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Black Handkerchief of Happiness (幸せの黒いハンカチ Shiawase no Kuroi Hankachi?) is a song that Brook sung to awaken his crew when he was alive.[1] In a filler episode of the anime he sings it to wake up the Straw Hat crew as well. It is considered loud, fast paced, and annoying.

The CD version was released in Japan with the full song which only lasts 30 seconds. The 30 seconds involves Brook singing/shouting at the top of his lungs while playing the violin obnoxiously.


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation English Lyrics

それスミだ イカも来

Shiroi hankachi
Mitsukaruna yatsu ni

Shiroi hankachi
Tsukamaruna, tako ni
Sore sumi da ika mo
kita zo
Mata sumi da
Shiroi hankachi
Sumi darake shiawase no kuroi

Oh White Handkerchief
Don't let him find you! [2]

Run away
Oh white handkerchief
Don't let the octopus get you! [3]
Watch out for the ink! Look, there's a squid as well! [4]
That's the ink again!
Oh White Handkerchief
It's the all inked Black Handkerchief of Happiness

It's a white handkerchief
Careful now, knees on the ground!

Run away!
Precious white handkerchief!
You cannot escape your fate! It is far too late! The octopus won't wait!
Even there he waits!
Precious white handkerchief!
Run away!
Find the black handkerchief of happiness


  • The title of the song is a parody of the Japanese film "The Yellow Handkerchief" (幸福の黄色いハンカチ, Shiawase no kiiroi hankachi-The Yellow Handkerchief of Happiness).
  • In addition to the soul version, "Binks's Booze & Brook Special CD" came out with a violin solo of the song.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 50 Chapter 487 (p. 2-3) and Episode 379, Brook sings Black Handkerchief of Happiness.
  2. Also has been translated as "Do not look for it" and "To the man who finds it
  3. Also has been translated as "Do not grab on to it
  4. Again another translation states: "A squid came too!

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