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The Bliking is Wapol's ship. It has the ability to go underwater, although how this is achieved is unknown. Chess would stand on top of the mast while it was submerged, making him appear as if he were walking on water.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Bliking is a large round ship, different than most regular ships. Along with the ship's hippotamus/White Walkie figure head, one of the ship's unique features is the large steel plating around the ship, with a star like pattern. Two large gears are seen towards the side of the ship.

Translation and dub issues

The name is intended to be a pun as "Blik" is Dutch for 'tin plated', while without the "bli" all that is left is "king". With this in mind, the intended name would appear to be along the lines of "Tin Plated King". Another example of such a wording would come later with Sogeking.

In the FUNimation dub, the ship's name is translated as "Tin Tyrant".


  • This is the first ship in the series capable of doubling as a submarine.


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