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The Evil Black Drum Kingdom is the kingdom Wapol currently rules with his wife Kinderella and his dog Hakowan by his side.[1]


Virtually nothing is known about the geography of the Black Drum Kingdom, as it has yet to be explored in-depth. However, it is known to be in the South Blue, with a huge castle and rather stormy weather in the skies.[2]


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Black Drum Kingdom
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During the Timeskip

After Wapol made his fortune with Wapometal toys, the World Nobles acknowledged him and gave him his own kingdom.[1] This made him once again eligible to attend the Levely.[2]

Yonko Saga

Zou Arc

As the time for the Levely drew near, the rulers and several guards prepared to head to Mary Geoise. Wapol was somewhat excited to see the Sakura Kingdom under Dalton's rule, and showed his desire in destroying it.[2]

Levely Arc

When Wapol saw Princesses Vivi and Shirahoshi from Alabasta and Ryugu Kingdom talking with Rebecca from Dressrosa, he stepped in and began insulting Vivi until Dalton intimidated him into backing off.[3]


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