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GodUsoland GodUsoland 13 March

The Ultimate One Piece Anime Experience

Romance Dawn (1-3)

Orange Town (4-8)

Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack

Syrup Village (9-18)

One Piece: The Movie (Movie 1)

Baratie (19-30)

Arlong Park (31-44)

Loguetown (45-53)

Adventure in the Uncharted Ocean’s Navel

Warship Island (54-61)

Reverse Mountain (62-63)

Clockwork Island Adventure (Movie 2)

Whiskey Peak (64-69)

Little Garden (70-77)

Drum Island (78-91)

Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (Movie 3)

Alabasta (92-130)

Post-Alabasta (131-135)

Goat Island (136-138)

Dead End Adventure (Movie 4)

Ruluka Island (139-143)

Jaya (144-152)

Skypeia (153-195)

G-8 (196-206)

The Cursed Holy Sword (Movie 5)

Baron Oumatsuri and the Secret Island (Movie 6)

Long Ring Long Land (207-219)

Open Upon the Great Sea

Ocean’s Dream (220-224)

The Last Great Performance


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Kunoichi101 Kunoichi101 8 March

Chapter 1006: Hyogoro of the Flower

This chapter we found more interesting stuffs like how the Ice Oni affected Hyogoro and his physical appearance like the previous chapter. It will be sad for the other allies like Luffy to find out that Hyogoro gave up his life with no regrets. No battle between the worst generation and Kaido yet, but maybe we might see on the next chapter or later

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Kunoichi101 Kunoichi101 28 February

Chapter 1005: Demon Child and Soul King vs Tobiroppo Black Maria

Welp, Sanji just cried for Robin instead of refusing. Either way, now that we know the one who's with the Nine Scabbards isn't Robin since she and Brook are now facing Black Maria the Onigashima brothel mistress and one of the Tobiroppos. So that may not mean it may be Hiyori. but we might see on the next chapter or later.

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Fliu Fliu 14 February

Chapter 1004: Tama's Dangos

Looks like we’re getting a break from the action on the roof. I guess it’s not yet time to see Kaido’s hybrid form.

Anyway, this chapter just delivered one of the things I had been hoping for: Tama putting her dangos to good use. Oh the sweet irony. Too bad Kaido is too preoccupied on the roof to see Tama’s handiwork.

Franky is making some progress in his fight with Sasaki. The Tobiroppo lost his squad and Franky dealt a blow to him. Nami also inflicted some damage on Ulti, but it’s still not enough to keep her down. Too bad Nami no longer have Zeus at her disposal.

As for Sanji, it pains me to say that things just went from bad to worse for him. Is talking tough and yelling the best Sanji could do against Black Maria? This is just getting sa…

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Fliu Fliu 7 February

Chapter 1003: Pieces on the Board

This battle sure has gone south for Luffy. Last week, I asked how long he can stay in Gear Fourth and now this happens. I guess he wouldn’t get worn out if he deactivated Gear Fourth on his own before reaching the time limit. Anyway, it’s about time someone attacks that big ugly woman. I wish Law used Gamma Knife to destroy Big Mom’s organs. Luffy nearly became Kaido’s chew toy. That would be a lame way to lose a battle. At least Zoro manages to wound Kaido. I hope Enma will deal the finishing blow on Kaido. It will be like Oden’s spirit getting revenge. I also hope that Luffy achieves Awakening in this battle.

I can’t believe CP-0 is also here. I hate to think what they’re going to do once this war ends. Speaking of the war, the Beasts Pir…

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Fliu Fliu 31 January

Chapter 1002: Supernovas vs Emperors part 2

Once again, we’re just seeing the battle between the five members of the Worst Generation and the two Emperors. So far, the Supernovas have been aiming attacks at Kaido, but what about Big Mom? I’m waiting for her to get a scratch or a bruise. I hope that Killer, Zoro, Kid, and Law did not take too much damage from Big Mom’s lightning. Apparently, Kaido does not fully recognize Enma, but Oden’s spirit is coming back to haunt him (I’m sure Zoro is tough enough to take one lightning strike). I like Kaido’s reaction when Luffy withstood his fire breath. Anyway, how long can Luffy stay in Gear Fourth?

While the battle on the roof is raging on, what about the others? Such as Carrot, Wanda, Marco, Tama, Yamato, Momonosuke, and the rest of the Str…

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Fliu Fliu 17 January

Chapter 1001: Supernovas vs Emperors

Basically, the entirety of this chapter is Luffy and his fellow members of the Worst Generation vs. Kaido and Big Mom.

Too bad Luffy got grazed by Kaido after the epicness of the last part of the previous chapter, but at least Kaido is impressed with Luffy to some extent. Good to see Zoro using the skill to cut fire.

Anyway, love the banter between Luffy, Law, and Kid. Gotta have some humor in the middle of the most important battle of this arc.

Kaido already overwhelmed nine strong individuals by himself (even in human form). How will five fair against two Emperors?

As they say in another story, “GO BEYOND! PLUS ULTRA!”

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DuckStrider DuckStrider 16 January

Character Names from One Piece World Top 100

So, while browsing through the characters of the official (english translated) page of One Piece World Top 100 (https://onepiecewt100.com/en/), or WT100 for short, I noticed that some names that already exist in this Wiki as characters' pages, have a little different names there. For example, Banchina, is named Bankina, Pudding Pudding is named Purinpurin and Chouchou is named Shushu.

I chose these specific examples for the following reason:

Pudding Pudding's name has as official english name the name Purinpurin, just like World Top 100 (although the Wiki's character's page title is different).

Banchina's official english name includes both the name of the Wiki's character's Page and secondly the one from WT100 (with redirection to the Popula…

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DuckStrider DuckStrider 11 January

Okami, the wife of Hyogoro doesn't have a thread yet

I think that is her name, also she isn't mentioned on Hyogoro's thread either. She was first mentioned on chapter 969.I just wanted to report this somewhere.

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Sithlord Andeddu Sithlord Andeddu 11 January

Wano so far and beyond!

Hi everyone!

I have some thoughts about the Wano Country arc. Some of them are about fan theories, some about my personal expectations. I’ll also mention some things that might be after Wano. Sorry in advance because I’ll be discursive among fan theories and personal expectations.

1.     Before Wano I heard theories about Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina being alive and she’ll play a role in the Wano arc. Personally I hoped that won’t be true and being in the Wano arc final stage I can positively assume my hopes became reality. Kuina remained dead! So its good in my view.

2.     I also read many other fans’ desire about the Grand Fleet arriving to Wano to help against Kaido. I was more than sure that this desire won’t happen since the Grand Flee…

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