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Bilić is an anime-only Marine Commodore stationed on Hand Island prior to his defeat and subsequent court-martial. He is the main antagonist in Episode of Luffy.[1]


Concept art of Bilić.

Bilić is a large and round man of short stature with skinny limbs. He has orange hair, and the right half of his face is colored black with a monocle while the other side is pale.

He wears a small black and white Marine hat, blue striped pants, and buckled boots, one of which is brown and the other black. Under his Marine coat, Bilić wears a double-breasted, long-sleeved shirt where the left half is yellow and the right half is black. He also carries on his right arm a puppet of an orange snake with black spots that have a yellow rim that has a white top hat with the Marine Symbol on it.


Borsalino's painting in Bilić's office.

Bilić is a selfish man with grandiose ambitions to become an admiral much like his idol Borsalino. Harboring a Napoleon complex, he tricks the artisans of Hand Island into building his elaborate Marine base and its trademark cannon, Josephine. This, and the fact that he indiscriminately fired cannonballs at Hand island for the sake of his own entertainment, indicates that he has a rather sadistic tenacity.

With the exception of Borsalino, Bilić often talks down on the other Marines as of low intellect behind closed doors, including Koby and Helmeppo. He also does not tolerate insubordination, as he imprisoned Regis in a rotating water mill prison just for speaking out against him. He has a habit of talking with his puppet, which would compliment him and insult everyone else.

Abilities and Powers

As a Marine Commodore, he held command over the rank and file members stationed at Hand Island. Despite his lack of fighting skill, He is a skilled sharpshooter and his body is surprisingly durable, as he was able to survive being hit by Luffy's Elephant Gatling. He is also skilled in the art of ventriloquism.


He usually uses several machines made by Hand Island's craftsmen under Bilić's orders:

Elizabeth's full view.

  • Josephine (ジョセフィーヌ Josefīnu?): a huge cannon located on the Marine base's tower, which Bilić used to shoot at Hand Island every day during the last year. It was destroyed by Regis' wax.
  • Elizabeth (エリザベート Erizabēto?): a dark-green single-seater with a cannon that Bilić used in his last fight against Monkey D. Luffy. It has a "foot" on the bottom allowing it to move and according to Bilić, it is faster than Soru. It is able to shoot big tops that follow theirs target on a network of steel wires where it can run. Due to the energy combined with the speed and weight of the projectiles, and a special type of fuse, Elizabeth creates a much stronger impact when it fires. This impact was enough to break the protection the Gomu Gomu no Mi gave Luffy. It was destroyed by Luffy's Elephant Gatling.



After the Whitebeard Pirates' flag lost its protection value, some pirates began to attack Hand Island. Intervening, the Marines came and started to build a base, restoring peace. However, when Bilić was assigned as the new base commander, he promised protection of the island in exchange of the inhabitants' submission and male adults' enrollment into the Marines, starting the construction of the Josephine cannon in the Marine base. A year later, the cannon was completed and Bilić started to shoot everyday at the island. Due to his insubordination, Bilić jailed Regis.

Episode of Luffy

The base before the construction of Josephine.

When the base had reached 82% completion, the Straw Hat Pirates were spotted by Bilić and he started to shoot at them with Josephine. Later, Koby and Helmeppo arrived at the base to perform investigations about Bilić's conduct following a letter of inquiry issued by the Marine Headquarters. He then visited Regis' cell to persuade him to apologize, but with no results and the commodore ordered the usual torture of dipping the cell in water for some minutes.

Bilić after being defeated by Luffy.

Later, when he learned about Luffy's intrusion in the base and that he freed Regis, Bilić ordered to shoot several cannonballs at Hand Island, but Zoro cut them all. In the final battle against Luffy, he used his single-seat cannon, Elizabeth, and its big tops, but Luffy, Sanji, Usopp, Franky, and Koby destroyed them all. In the end, Luffy defeated him with a Elephant Gatling. He was later brought to a court-martial by Koby and Helmeppo.

Major Battles

Translations and Dub Issues

Brigadier General Bilić

His rank is written as Brigadier General, instead of Commodore on the letter of inquiry from Marine Headquarters. Both Brigadier General and Commodore are direct translations of Junshō (准将), but the rank is referred to as Commodore in the One Piece universe.


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