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  • Fliu

    To start off, Luffy and Hyogoro are forced to fight in death matches. The bright side is that Luffy is not restricted by Seastone. Poor Raizo went through a lot of effort to get the keys to the cuffs only for them to be removed anyway. I like the way Luffy smiles when he took out the fodders. However, I have a feeling that things are only going to get worse for Luffy before he's freed.

    Nami's group just had a close call with Drake and Hawkins. Also, it turns out that Sanji was in the bathhouse after all. Sanji better thank his family for giving him an opportunity to get a nice good look at Nami. Fortunately, Sanji and Nami's group managed to avoid a confrontation.

    Unfortunately, this chapter reveals more bad news. The Beasts Pirates are awar…

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  • Fliu

    Looks like Luffy got into a pickle once again. While it was nice watching him beat up a bully, I guess Luffy would have to eventually find himself in a situation where being a rebellious badass isn't enough anymore. It's how it goes in every story arc. Things go good for one moment before they go bad and then they get better later on. Coming face-to-face with a Disaster while not at full strength is definitely a worst case scenario for Luffy. The upside is that Raizo stole the keys to Luffy's handcuffs and found Kawamatsu. However, even if Raizo managed to free both Luffy and Kawamatsu, Queen is not an opponent who will go down easily. Also, fighting Queen outright would also put the other innocent prisoners at risk. Though Luffy could jus…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    This chapter was a lot different from the last one but just as awesome, maybe even more so.

    Complaints out of the way first: Sanji-P1's conclusion being offscreen kind of sucked, even though the result was rather inevitable. Also, why'd Alpacaman get a name but the Jack-scorpion guy didn't? I mean, he'll probably get a name in the next chapter, but still.

    The chapter was carried by the very high quality of its interactions. The Big Mom Pirates banter (guess Katakuri's doing fine), Hitetsu's reaction to Tama taking Big Mom out for a spin, Robin's report, Alpacaman spitting on Luffy, Hyo's speech to the scorpion guy. Sanji obsessing over the women's bath was a bit lesser in quality, but at least it wasn't entirely out of place. Plus his reacti…

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  • Keekian

    It seems that the antagonist this time round will be a former Roger Pirate.

    Link :

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  • Fliu

    Long story short, Orochi got so mad he even attacks some of the guests at the banquet. This shows what a typical scumbag he is. Good news is Shinobu, Nami, and Brook manage to reach Robin. I like how Brook is using his spirit form and Nami performing one of her flashy lightning attacks. That ninja move that Shinobu did on Hanzo was hilarious.

    The huge highlight of the chapter is Kyoshiro striking down Komurasaki. However, I'm going to assume that Komurasaki is not really dead. Tama was even lucky to survive an attack from Kaido (even though he was in his dragon form at the time). Besides, we still haven't seen Komurasaki's sob story. I’m sure this incident will put a smile on the faces of the men whom she swindled. But, I do give her some r…

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  • Fintin

    Happy 13th Birthday OP Wiki

    February 14, 2019 by Fintin

    OP wiki is now a teenager and to celebrate i want to discuss some of my favorite memories in my almost 9 years here

    1. becoming mod

    2. sabo confirmed alive and several users both active and inactive joining chat to see dp rage but didnt happen cos everyone spoiled him 

    3. the final showdown between several admins/mods/users and galaxy9000 who then went on wiki rampage and made us ban several new users cos he scared us into thinking they were all him

    4. calu becoming admin and then giving up right away

    5. edit wars 

    6. OneManga getting taken down and everyone going apeshit about it 

    7. yazzydream going to wikia headquarters

    8. invasion of french op wiki

    9. deva's war in trying to not get demoted; gets demoted

    10. ryu's one piece comics

    11. horrible bl…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Early chapter this week! Overall, it scaled quite a bit back compared to recent chapters, but still advanced the plot quite a bit.

    The Orochi ninjas look rather dangerous, and I hope they'll be relevant in the chapters to come. I do kind of wish Robin was able to be undercover longer, but at the same time it does say a lot about the skill of ninja and the level of security here on Wano. Plus, it looks like Nami will be shouldering a lot of the undercover stuff, so Robin has my full blessing to kick some ninja ass in the near future.

    Kyoshiro continues to interest me, especially with the reveal that he helped bring up Komurasaki into who she is today...which is interesting, because there was a moment in her flashback in 928 that made it look …

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  • Fliu

    At last, Sanji's raid suit is revealed. Guess it's not yellow as I originally though, but Stealth Black Sanji doesn't sound bad at all. The Vinsmokes' parting gift also granted what Sanji desired: invisibility. Even though Sanji still hates Germa, at least the suit doesn't take away his ability to swim, not like the Devil Fruit he wanted to eat before. Hopefully, Sanji doesn't forget the reason why he has to defeat Page One quickly. And hopefully, Page One will be lying on the ground beaten and Sanji is long gone by the time Drake and Hawkins arrive at Page One's location. I also pray that Drake and Hawkins don't resort to attacking the innocent like Page One did.

    Looks like Robin has found herself in a predicament. Hopefully she doesn't su…

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  • Uraharattack

    King and his Haki

    January 22, 2019 by Uraharattack

       What if King introduces a new level of buso haki to the world of one peice, similar to how Katakuri introduced a new level of kenbun haki? I've suggested in previous blogs that buso haki should get an evolution similar to how katakuri could see slightly into the future, and now I have another interesting idea on where this could be going.

       Let's try to imagine where oda could take buso lvl 2. He's got to be able to draw it and make it visually distinct from the familiar black shade of lvl 1. How do you make it visually distinct? Different color, second outline in a different shade, emitting "aura" like Goku from dbz, some form of lightning or other element flowing around it? I'm a fan of the last one for a few reasons. 

    • Haki users have …
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  • Fliu

    Chapter 930: Germa Sanji

    January 18, 2019 by Fliu

    The first highlight of the chapter is that the Big Mom Pirates arrive at Wano, which was one of the things I have been worrying about since this arc started. However, the best part of the chapter for me is King stopping the Big Mom Pirates from entering the country and causing their ship to fall. And seeing Big Mom sink sure puts a smile on my face. Obviously, this won't be the last time we'll see of Big Mom but hopefully, we won't see her for a long time.

    The next highlight is Sanji facing off against Page One with Drake and Hawkins somewhere else at the moment, which is a good thing. In any case, Sanji better defeats Page One before Drake and Hawkins arrive to minimize the chances of getting caught. What surprised me is that Sanji is goin…

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