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One piece custom character.

Replying to the post: User blog:Marcus Junior/Ship of fools One piece custom character

  • Name: Chloe Yukiri
  • profession: Scuba Diver, she may be a devil fruit user but her 5 tails help her swim since her uses her tails like a dolphins tail to move around in the water. But she can only use her chest and torso to turn around in the water. And she swims like a dolphin to be efficient in the water. She plans to be a pirate one day but since she wasn’t offered or had seen any so far she didn’t start her pirate Ark yet.
  • Race: Nekomata, 2 fluffy cat ears and 5 fluffy cat tails [Nekomata’s are people who have animal features (being animal ears and multiple tails) to their human bodies. The animal features Nekomata’s have are apart of the cat family so …
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988-maybemichael 988-maybemichael 14 May



Did the GOMU GOMU NO MI AWAKENING TRANSFORM Luffy INTO joyboy? NO,IT DID NOT. A popular opinion is that the GOMU GOMU NO MI is not real but is infact,the HITO HITO NO MI.This is not really true,HEAR ME OUT.

We all know the gum gum fruit (GOMU GOMU NO MI) is a logia and it grants its user the characteristics of rubber, we also know that logia fruits grants it users the abilities and characteristics of a specified element,examples are pica of the Donquixote pirates whose devil fruit grants him the ability to turn to and control stones,Ace of the Whitebeard pirates whose devil fruit lets him turn to fire,Crocodile of Baroque works whose devil fruit lets him turn to and manipulate s…

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Teominious Teominious 1 April

Semi-wild Theory: The Eyes of the Kingdom

  • 1 Prelude or: Inspiration Strikes
  • 2 The Eyes of the Kingdom
  • 3 Afterword: Thank You!
  • 4 Update 1: Revelation and Remembrance

Important: For those that don't read the entirety of something before taking action/responding - something I deem very much unwise for anything, much less written works - new, interesting information has come up since typing this out, and I'll be including an update at the bottom to present what's been reminded of/learned, and lastly, what I make of it. This is to say something you may have noticed was missing, or a correction had may have already been addressed in the relevant section, so please refrain from posting until everything's been read. Thanks in advance!

Original post below.

I just realised what day it was, and must str…

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Amitylumity1414 Amitylumity1414 26 March

Why ZORO is one of the most sigma charcters in one peice

Zoro is a beautiful charcter,aldo he looks as if he has a heart of stone hes really just a big softie. he has the most amazing battle scenes and bros got a 10 pack.This is why he is sigma

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MaybeAFryingPan24 MaybeAFryingPan24 29 February

Gomu Gomu no Mi move ideas.

A more advanced version of Gomu Gomu no Firework, combining it with whip. Luffy jumps up and rapidly whips in all directions.

Gear 2. Luffy puts legs into spear formation and rapidly jumps up and down

Gear 2. Luffy rapidly chops.

Gear 3. Luffy gets ready to swing, then swings his arm around.

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Adv193 Adv193 8 February

Funimation retiring their official website and streaming app

Announced today Funimation will be closing both their official website and streaming service on April 2. Here is a source link:

For anyone who has the option of doing an account merger, Funimation has added a page which includes the instruction as seen with this link:

So now we have less than 2 months before those two areas will be shut down for good.

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YourAceOfSpades YourAceOfSpades 5 January

My First Blog

Just asking y'all... What is your favorite One Piece arc and why?

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Defective Spaghetti Defective Spaghetti 3 January

DS Species OC: Destruction HawkMoth

A Destruction HawkMoth (破壊オオスカシバ) is a monstriously large red hawk moth with scaly skin. Its left wing is not only larger than its right wing, but it also acts as an axe, swinging it around to destroy walls, those that unfortunately get in its way, so-forth and so-forth.

Due to my lack of skill in drawing, i can't exactly show you what it would look like.

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