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  • Denday

    Luffys family

    January 2, 2010 by Denday

    I just found out that luffys grandpa monkey D Grap tried to put luffy in the merins. He hit him to displin him.

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  • Kdom

    Well, like every French from my generation (yes I'm French, so sorry for the grammar faults and also some of the links are to Frensh sites), I have been introduced to Japan animation with the standards Captain Future-Albator-Goldorak and the French/Japan masterpiece Golden cities. Also later on, there was the Club Dorothée which was at almost 100% made by Japanese stuff like City Hunter, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya.

    Growing up, I forgot about all that, and it just became a topic of dicussion when you would sing the old generics with your friends. On the contrary I never stop reading Bande Dessinée (yes I was one of this annoying guys who sit at the Fnac never buying an album). Well, in France, we are lucky since Bande dessinée are very popular…

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  • Angel Emfrbl


    December 23, 2009 by Angel Emfrbl

    Note: The following is a repeat of an old article. This no longer reflects my views of the fans of OP entirely or the site listed below. I only reposted it here to amuse people of what my views were THEN. Imagine me drunk out of my mind at the time... Except I don't drink. The third part was to be of YUGIOH and the first was of Beyblade. If there was a 4th it was to be of Naruto. There you go. I never got past part 2. Its a 'joke' meant to make you laugh but also express my opinion of a matter at the time. I would not write this like this now.

    Part one was about Beyblade... Part 2 is about One Piece.

    I could just say "because" but after spending time as a wikipedian I can truly say why.

    Who invented the rivalry between One Piece and Na…

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  • Angel Emfrbl


    December 22, 2009 by Angel Emfrbl

    I was going to post this after X-mas.... Hahahahahaha... no. Due to me taking a break I'm posting this now before the 1st.

    When I say I don't get it, I understand the plot and all... Its the hype.

    I respect the early chapters as one of the most adventurous (be it boring) mangas. Its the era the anime called the "Z" and "GT" bits I don't care for. Okay, your forced to believe many things in the first half of Dragonball, but once it hits "Z" it becomes... Too much. It becomes too enclosed on being what its trying to be, a fighting manga.

    Its not about the fillers really, but I enjoyed out of all the of the Z stage just the Androids. Well I got tired somewhat of the mangaka redesigning the SAME design of suit just slightly differently all t…

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  • "B"

    The Eleven Supernovas reunited

    December 21, 2009 by "B"

    Will the Eleven Supernovas be reunited in "The New World"? what are your thoughts?

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  • "B"

    The Eleven Supernovas

    December 21, 2009 by "B"

    Will the Eleven Supernovas be reunited in the "New World"?  What are your thoughts?

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    An old 80s anime that thanks to its showing made me accept anime a little better since I could hardly deny I like anime when I watched this as a kid.

    Well I can't remember a thing about each story despite watching it a dozen times but I can remember why I watched it. The intro is burned into my memories, it was the best show on at the time and it was a great storyline.

    Essentially, a man saves a kid (Sebastian I think his name was) at sea from drowning at the plea of his father. Years later he and his two cronies are looking for the 7 cities of gold, the kid is left wondering what happened to his father. On their first trip to find the cities, they comes across a Native American Indian girl on board who can read the ancient rope knots tha…

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  • L-Train


    December 9, 2009 by L-Train

    Out of all the powers in One Piece, Haki seems to be turning into an ability that is going to take Luffy, and therefore the rest of the storyline into the next "level." It has been shown time and time again to have absurdly powerful effects used by powerful people.

    Offense: The most obvious. Haki can be used to do anything from unleashing an "invisible" attack that knocks weaker combatants out of the picture, strengthening attacks, manipulating objects without touching them (Rayleigh's removal of Camie's neck ring) and, arguably the most powerful and important, negate the effects that a defensive devil fruit power may have (Rayleigh harming Kizaru, Gorgan Sisters huring Luffy).

    Defense: Haki users can predict their future, no other way to pu…

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  • Joshv009

    Luffy's Mother

    October 26, 2009 by Joshv009

    I Have Often Wondered Who Luff's Mother Actually Is. After A Lot of Thinking Something Just Hit Me. (Not Literally) I Got A Hint Of Who Luffy's Mother Might Actually Be. It's Not Yet been Revealed in any manga's or anywhere else. we just know that Luffy and ace are brother's and that Ace's mother's name is Portagas but we have not been told if she is actually luffy's mom too... or is ace truly, I mean actually luffy's brother. Well normal reasoning suggests that Ace is luffy's brother but something tel's me that this one lady is some how related to luffy. either she is his mother or grand mother.... Probably you are wondering who i am talking about.. Well if you have seen all of the episodes until now, you would be knowing the character. A…

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  • Herakler


    October 25, 2009 by Herakler

    Hi , I'm Nguyen Viet Dung

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