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Sdgedfegw Sdgedfegw 14 April

One Piece Canon Bounties Ranking

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BlurryXL BlurryXL 12 April

Is ace (roger's cutlass) stronger than yoru?

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Alfioria Alfioria 11 April

Morningstar Pirates

The Morningstar Pirates are a legendary pirate fleet that once ruled the New World seas more than 40 years before the current storyline. They are led by Skagerrak D. Rais and are considered dangerous pirates and strong opponents of the Rocks Pirates. In their confrontation with the Rocks Pirates at God Valley, their crew quietly helped Gol D. Roger and Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp defeat them.

The information about these pirates is covered up by the government, showing that they are a threat to the whole world. The strength them at that time was said to be extremely powerful, comparable to a Emperors in the present time.

After the crew was disbanded, some members returned to hiding, some  form their own crews. As for the captain, he disappeared…

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Gomuking Gomuking 18 March

how strong do you think game luffy is

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OdaFan OdaFan 8 March

Ton Ton fruit is the most dangerous fruit

In one piece when a paramecia user awakens their devil fruit, it usually gives them the ability to affect the environment not just themselves. For example the string string fruit when awakened lets you turn your surroundings into string which you can then control. For this theory to work you have to assume that an awakened ton ton user has the ability to change the wait of stuff that they touch. For example if they touch an elephant that was about to step on them, they can make it the wait of a feather and not get smashed. For this theory to work you also have to know that the strength of gravity depends on the mass(weight) of the object. For example earth ways more than the moon, that's why there is more gravity on earth. So imagine that …

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JackSpicer305 JackSpicer305 2 March

The Mishandling of the Nine Red Scabbards

I feel like the Scabbards got the short end of the stick in the Onigashima Raid. We spent so much time with them, they get all this backstory and character development just to lose to Kaido offscreen. Personally, I think it should be the Scabbards to defeat Kaido since it is way more personal to them than to Luffy. But I get it Luffy always fight's the main antagonist. If Luffy is bound to take over the fight I didn't see why they had to lose the fight. I think they should have got the same treatment as Zoro, Kid and Killer. Fight the Yonko on a united front then split them up.

The Scabbards were integral to the execution of the raid. but I felt like that even gets undermined as the story goes along. Were told that as along as Big Mom. Kaid…

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Shonennarutoz Shonennarutoz 25 February

Naruto or One piece

So far Ive reached fishman arc on one piece and I can say that the anime clears in terms of characters and storyline. The only W factor for Naruto is its animation which ofcourse isnt anything extraordinary. Also the osts and openings take the W in teh favour of Naruto. Not a comparison lol

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Gomuking Gomuking 17 February

who's techniqes are better

who's techniques are better zoro or Sanji

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Gomuking Gomuking 17 February

who's fire is better

Who's fire is better Diable Jamble sanij or "Foxfire Kin'emon"

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Gomuking Gomuking 15 February

Mizu Mizu no mi

hi this is Gomuking this is my fruit concept. So i am thinking about fruit it is called Mizu Mizu no mi it is a legendary fruit that is worth 5,00,203,234 barries. it is a fruit that is a counter to all DF except op op no mi. Mizu Mizu is a logia and you can use haki with your attack .(Now am doing 1 attack so) .

water gauntlet: a water orb that froms around your fist and you charge it up and shoot it from that orb and it shoots lighting fast.The pressure of the attack is 294 psi so it will crush you and i am just naming 1 in this paragraph .The next paragraph i will list some moves and Awakening.YOU CAN ONLY FIND IT IN FISHMAN LSLAND IT IS A 0.1111111 PERCENT% (Also i will draw a preson and hes name is rain)

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Joekido Joekido 11 February

The entire story in a nutshell.

Upon reading the lastest spoiler and the frequent mention of Joy Boy I believe I have reached to the point I could safely sum up the entire story of One Piece which of course came to no one's surprise. Oda already made a hint of what the entire story would be way back in Louge Town Arc, a quote mentioning how the story of all this begun so long ago and dropped many hints such as the void century, the great kingdom, Joy Boy and eventually Lunarians. Oda already stated back in 1999 that by the end of the series the world is going to be at war.

So to sum it up, the entire story is about what Joy Boy did 900-800 years ago, leaving behind a treasure setting off a series chain reaction, Gold D. Roger discovers his legacy and sets off a great age …

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AkirachanChelsea AkirachanChelsea 23 January

What I like

Hey guys

I know I'm not the only one but Zoro is amazing like omg

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Lasaro Ginjou Lasaro Ginjou 14 January

The 13 Members of the Strawhat Crew

Hello fellow fans of One Piece.

