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Billy is one of the cooks at the G-8 base who works under the head cook, Jessica.


Billy is a man of average height who has a lean build and peach-colored skin. He has purple hair, thick eyebrows, slanted eyes, a large nose, sideburns, and a few wrinkles.

As a cook, Billy's attire is the standard Marine chef uniform. Billy wears a white toque that sports a blue lining on the edge. His clothing resembles a traditional, white sailor suit, sporting the same blue lining on the hemline of the collar and sleeves and four buttons that can be seen in the right side. On the left sleeve, the logo of the Marines can be seen. Billy also wears a loosely tied blue-colored necktie. He also sports a white, ankle-length apron which covers his blue colored pants that are tucked in inside of Billy's black boots.[1]


Billy displays confidence in his ability to prepare food and exhibits competitiveness as well, to the point of immediately engaging Luffy and Sanji to a cooking face-off, without even knowing who they really are. However, after losing to Sanji, he felt remorseful for being caught up in the battle whilst forgetting the most important rule of cooking: utilizing all of the ingredients used in making dishes.[2] Billy also fears Jessica.[3]

Abilities and Powers

As a cook that usually prepares meals for 1,000 men on a daily basis, Billy has a wide array of skills and excessive knowledge in his field.

Billy also exhibited considerable speed in preparing the heap amount of dishes during the said battle, although the feat wouldn't have been possible without the help of his fellow Marine cooks.[2]


Billy was seen alongside the other cooks of G-8 preparing meals for fellow marines.[3] As Luffy and Sanji made their way into the kitchen, Billy and the other cooks, including Jessica, engaged the two in a cooking battle, thinking that they're the Marley Brothers, to determine whose side is superior. Billy and the other G-8 cooks were defeated.[2] Some time later, Billy, along with Jessica and the rest of the cooks, ambushed Luffy and Sanji when they found out that the two were actually pirates.[4] Afterwards, Billy is seen preparing food yet again whilst discussing how Jessica has become edgy. [5] After hearing the complaints of the marines in the dining area, Billy begged Jessica to let them use the recipe that Sanji used so they can give it to the marines. After the head cook gave her approval, he rejoiced and went back to cooking. [6] After hearing that the Straw Hat Pirates got caught in the Navarone's 9 o'clock trap, Billy rushed outside to see the spectacle and was amazed by their escape from the stronghold.[7]


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