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Billy is an anime-only bandit that was defeated by Zoro in the past.[1] He is the sworn brother of the bandit Dick.[2]


Billy is a pale skin toned man with a patched-like horizontal scar on his forehead. He wore knee and elbow pads, a blue and brown top, and also had bandages wrapped around his body. Furthermore, he also wore beige pants and a purple garment around his waist.[1]


Billy (Bandit) Portrait.png
Close-up of Billy.
Billy (Bandit) Concept Art.png
Concept Art of Billy.


What a rude thing to say! Before you can make a cut in me....I'll rip you apart!
— Billy[3]

Billy displays personality traits stereotypical of bandits, such as recklessness, a very short temper, and an inflated ego, as shown when he immediately tried to attack Zoro.[3]



Dick is Billy's sworn brother. They were both wanted criminals and their relations seemed to be good as Dick wanted to take his anger out on Johnny and Yosaku after finding out that they had collected his bounty.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Billy has an above average speed, as he was able to leap at Zoro in an instant. Furthermore, he was strong and dangerous enough to earn a Beli Small.png5,000,000 bounty. However, despite the size of him and his sword, he was unable to budge Zoro when he attacked him and was defeated with ease.[3]


Billy wields an unusual sword with a blade that is extremely long with a bluish tint, crescent-shaped ridges along its length, and also crescent-shaped sections cut out of the body of the blade.[3]



Billy and his gang were celebrating in the same bar as Yosaku and Johnny when Zoro walked in saying that he would pay for food after claiming a bounty. Upon hearing this, Billy commented that he could not let this challenge go unanswered and charged at Zoro with his sword. However, Billy found that, even though he struck down powerfully with both hands on his sword, Zoro was able to hold against it using his own sword with one hand. Zoro then asked him whether he had a bounty on him, to which Billy replied that he had a Beli.png5,000,000 bounty. The bounty hunter then commented that that was plenty and, with a quick swift, slashed Billy across his chest. An unconscious Billy was then turned in for his bounty by Johnny and Yosaku after Zoro let them keep the bounty after they had claimed that they had seen Billy first.[3]

Major Battles


  • Not counting characters only displayed on reward posters, he was the first non-canon character in the anime with a known bounty.


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