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Bighorn is a town in Drum Island. It is located near the river the Straw Hat Pirates docked in and also neighbors Cocoa Weed. Because it is so close to the Drum Rockies, it is susceptible to avalanches.[2]

Notable inhabitants include Dalton and Negikuma Maria. Domesticated goats and white walkies help out the population with general transportation.


Most of the houses in Bighorn are cylindrical and feature roofs with an unique conical shape. The buildings are distinct enough that Nefertari Vivi was able to recognize the town after getting lost in Drum with Usopp and Roronoa Zoro.[3]

Dalton's House

Dalton allowed the Straw Hat Pirates to bring the sick Nami here after their arrival on Drum Island.


Arabasta Saga

Drum Island Arc

When the Straw Hat Pirates first arrived on Drum Island, Dalton escorted them to Bighorn after understanding that they were not dangerous and required help with Nami. There, he explained to the pirates about the country's only doctor, Kureha, and how she lived at the top of the Drum Rockies, in the once abandoned Drum Castle. Not wanting to waste time with Nami's condition, Monkey D. Luffy and Sanji hurriedly set out to climb the mountain with Nami in tow as Usopp and Vivi stayed behind.[1]

Being informed by Negikuma Maria that Kureha had descended from the mountain and was looking for patients at Cocoa Weed, Dalton, Usopp and Vivi set out to find her there. This left Bighorn defenseless against Wapol and the Bliking Pirates, who had returned to the island by then. Learning about Wapol's return at Cocoa Weed, Dalton hurried back to Bighorn through the use of his powers in order to confront his former king.

Dalton confronting Wapol at Bighorn.

After eating some of Bighorn's buildings, Wapol was attacked by Dalton, who started fighting the invaders. Chess took advantage of Dalton's love for his people to shoot him down with arrows meant for some rebellious islanders. Before anything else could be done though, an avalanche caused by some enraged Lapahns engulfed the whole town in snow. Wapol and his officers were able to survive and escape from under the snow, setting off to confront Luffy (who Wapol blamed for the avalanche).[2]

Meanwhile, Wapol's foot soldiers remained in Bighorn, preventing the locals from digging Dalton out.[3] Usopp and Vivi eventually returned to Bighorn by accident, having reunited with Zoro on the way. Zoro defeated Wapol's soldiers, clearing the way for the townsfolk to finally rescue Dalton. The present Straw Hats and Dalton then headed to Gyasta in order to use Kureha's ropeway to reach Drum Castle and help Luffy against Wapol, but by the time they arrived, the battle was already over.

Sky Island Saga

Wapol's Omnivorous Hurrah

Dalton helping Bighorn's citizens with digging out the town.

After Wapol's defeat, Dalton, now elected king of the Sakura Kingdom, helped Bighorn's locals in digging out the town from the avalanche snow.[4]

Water 7 Saga

Post-Enies Lobby

When the Straw Hats' new bounties were posted after the Enies Lobby incident, Dalton called Kureha down from the castle to Bighorn in order to tell her about Tony Tony Chopper's bounty.[5]


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