Many of us have speculated time and time again through the years about the next member of the Strawhats and the total number of members by the end of the series. There is even a lot of theories floating around some with circumstantial evidence and some with root in actual GOda-made material.

I came across this page that lists four theories that support the idea of 13 total members. Intriguing with some amazing points. The most intriguing one is the Zodiac Theory which gave me a different idea but we will get there.

First a summary of the other theories.

  • 1 Circumstantial
    • 1.1 1st The 4 members per sea
    • 1.2 2nd The Alphabet
  • 2 GOda-made sources
    • 2.1 4th The 13 cats
    • 2.2 3rd The Zodiac
  • 3 Jewelry Bonney. Why? Well...
    • 3.1 1st is strength
    • 3…

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Rgilbert27 Rgilbert27 26 November 2021

Chapter 1033: Zoro's Swords

It may be early but what are the odds the two swords in Zoro's flashbacks before he met Luffy and Mihawk destroyed in their duel are the same ones in this chapter?

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Sithlord Andeddu Sithlord Andeddu 20 October 2021

Bounty predictions after Wano Country!

First there are some things that needs to be mentioned. I had serious doubts about the WG will know about the war and its outcome. But as soon as the CP-0 present were showed on Onigashima my doubts started to fade. Then the last chapter confirmed that the WG knows exactly what’s happening in Wano and they’re planning to take measures into their own hands if things go south and the unimaginable happens with Kaido’s defeat. It sounds interesting that the WG will invade Wano for their own benefits. I’m afraid that they’ll easily succeed because both army will be too tired to do anything about it. Though we still have no idea what the BMP doing right now. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they’re somehow arriving with Katakuri’s leadership and d…

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Cdswalkthrough Cdswalkthrough 20 July 2021

Yamato's Voice Actor

Starting from episode 978, the One Piece anime began showing the second part of the opening DREAMIN' ON where several new scenes were added, such as Tobi Roppo and Kaido's daughter, Yamato. It might only be a few more episodes before Yamato appears in the anime. Who do you think will be the voice actor for Yamato?

Any suggestions I will name out a few of my own suggestion.

  • Yuko Minaguchi
  • Ryoko Shiraishi
  • Mariko Suzuki
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RubberLotus RubberLotus 9 July 2021

Video Game compendium

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Arnabachi Arnabachi 11 June 2021

" You couldn't be Joyboy, either it seems "

As we saw earlier that Kaido has been trying to kill himself, in fact we saw this character's first appearance where he jumped off from Skypiea in an attempt to commit suicide, landing on the Kid Pirates' hideout. So here rises a question , Why can't he kill himself? Or Why is he trying to kill himself? I'll get to that part.

As a matter of fact now we know that Kaido is trying to take full control of Wano by eliminating the current Shogun. But there also rises a question Why Wano out of all the other places in the world?.

One might say it is a close country outside Marine or World Govt's jurisdiction. But that point will not stand because Kaido is reputed as one of the the strongest living pirate. And as a matter of fact he is not afraid of…

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Revolution:air Raid Revolution:air Raid 3 June 2021

End the Yamato edit lock war already

Okay first of all I could care less about Yamato's gender. Male, female, transgender, anythings fine as long as a decision is made. I just want at least an answer about the devil fruit removal under abilities. But since no admin has bother respond. In fact since this person responded first to a latter question I gave to something else, I feel compelled to say this. After the whole majority vote thing the first time around, an admin got a community central staff member to covertly overturn the decision. Community Central wouldn't care about this unless someone brought it to their attention. But who would go so far as to do such a thing? Well, maybe the person who the staff member already gave her contact info to?

Look, again I could care les…

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GodUsoland GodUsoland 13 March 2021

The Ultimate One Piece Anime Experience

Romance Dawn (1-3)

Orange Town (4-8)

Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack

Syrup Village (9-18)

One Piece: The Movie (Movie 1)

Baratie (19-30)

Arlong Park (31-44)

Loguetown (45-53)

Adventure in the Uncharted Ocean’s Navel

Warship Island (54-61)

Reverse Mountain (62-63)

Clockwork Island Adventure (Movie 2)

Whiskey Peak (64-69)

Little Garden (70-77)

Drum Island (78-91)

Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (Movie 3)

Alabasta (92-130)

Post-Alabasta (131-135)

Goat Island (136-138)

Dead End Adventure (Movie 4)

Ruluka Island (139-143)

Jaya (144-152)

Skypeia (153-195)

G-8 (196-206)

The Cursed Holy Sword (Movie 5)

Baron Oumatsuri and the Secret Island (Movie 6)

Long Ring Long Land (207-219)

Open Upon the Great Sea

Ocean’s Dream (220-224)

