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The Billower Bike is a specialized three-wheel motorbike owned by then-Captain Smoker.

Appearance and Design

The front half of the bike is mostly akin to a conventional motorbike, with curved handlebars, headlight, and a single front wheel. Its back half, however, more closely resembles an off-road buggy, with a backed seat and two rear wheels (each nearly twice the size of the front wheel). The entire vehicle is powered by Smoker's Moku Moku no Mi powers through a pair of cross-shaped pedals that his smoke-converted feet can turn with minimal effort.

Allegedly, the bike can also traverse water (the main cause for its wheel size), though this function has yet to be definitively seen.[2]


East Blue Saga

Loguetown Arc

During their first encounter in Loguetown, Smoker used the Billower Bike to cut off Monkey D. Luffy and Sanji.[1]

Arabasta Saga

Arabasta Arc

During the last stages of Operation Utopia, Smoker used the Billower Bike to singlehandedly travel the Arabasta coast,[citation needed] where he discovered and sabotaged several Baroque Works rainmaking ships such as the Full.[3]

Translation and Dub Issues

Billower (ビローア?) stems from the English word "billow", and its original, nautical meaning of a large wave reflects the bike's amphibious capabilities.[2] This was initially missed by the VIZ manga, which romanizes the katakana as Blower Bike (though its translation of Volume 27's SBS maintains the original); the 4Kids anime, meanwhile, outright renames it to the Smog Hog.

In contrast, Funimation anime maintains the bike's proper name in both dubs and subtitles.


  • The Billower Bike is the first Devil Fruit-dependent vehicle depicted in the series (though the fact was only confirmed in an SBS column).[2]


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