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The Bijo Bijo no Mi[3] is a non-canon Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to "phantomize," or create illusory images, of any picture the user touches. It was eaten by Ann.[1]


  • "Bijo" is short for "Bijon" (ビジョン?), the Japanese pronunciation of "vision".


The Bijo Bijo no Mi is a light green fruit resembling bananas, with leaves shrouding its top. In the center of it is a large, glowing yellow orb.[4]

Strengths and Weaknesses

The user can use this fruit to trick their opponents by creating phantoms of objects or other people. The phantoms created by the fruit's abilities can also interact with their environment like the pictures they are imitating, as seen when Ann's phantom of Vinsmoke Reiju removed marionette poison gas from those being controlled by Caesar Clown.[5] The only weakness of this fruit is that if the user is being manipulated, the phantoms can be created against their will. The user also has to touch a picture for the power to work.[1] Other than that, the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses still apply.


Ann uses the Bijo Bijo no Mi in her concerts and when she announces at events. However, when she was taken hostage by Buggy, her abilities were used to trick the Straw Hat Pirates.[1] She has also used her abilities to help the Straw Hat crew, both against Caesar Clown and the Marines.[5][2]

Ann has created phantoms of the following objects and people:


  • This fruit is similar to the Mira Mira no Mi as the user can create illusions of other people.
  • This fruit is similar to Kanjuro's Fude Fude no Mi as they both grant the ability to animate images.


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