dark boots.[1]


Bearman appears to be somewhat gluttonous, taking the prospect of getting to eat all the Udon prisoner's dangos as motivation to defeat an opponent. He has exhibited the verbal tic of ending his sentences with "-bear" (~ベア ~bea?). When his bear mouth is closed, Bearman speaks in a high-pitched voice, but when the mouth is open and his human face is visible, his voice is hoarse, lower in pitch, and more aggressive.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Bearman ate a Bear SMILE (クマのSMILEスマイル Kuma no Sumairu?), which permanently gives him the physical attributes of a bear, with emphasis on physical strength. For offense, as noted by Hyogoro, the Gifter wields a bear's claws capable of severing human bodies. Defensively, he is tough enough to endure a small barrage of normal punches (not imbued with Busoshoku Haki) from Monkey D. Luffy and remain unfazed, even having the Straw Hat take note of his toughness.[1]


Wano Country Arc

Bearman first appeared at the Udon Prisoner Mine to fight Luffy in Queen's Sumo Inferno, after Luffy had defeated Batman and Gazelleman. Bearman noted his hungriness and how, if he defeated the Straw Hat, he may be granted the prisoners' food supply of dangos all to himself, which Queen affirmed to motivate him. As the fight began, Bearman extended his claws to try to hit his opponent with paw strikes, but Luffy easily dodged and consequently hit the opposing Gifter with a barrage of non-Haki-imbued punches to the gut, which failed to work. This led to Luffy noting how, while Bearman was indeed tough, Kaidou was far tougher. Luffy then launched a Haki-imbued punch to his foe's abdomen, with the strike strong enough to take down Bearman and knocking him out.[1]

Major Battles

Filler Battles


  • Despite real-world bears having nonretractile claws, Bearman possesses retractable ones.[1]


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