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  • Fliu

    I had a feeling that Lola was going to ask Gotti to marry her. Is Lola finally going to get a husband or another rejection? I wonder how many rejections she has gotten since the Thriller Bark Arc. And when is Chiffon going to tell her about their horrible mother? If they’re going to catch up, at least not leave Lola ignorant.

    As for the chapter, the fact that Luffy and Zoro allowed Apoo to injure them so easily leaves me concerned. Is Luffy’s advanced Kenbunshoku Haki really working for him? I’m sure Katakuri would have seen Apoo’s attacks coming. I get that Apoo needed some moments for himself, but I just hope Luffy and Zoro don’t get too roughed up before meeting Kaido and Big Mom. In any case, they really need to step up their game.


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  • ChungusCyclone21

    How did someone take a picture so closely at Luffy? Who took the picture? Same with everyone else. A navy officer assigns the bounties but who took the pictures? Some reason I feel like Morgans did but comment to try to answer my question!

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  • PandaMan87

    I read One Piece since 1997/98 and i wish too see the "Mike Tyson"-Devil Fruit ^^

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  • Everhardt

    Okay, so, first of all, the cover page. I feel like I should be happy that Pound is apparently still alive, but, honestly, I just feel disappointed. It's like finding out that Bellemere had somehow survived, it just makes his "death scene" far less emotional.

    Kanjuro getting lost on his way to Orochi is as good an explanation for Orochi not knowing of the coming attack as any. I'm very curious to see whether Momonosuke is actually gonna manage to escape.

    Also, as a quick, I think we first female Pleasure ever shown in the next panel.

    Then we have the Strawhat war machines. I love the Black Rhino and seeing Chopper ride out on a tank was absolutely amazing. The next bit about Luffy and Zorro running ahead was hilarious to me, because it really…

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  • Fliu

    First, I’m going to talk about the cover page. It appears that Pound survived. On one hand, I should be happy that Pound has a chance to properly reunite with his daughters, but on the other hand, I feel that this ruins the impact of his self-sacrifice. So who else turns out to still be alive? Pedro? Yasuie? Even if Pedro wasn’t killed instantly from that explosion, shouldn’t he be too wounded to escape Totto Land on his own?

    Anyway, Luffy is once again in a position to cause trouble. Him going to stop the Kid Pirates from causing a commotion? Who is he kidding? Causing a ruckus is what he’s good at. Judging by the I’m-going-to-end-their-whole-career look on Luffy’s face, I’m sure some Beasts Pirates are about to feel the force of Luffy’s f…

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  • Wariwariparty

    I personally believe that moria is either on teach's crew or 

    I think luffy will have to fight against blackbeard's crew at some point and i think thats when the grand fleet will come into play too (or maybe against the world gov.) but i also think thats when luffy and shanks are gonna meet up and i personally believe that they will fight blackbeard together. 

    My only reasoning for this is becuase shanks had a hard time fighting blackbeard before the whole two devil fruits mess, so i can only imagine it'll be a two person job after the fact. i wanted to post this to see what other people think and how the fight against blackbeard will go

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  • Cuttyflam774

    So here's my prediction for what will lead to some big picture resolution near the end of the series, not that I want it to end: at some point it's going to be revealed that the Revolutionaries have undercover operatives in both the Marines and the World Government at various levels of power and influence.

    Oda has shown deep cover is very much a part of the world he's created, most recently with the SWORD unit. Drake is a Marine, posing as a pirate. We've already seen the curious case of Kuma, a Revolutionary undercover as a pirate, and mysteriously giving himself over to the World Government. And we've seen rebellious or reformed Nobles: Sabo, Doflamingo, Mjosgard. Although some Revolutionaries are openly known, I'd be surprised if there a…

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  • Kunoichi101

    Hello, everybody. I hope you all are aware that One Piece anime is for now in hiatus due to the pandemic of this year. But on the plus side that we may receive a manga chaper of One Piece next week which will release on May 11th since they're on break during Golden Week, a holiday that only takes place in Japan of course.

    And for now, I would like to hear you about the future chapter. As for me, I want to find out the Straw Hat pirates and the others blend in as they're disguised as member of the Beast Pirates. and I hope they won't blow their cover of course.

    So go ahead and comment what you want to see about the next chapter. Stay safe and healthy.

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  • Optic Lens

    Kid scarred Cracker

    April 28, 2020 by Optic Lens

    Yo! I just remembered something suddently. Remember when Caribou was telling Luffy rumours about Kid, and then Kid told the whole story? Like how he lost his arm in a battle with Shanks, and that he had fought Big Mom Pirates and injured a Sweet Commander when saving a comrade? No way he fought Katakuri, and I don't feel like he went up against Smoothie. Snack is just a waste man. So I think the Sweet Commander he fought was Cracker. That deep scar on Cracker's face kinda looks odd. Kid is ment to be Luffy's main rival, from his generation at least (other than Teach). Go D. Oda is hinting this in how he portays their relationship. Kid and Luffy were and are never friendly with each other, and are trying to up each other all the time. And w…

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  • Aiman123 ali


    April 27, 2020 by Aiman123 ali

    i like one piece and i give 5 stars on one piece cause it is my favourite show. I am inspired by the show .The show has courage 

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