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  • Jrotc193

    Udon training program

    June 21, 2020 by Jrotc193

    We saw how Luffy and Kidd did while at Udon. They lifted 500 stones per day. I wanted to ask how do you think someone else could do? For example Zoro, Sanji or Oden or even the Yonko and other older generation people.

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  • Fliu

    Chapter 982 Discussion

    June 15, 2020 by Fliu

    First of all, I sure hate being in Momonosuke’s position right now. He is now in Orochi’s hands. What are the chances of Momonosuke escaping on his own now? However, Kanjuro was still too late to inform Orochi of the rebels. They did made a smart move by sinking their ships after disembarking. Even though Kanjuro is despicable, I still can’t forget how helpful he was back in the Dressrosa Arc (he did help Usopp stop Sugar from turning Luffy and Law into toys and he did help slow down the Birdcage). At least, I respect Kanjuro more than I can say for Orochi. Unlike Kanjuro, Orochi is not prepared to face death himself.

    It seems that Nekomamushi has not been told of Kanjuro’s treachery. If that’s the case, Nekomamushi will be in for a harsh s…

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  • Voikus

    Black swords

    June 9, 2020 by Voikus

    Hi there. I was recently reviewing chapter 955 and something got me thinking.

    At the end of the chapter the swordsmith Hitetsu Tenguyama said to Zoro that Emna is not yet a black blade. We don't know how black blades are being forged yet.

    My theory is that they are not forged but elevated through haki to that status. If a user imbues strong haki into a blade for long periods of time then haki will merge with the sword strengthening it and turn it into a black sword.

    Now we don't know why Oden didn't achieve this with his swords in the past, but I believe because he had monstrous power from the beginning he wasn't forced into a corner to many times. He didn't have the need to strengthen his swords to the limit.

    Thank you

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  • PrettyGoodGamer

    I think that the one that really capsized the Queen Mama Chanter, was Marco. I think that because Marco and King share many similarities since both King and Marco can project fire and become a bird-like animal. Marco could have worn something similar to King's outfit when Big Mom's ship was flipped by "King".

    I think it was Marco since on the day of the Fire Festival Marco flips the Queen Mama Chanter. Big Mom's children are then sent back down the waterfall for a second time. It seemed though that King was not ordered by Kaido to flip the Queen Mama Chanter. So exactly why did Marco flip it? Well, Marco must have flipped it if he had a grudge against Big Mom's crew and her children.

    Marco flipped the Queen Mama Chanter in Chapter 981, the m…

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  • Fliu

    Of course Apoo wouldn’t go down so easily. At least this chapter explains about his weakness. Props to whoever called it. So all a person has to do is wear earplugs and Apoo’s ability won’t do a thing.

    The Number that is shown doesn’t look so impressive to me. I thought the silhouettes of the Numbers that was shown back in chapter 954 look more monstrous in terms of appearance, but this one just looks like a giant with horns.

    It seems that Who’s Who has no interest in Luffy, Zoro, and Kid, which is fine I guess. The trio already has their hands full at the moment.

    Sanji really needs to get his priorities straight. He can start thinking about women after the war ends. Anyway, Big Mom is the worst person for Sanji’s group to run into. Unless Bi…

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  • Justin Holland

    After seeing someone do weaknesses for the Straw Hat Crew, It got me thinking about the other crews. So if you all like, I would appreciate getting a little help doing so. JAH 00:37, June 4, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    If a baby ate a Devil Fruit, it could potentially be pretty bad. Some fruits are inherently powerful enough that they could allow the baby to kick your ass. However some fruits would probably be pretty useless if eaten by the average baby. So today I'm going to rank the Top 5 least threatening and most threatening Devil Fruits in terms of infant consumption. These lists include both canon and non-canon fruits.

    Honorable Mention - Hito Hito no Mi: If this was a simple, low IQ list this fruit would certainly be at Number 1. The baby may achieve enlightenment but they will forget it five minutes later. You might even forget they ate a Devil Fruit until they drown during swimming lessons at age 4.

    5. Yuki Yuki no Mi: The best Logia fruit you cou…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    I noticed upon going to the blogs page prior to writing this that there are now 6,000 blogs on the wiki! So of course I deleted a blog to make this one the 6000th am writing the extremely special 6001st blog! What a milestone, amirite?

    Discussion and speculation are still high in the air over how Luffy and his army are going to take down Kaido. Oda himself wasn't even sure just a few years ago how Kaido was going to go down. Kaido shrugged off everything Luffy threw at him and beat him with one hit. This isn't a particularly new situation, given that a huge element of One Piece is the heroes getting trounced by the bad guys in their first battle, but then using willpower and new techniques (whose origins can at times be questionable) to emerge…

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  • Fliu

    I had a feeling that Lola was going to ask Gotti to marry her. Is Lola finally going to get a husband or another rejection? I wonder how many rejections she has gotten since the Thriller Bark Arc. And when is Chiffon going to tell her about their horrible mother? If they’re going to catch up, at least not leave Lola ignorant.

    As for the chapter, the fact that Luffy and Zoro allowed Apoo to injure them so easily leaves me concerned. Is Luffy’s advanced Kenbunshoku Haki really working for him? I’m sure Katakuri would have seen Apoo’s attacks coming. I get that Apoo needed some moments for himself, but I just hope Luffy and Zoro don’t get too roughed up before meeting Kaido and Big Mom. In any case, they really need to step up their game.


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  • ChungusCyclone21

    How did someone take a picture so closely at Luffy? Who took the picture? Same with everyone else. A navy officer assigns the bounties but who took the pictures? Some reason I feel like Morgans did but comment to try to answer my question!

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