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The Bezan Black is the pirate ship that carries the dreaded Black Cat Pirates and its captain, Kuro. Its name was revealed in the third databook.[2]


The Bezan Black is a simple red and black pirate ship with a black cat as a figurehead, and a pair of ornamental cat claws on the sides. Its hull has a green base. The front part of her keel, along with the figurehead, was torn off by Luffy during his battle against the Black Cat Pirates.[3]



It was the main ship Kuro was captain of, and when Jango took his place he used the same ship. Whenever the Black Cat Pirates would disembark for plundering and other reasons, the Nyaban Brothers would remain on board as ship guards.

East Blue SagaEdit

Syrup Village ArcEdit

Jango, with his crew, came to Syrup Village with Bezan Black to attack the village and follow Kuro's orders. During the crew's fight against the Straw Hat Pirates the keel was ripped right off by the hypnotized Luffy. The crew eventually left Gecko Islands on the ship when Luffy defeated Kuro, dragging their unconscious comrades back on board.[4]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

Bezan Black's New Keel

The Bezan Black with a new figurehead in the anime

Though the figurehead keel was torn off by Luffy, in the anime, a new one was added, albeit not repainted.[5]


  • In keeping with the cat theme of the pirates, the word "Bezan" is a Persian word; Persian cats are a rare and valuable breed.
  • When Luffy started tearing the front part of the keel off, the cat figurehead gave a face fault, similar to how the Going Merry and Thousand Sunny would later on.


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