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For a member of the Phoenix Pirates, see Vigaro.

Bigalo[3] is a pirate from the fourth One Piece movie, mainly known as Bigalo the Hanged Man. He and his crew competed in the Dead End Race.[1]


Bigalo is a large man with a large head, and a long black braided ponytail. On his left eye, he has a black sun design around it, and it is always closed. He also has an orange sun tattooed on his chest. He wears a big coat, with blue and yellow designs, and a purple inside. The coat also has white fir lining the chest area.


Bigalo's Wanted Poster
Bigalo's Wanted Poster from Movie 9.
Bigalo's Jolly Roger
Bigalo's Jolly roger.


He seems to be very cocky, as he made fun of the Straw Hat Pirates and their small ship. He was also greatly offended when the Straw Hat crew commented on the fact that he was last place in the race and was angered when they ignored him.

Abilities and PowersEdit

It was unknown what abilities or powers he had, but he appears to be quite weak, as he was knocked out by a single shot from Usopp.


Dead End AdventureEdit

During the race he kept on making fun of the Straw Hats by saying they had a small ship. He and his crew eventually crossed paths with the Straw Hats again later on in the race, boasting that the Straw Hats end was near. The crew ignored his words and instead discussed their placement. Bigalo, offended by their comments on his last placement, began to order an attack on them but got interrupted when Usopp shot him in the face. His crew prepared to fight the Straw Hats to avenge their unconscious captain, but a lot of his crew members got defeated by Zoro and Sanji (Zoro and Sanji said that it would take less than a minute and they were right). During the fight, sea kings suddenly surfaced with Bigalo's ship on one of the sea king's nose who sneezed both ships away causing Bigalo's ship to capsize and possibly taking him and his crew with it.

Major BattlesEdit


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