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The Big Runner[1] was the non-canon ship used by the giants Bobby and Pogo in the Dead End Race.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Big Runner's appearance was somewhat similar to a fish. Its design was analogous to a jet ski, and the craft was metallic and round at the front. Yellow eyes were painted on the hull, and in the back was a small sail. There were light blue railings on the sides along with teeth on the bottom of the fish face.


The Big Runner was seen entering the Dead End Race against the Going Merry, Web Panic and other ships. During the race, after the Grand Fall, they reached a curve in the water lane while going too fast to turn. The giants instead tried to increase their speed and jump to the next lane. Unfortunately for them, it was not enough and they fell short and ended up crashing into some buildings.


  1. One Piece Novels - "One Piece: Dead End Adventure", page 92 the ship name revealed.

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