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Beer VI is the king of the Roshwan Kingdom.[2]


Beer VI is a middle-aged man with small ears, prominent cheekbones, thick lips and thick jawline. He has a thin black mustache and a goatee that end in three points.

He wears a dark red robe with brown fur trim on the cuffs and bottom, a jaguar-printed sash, and a blue cloak with a brown border and light blue fur trim. He also wears a black ushanka with white fur that has curved horns instead of ear flaps.[2]


Nothing is known about Beer's personality.

Abilities and Powers

As king of the Roshwan Kingdom, Beer VI has control over its citizens and is able to attend the Levely.[2]


Levely Arc

Beer VI and his daughters arrived at the Red Port to attend the Levely at Mary Geoise.[2] After reaching the top of the Red Line via a bondola, they made their way to the Mary Geoise castle.[3]

The kings and queens later gathered inside the conference room to begin the Levely. He commented on Luffy's infamy and called him daring before the Levely meeting started.[4]

Wano Country Arc

After the Levely ended, Beer VI departed Mary Geoise.[5]


  • As part of the Roshwan Kingdom's apparent Russian theme, Beer VI looks like a Russian man with Russian-style garb.
  • The king's name may be a reference to alcoholic drinks being particularly popular in Russia with beer being second only to vodka in popularity.


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