The Last Great Performance


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Kunoichi101 Kunoichi101 8 March 2021

Chapter 1006: Hyogoro of the Flower

This chapter we found more interesting stuffs like how the Ice Oni affected Hyogoro and his physical appearance like the previous chapter. It will be sad for the other allies like Luffy to find out that Hyogoro gave up his life with no regrets. No battle between the worst generation and Kaido yet, but maybe we might see on the next chapter or later

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Kunoichi101 Kunoichi101 28 February 2021

Chapter 1005: Demon Child and Soul King vs Tobiroppo Black Maria

Welp, Sanji just cried for Robin instead of refusing. Either way, now that we know the one who's with the Nine Scabbards isn't Robin since she and Brook are now facing Black Maria the Onigashima brothel mistress and one of the Tobiroppos. So that may not mean it may be Hiyori. but we might see on the next chapter or later.

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RubberLotus RubberLotus 23 February 2021

New Complete Collections Table

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Fliu Fliu 14 February 2021

Chapter 1004: Tama's Dangos

Looks like we’re getting a break from the action on the roof. I guess it’s not yet time to see Kaido’s hybrid form.

Anyway, this chapter just delivered one of the things I had been hoping for: Tama putting her dangos to good use. Oh the sweet irony. Too bad Kaido is too preoccupied on the roof to see Tama’s handiwork.

Franky is making some progress in his fight with Sasaki. The Tobiroppo lost his squad and Franky dealt a blow to him. Nami also inflicted some damage on Ulti, but it’s still not enough to keep her down. Too bad Nami no longer have Zeus at her disposal.

As for Sanji, it pains me to say that things just went from bad to worse for him. Is talking tough and yelling the best Sanji could do against Black Maria? This is just getting sa…

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Fliu Fliu 7 February 2021

Chapter 1003: Pieces on the Board

This battle sure has gone south for Luffy. Last week, I asked how long he can stay in Gear Fourth and now this happens. I guess he wouldn’t get worn out if he deactivated Gear Fourth on his own before reaching the time limit. Anyway, it’s about time someone attacks that big ugly woman. I wish Law used Gamma Knife to destroy Big Mom’s organs. Luffy nearly became Kaido’s chew toy. That would be a lame way to lose a battle. At least Zoro manages to wound Kaido. I hope Enma will deal the finishing blow on Kaido. It will be like Oden’s spirit getting revenge. I also hope that Luffy achieves Awakening in this battle.

I can’t believe CP-0 is also here. I hate to think what they’re going to do once this war ends. Speaking of the war, the Beasts Pir…

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Fliu Fliu 31 January 2021

Chapter 1002: Supernovas vs Emperors part 2

Once again, we’re just seeing the battle between the five members of the Worst Generation and the two Emperors. So far, the Supernovas have been aiming attacks at Kaido, but what about Big Mom? I’m waiting for her to get a scratch or a bruise. I hope that Killer, Zoro, Kid, and Law did not take too much damage from Big Mom’s lightning. Apparently, Kaido does not fully recognize Enma, but Oden’s spirit is coming back to haunt him (I’m sure Zoro is tough enough to take one lightning strike). I like Kaido’s reaction when Luffy withstood his fire breath. Anyway, how long can Luffy stay in Gear Fourth?

While the battle on the roof is raging on, what about the others? Such as Carrot, Wanda, Marco, Tama, Yamato, Momonosuke, and the rest of the Str…

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Fliu Fliu 17 January 2021

Chapter 1001: Supernovas vs Emperors

Basically, the entirety of this chapter is Luffy and his fellow members of the Worst Generation vs. Kaido and Big Mom.

Too bad Luffy got grazed by Kaido after the epicness of the last part of the previous chapter, but at least Kaido is impressed with Luffy to some extent. Good to see Zoro using the skill to cut fire.

Anyway, love the banter between Luffy, Law, and Kid. Gotta have some humor in the middle of the most important battle of this arc.

Kaido already overwhelmed nine strong individuals by himself (even in human form). How will five fair against two Emperors?

As they say in another story, “GO BEYOND! PLUS ULTRA!”

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DuckStrider DuckStrider 16 January 2021

Character Names from One Piece World Top 100

So, while browsing through the characters of the official (english translated) page of One Piece World Top 100 (, or WT100 for short, I noticed that some names that already exist in this Wiki as characters' pages, have a little different names there. For example, Banchina, is named Bankina, Pudding Pudding is named Purinpurin and Chouchou is named Shushu.

I chose these specific examples for the following reason:

Pudding Pudding's name has as official english name the name Purinpurin, just like World Top 100 (although the Wiki's character's page title is different).

