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  • Goku SSJB10KKx1000000

    Super Fight!

    September 22, 2020 by Goku SSJB10KKx1000000

    Alright I am going to make literally the craziest fight in all of One Piece wiki... There will be 5 teams of 5 and you are supposed to tell me who you think will win...

    Team 1: Aokiji, Katakuri, Eustass Kid, Blackbeard (Pre-Marineford) , and Mihawk

    Team 2: DoFalmingo, Fujitora, Trafalgar Law, Boa Hancock, and Big Mom

    Team 3: Cracker, Monkey D Luffy, Kaido, Jinbe, and Kizaru

    Team 4: Smoothie, 200 Pacifistas, Old Whitebeard, Capone Bege, and Douglas Bullet

    Team 5: Akainu (Post TS), Gild Tesoro, Basil Hawkins, Old Raileygh, Sabo

    Which team will it be? If you choose your answer say what dif it will be:

    Extreme difficulty

    High difficulty

    Mid difficulty



    Extreme difficulty means the team barely won and Godstomp means the team won with no diff…

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  • Joekido

    Been a while since I did any blogs. I have long wanting to create new blogs already but was being too lazy and mostly hang out at the Loud House Wiki and created some blogs over there and doing 2 nutshell series there and had not made anymore Loud House episodes in a nutshell so far and I long want to write a One Piece inspired story with other stories mixed in. Plus I was supposed to be doing arc reviews and there are long due.

    Finally I have to force myself to create a new blog, this time is discussing the logic behind the void century, the Great Kingdom, Laugh Tale, Joy Boy and the World Nobles with some commentary behind these things.

    We all currently know that during the Void Century there use to be a kingdom that holds dangerous ideals…

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  • Fliu

    It was sure nice of Lola and Chiffon to help Pound out. Is this the moment Pound has been seeking or will fate have other plans?

    Of course Sasaki is going to be freed at some point. Thanks a lot Denjiro for not killing him. Now I wonder who in the alliance will have to deal with the consequences.

    Finally, we get to see the Sulong minks in action. Of course Jack wasn’t going down without a fight, but damn, the minks are really bringing the pain to him. Back at Zou, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were able to fight Jack individually, and assuming that nothing goes wrong, how will Jack fair against both of them in their Sulong forms? Also, is Kaido just going to stare as his men are getting decimated?

    This chapter just confirms that the Tobiroppo can…

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  • Fliu

    Chapter 989 Thoughts

    September 6, 2020 by Fliu

    Why do I have a feeling that Lola and Chiffon won’t be easily convinced? I mean, anyone could have taken that picture.

    Way to make a first impression Yamato. When is she going to learn that she cannot be Oden, just like Luffy can’t be Roger? She can only be her own person. To be on the safe side, she better not mention about Kaido being her father. By the way, where is Ulti?

    I like how Franky and Jinbe don’t give a damn about Big Mom. Speaking of her, it’s just one embarrassing situation after another. Not that I’m complaining. I agree with Jinbe saying that she’ll be coming back angrier than ever, but hey, screw her.

    The Numbers do pose a problem for the lesser rebels, but nothing the Straw Hats can’t handle. Nice to have more info on them t…

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  • Reddragon93

    black maria and yamato

    September 5, 2020 by Reddragon93

    i think black maria is the mother of yamato and kaido's lover

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  • YowAnime

    One Piece Parallelism

    August 26, 2020 by YowAnime

    We are wondering what will be luffy's fate at the end of the series.. Hmmm maybe some parallel literature can give us some insights... the Romance of the Three Kingdom perhaps???

    Check this out

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  • Fliu

    Is Pound serious? Is he really trying to swim after Bege’s ship? I hope he doesn’t get hit by a cannonball and sink. That would be a rough way to go after what he went through. If it wasn’t for the Marines, Lola and Chiffon might have stayed and hear him out. Let’s pray that nothing stops him from having a proper reunion with his daughters.

    I’m disappointed that this chapter doesn’t show the Sulong minks in action. How convenient for the minks that Jack came to the roof of the Skull Dome. Now the minks can pay Jack in kind, and with interest (at least I hope so). Sulong Carrot was able to do so much damage by herself. I’m going to assume that the lesser enemy grunts will be wiped out in a blink of an eye.

    Well Sanji, good to see you back in …

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  • YowAnime

    Weather Manipulation

    August 15, 2020 by YowAnime

    Weather manipulation could be one of the basic skills of the rulers of the sea and it is no wonder that Yonko’s are monsters that can draw catastrophic disasters whenever they wanted to. Their abilities are incomparable to one another, Whitebeard and Blackbeard for example can draw out quakes because of their devil fruit power while Big Mom and Kaido can bring out thunderstorms and make a firestorm if they feel like it. Shanks perhaps could also perform such feats whenever he wanted to, even though there is no evidence yet but remember when he had a meeting with Whitebeard there was a sudden change in the clouds when the conversation gets on heat.

    Full read at

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  • Cmreed21410


    August 13, 2020 by Cmreed21410

    Shanks- I don't know what to think about Shanks at this point. He's not shown much, but when he is, it's usually a big deal. He started Luffy on his quest to be a pirate, he tried to convince WB to keep Ace from chasing BB, he stopped the Marineford War, and most recently walks his smug ass into MarieJois with absolutely no fear. 
    Shanks is also depicted as being left-handed, and there are superstitions about left-handed people being evil. I think Shanks is going to turn against Luffy to gain the One Piece for himself. Or at least, that's how I would write it.

    What if Shanks recognized that Luffy had inheritied Roger's will and realized that he was going to have to set things going for Luffy? He encourages him to be a pirate, and gives him R…

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  • PrettyGoodGamer

    So you know at the end of the lastest chapter Cat Viper says "it's a great night to see the full moon." Every mink is about to go sulong on Kaido, who is going to die of course. You can also see a bunch of minks who are subordinates of Dogstorm and Cat Viper. They can be seen looking at the full moon, I can't wait for the next chapter because we will get a lot of new sulong forms.

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