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Fliu Fliu 2 days ago

Chapter 1001: Supernovas vs Emperors

Basically, the entirety of this chapter is Luffy and his fellow members of the Worst Generation vs. Kaido and Big Mom.

Too bad Luffy got grazed by Kaido after the epicness of the last part of the previous chapter, but at least Kaido is impressed with Luffy to some extent. Good to see Zoro using the skill to cut fire.

Anyway, love the banter between Luffy, Law, and Kid. Gotta have some humor in the middle of the most important battle of this arc.

Kaido already overwhelmed nine strong individuals by himself (even in human form). How will five fair against two Emperors?

As they say in another story, “GO BEYOND! PLUS ULTRA!”

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Harshit0914 Harshit0914 2 days ago

Zoro all Enemies faced and defeated

Zoro all opponents faced and defeated

Hello Mina-san, today I’m here to list down all the opponents Zoro faced throughout the course of his journey in becoming the “The Greatest Swordsman in the World”.

Captain Morgan– Zoro was introduced in the series as a prisoner of Captain Morgan and was scheduled to be executed the other day. Later on, he managed to slice numbskull captain, thus defeating him.

Buggy Pirates- Strawhats got themselves mixed in a scuffle with Buggy pirates. Zoro ends up defeating Cabaji and other minions before falling down exhausetd.Later on buggy was taken down by Luffy.

Nyaban Brothers and Kuro– In the syrup village Zoro met Nyaban Brothers and took no trouble in proving their dominance and end up defeating them. He also l…

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DuckStrider DuckStrider 3 days ago

Character Names from One Piece World Top 100

So, while browsing through the characters of the official (english translated) page of One Piece World Top 100 (https://onepiecewt100.com/en/), or WT100 for short, I noticed that some names that already exist in this Wiki as characters' pages, have a little different names there. For example, Banchina, is named Bankina, Pudding Pudding is named Purinpurin and Chouchou is named Shushu.

I chose these specific examples for the following reason:

Pudding Pudding's name has as official english name the name Purinpurin, just like World Top 100 (although the Wiki's character's page title is different).

Banchina's official english name includes both the name of the Wiki's character's Page and secondly the one from WT100 (with redirection to the Popula…

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DuckStrider DuckStrider 7 days ago

Okami, the wife of Hyogoro doesn't have a thread yet

I think that is her name, also she isn't mentioned on Hyogoro's thread either. She was first mentioned on chapter 969.I just wanted to report this somewhere.

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Sithlord Andeddu Sithlord Andeddu 7 days ago

Wano so far and beyond!

Hi everyone!

I have some thoughts about the Wano Country arc. Some of them are about fan theories, some about my personal expectations. I’ll also mention some things that might be after Wano. Sorry in advance because I’ll be discursive among fan theories and personal expectations.

1.     Before Wano I heard theories about Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina being alive and she’ll play a role in the Wano arc. Personally I hoped that won’t be true and being in the Wano arc final stage I can positively assume my hopes became reality. Kuina remained dead! So its good in my view.

2.     I also read many other fans’ desire about the Grand Fleet arriving to Wano to help against Kaido. I was more than sure that this desire won’t happen since the Grand Flee…

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ANormalTiger ANormalTiger 9 days ago

Who is better

Go D Ussop or Buggy D Clown?

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HyugaTepez HyugaTepez 10 days ago

Theory: Luffy is Gol D. Rogers reincarnation

I want to share a crazy theory I came up with some time ago. Now as you can read in the title, I believe there is a possibility that Luffy could be Rogers reincarnation. After all, Luffy was born after he died. But other than simply inheriting his spirit, is there maybe an inuniverse explanation how that could be?

We're all aware, that some devil fruits do something similar, yet different. We have the pairs of ice and snow, fire and magma, the ability to turn your body into a blade and into any kind of weapon as well as the weight manipulation which could either go from several kilograms to tons. So with that knowledge in mind, could it be that Roger ate a yet unseen devil fruit that could be able to let him live on, even after his death?


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Zorosonenonlywifeu Zorosonenonlywifeu 14 days ago


Hi, I am a new fan of One Piece. I am currently watching Episode 328, And I am having fun watching One Piece.

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Fliu Fliu 16 days ago

Chapter 1000:Wano Endgame

The big chapter has finally arrived. Luffy has reached the roof along with Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law for the big battle against Kaido and Big Mom.

I wonder how Sanji is doing. This may be a bit of a stretch, but I hope that Sanji somehow charms Black Maria and her group into becoming allies. One thing I learned from reading this series is that things happen for a reason, so I want to believe that something good will come out of Sanji’s little blunder.

Is Marco going to fight both King and Queen by himself? Someone strong has to fight one of them so Marco can just focus on the other. And how long is Yamato going to tell stories? Is she going to get back into the fight soon? Can Jinbe defeat Who’s Who soon so he can join the fight on the roof…

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Pirolin192 Pirolin192 26 December 2020

Theory how Luffy will become the Pirate King and how One Piece ends

After defeating two Yonko and this is "Big Mom" ​​and "Kaido" Fillers will begin for Luffy and his team, and the main events will be the battle of "Shanks" and "Blackbeard", which will ultimately lead to a dastardly or honest victory of "Blackbeard" and in this time Luffy will collect "Panneglyphs" and learn about the death of "Shanks" and now the main enemy for Luffy will be "Blackbeard" and in the end there will be a battle for the title of "Pirate King" and the treasure "One Piece", and most likely Luffy will win and he will become the "Pirate King" ...

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