Banchina's official english name includes both the name of the Wiki's character's Page and secondly the one from WT100 (with redirection to the Popula…

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DuckStrider DuckStrider 11 January 2021

Okami, the wife of Hyogoro doesn't have a thread yet

I think that is her name, also she isn't mentioned on Hyogoro's thread either. She was first mentioned on chapter 969.I just wanted to report this somewhere.

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Sithlord Andeddu Sithlord Andeddu 11 January 2021

Wano so far and beyond!

Hi everyone!

I have some thoughts about the Wano Country arc. Some of them are about fan theories, some about my personal expectations. I’ll also mention some things that might be after Wano. Sorry in advance because I’ll be discursive among fan theories and personal expectations.

1.     Before Wano I heard theories about Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina being alive and she’ll play a role in the Wano arc. Personally I hoped that won’t be true and being in the Wano arc final stage I can positively assume my hopes became reality. Kuina remained dead! So its good in my view.

2.     I also read many other fans’ desire about the Grand Fleet arriving to Wano to help against Kaido. I was more than sure that this desire won’t happen since the Grand Flee…

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ANormalTiger ANormalTiger 10 January 2021

Who is better

Go D Ussop or Buggy D Clown?

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HyugaTepez HyugaTepez 8 January 2021

Theory: Luffy is Gol D. Rogers reincarnation

I want to share a crazy theory I came up with some time ago. Now as you can read in the title, I believe there is a possibility that Luffy could be Rogers reincarnation. After all, Luffy was born after he died. But other than simply inheriting his spirit, is there maybe an inuniverse explanation how that could be?

We're all aware, that some devil fruits do something similar, yet different. We have the pairs of ice and snow, fire and magma, the ability to turn your body into a blade and into any kind of weapon as well as the weight manipulation which could either go from several kilograms to tons. So with that knowledge in mind, could it be that Roger ate a yet unseen devil fruit that could be able to let him live on, even after his death?


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Zorosonenonlywifeu Zorosonenonlywifeu 5 January 2021


Hi, I am a new fan of One Piece. I am currently watching Episode 328, And I am having fun watching One Piece.

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Fliu Fliu 3 January 2021

Chapter 1000:Wano Endgame

The big chapter has finally arrived. Luffy has reached the roof along with Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law for the big battle against Kaido and Big Mom.

I wonder how Sanji is doing. This may be a bit of a stretch, but I hope that Sanji somehow charms Black Maria and her group into becoming allies. One thing I learned from reading this series is that things happen for a reason, so I want to believe that something good will come out of Sanji’s little blunder.

Is Marco going to fight both King and Queen by himself? Someone strong has to fight one of them so Marco can just focus on the other. And how long is Yamato going to tell stories? Is she going to get back into the fight soon? Can Jinbe defeat Who’s Who soon so he can join the fight on the roof…

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Pirolin192 Pirolin192 26 December 2020

Theory how Luffy will become the Pirate King and how One Piece ends

After defeating two Yonko and this is "Big Mom" ​​and "Kaido" Fillers will begin for Luffy and his team, and the main events will be the battle of "Shanks" and "Blackbeard", which will ultimately lead to a dastardly or honest victory of "Blackbeard" and in this time Luffy will collect "Panneglyphs" and learn about the death of "Shanks" and now the main enemy for Luffy will be "Blackbeard" and in the end there will be a battle for the title of "Pirate King" and the treasure "One Piece", and most likely Luffy will win and he will become the "Pirate King" ...

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MmmMeat MmmMeat 21 December 2020

A thought on the D

Recently watching the latest of the English translated episodes I thought it was interesting a translation that appeared at the end of episode 616. At the end Law has destroyed the factory for SAD and is talking to Joker about what is to come now that the gears have been broken. I have not seen it in the translations for chapter or even the same in the sub but Law states, "You always told me it was coming. That a new era would arrive, born along an unstoppable tide. The age of the daring ones." All other tranlations I have seen never call them the daring ones, and at the time he states it the image of Teach is shown, Marshall D. Teach. Was the use of the daring ones a slip of what that D is, Daring? A D name that is also a D in Japane…

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Kaido King of the Beasts Kaido King of the Beasts 21 December 2020

The Great 1000 Event

Hey everyone,

As you probably know, Chapter 1000 is set to come out on January 3rd, two Sundays from now. To commemorate this milestone, we're putting together a little project that symbolizes what One Piece means to the entire community. Without giving anything away, its creation will be based on your input to a series of questions regarding One Piece.

To participate, simply go to the form linked below, where you will have four simple One Piece-related questions to answer. Don't worry, it will not collect any personal information. This form will close on Saturday January 2nd. