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The Beri Beri no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform their body parts into a multitude of orbs or spheres shaped like the round parts of berries, making the user a Grape Human (ブドウ人間 Budō Ningen?). The effect is similar to that of the Bara Bara no Mi. It was eaten by Very Good.[2]


  • "Beri" (ベリー?) is the Japanese way of pronouncing the word "berry". Not to be confused with the currency Belly.
  • In the Viz Manga and Funimation dub, it is called the Berry-Berry Fruit.

Strengths and Weaknesses


The only strength of the fruit, so far seen, is that the user is apparently immune to blunt attacks like the Bara Bara no Mi is to cutting. By turning into berry shaped balls, an attack like Franky's Strong Right appears to be nullified.[3]

In the anime, it is shown that the user's body parts can float in mid air like Buggy. Unlike the Bara Bara no Mi, the Beri Beri no Mi's power allows the user to levitate all separate parts of his body, including the feet.


Unfortunately for the user, what it makes up for the Bara Bara no Mi's weakness it sacrifices with the latter's strength, as in the anime the user is not immune to sharp objects, which is how Roronoa Zoro defeated Very Good. It also seems like the user can only transform his whole body at once into these spheres, unlike Buggy, who can use his power on selected body parts. It is also shown in the anime that the user is completely defenseless if their head is caught. Other than that, the user is also affected by standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Very Good has used the fruit's powers to turn himself into a multitude of berry shaped balls in order to apparently reduce an attack from Franky.[3] In the anime, Very Good has also used the fruit's bestowed powers offensively. While separated in a multitude of balls, Very Good used his body parts as cannonball like projectiles to hit Franky.


  • This fruit's power can be considered the polar opposite of the Bara Bara no Mi, as the latter is immune to blades but not blunt attacks, but the former is immune to blunt attacks but not blades.


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