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Belladonna is one of the Kuja of Amazon Lily, and the doctor of the island.[2]


Belladonna's concept art from the anime.

She has black hair and eyes and her skin tone is the same as most of the Kuja warriors. Another noticeable feature is her high cheek bones.

Like most Kuja warriors, she wears revealing clothes that are made of animal hide. She wears a green bandana over her forehead and pinkish-red lens-less glasses over the bandana.[1]


Belladonna seems quite calm and relaxed at times of danger, such as when she lit Luffy on fire, and showed no concern or fear that her home would burn down.

She seems to be quite knowledgeable about medicine, despite being isolated from the rest of the world. Her medical abilities seem to be of high level and she is smart enough to know that Luffy's rubbery body is not natural and that the Gorgon Sister's powers do not come from slaying a gorgon as they claimed.[citation needed] However, she does not have knowledge about Devil Fruits.

Abilities and Powers

As a member of the Kuja tribe, it can be assumed that Belladonna also can use Haki. As a doctor, Belladonna has access to various medicines and knows how to treat injuries.[1]


On Amazon Lily, Belladonna instructed Marguerite and Sweet Pea to remove the Body Mushrooms from Monkey D. Luffy's body and to burn off the mushrooms' roots. Noticing his numerous injuries, she then instructed the two women to wash him in the river. There, Elder Nyon revealed that Luffy is a man,[1] and he was imprisoned after Belladonna treated his wounds.

When Luffy later awoke, a group of Kuja gathered around his cell and began observing him. When his arm stretches to steal back his straw hat from Sweet Pea, most of the group fell back in shock. After Luffy angrily shouted at Marguerite for adding frills to his clothes, Kikyo and the other Kuja prepared to attack with their snake bows and arrows, and Belladonna explained that Marguerite was the one who saved his life. Regardless of Luffy's apology, the Kuja unleashed their arrows, but Luffy managed to escape through the roof.[4]

After Luffy's fight in the battle arena, Belladonna was delighted to see that Boa Hancock had reversed the petrification of Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra.[5]

That night, Belladonna was brought to Hancock's room because the Snake Princess was suffering a strange illness, with which Belladonna was unfamiliar. However, Nyon recognized the symptoms.[6]


  • She is named after the flower atropa belladonna, or "deadly nightshade". It is a medical plant, a reference to her status as a doctor.
    • The plant itself got its name from the Italian words bella ("beautiful") and donna ("woman"), originating from its usage either as a facial cosmetic or to increase the pupil size in women.
  • She is one of the few Kuja who seem to have second thoughts about the Gorgon Sisters' powers and she seems to think that Luffy's rubbery qualities are not natural even for a man.


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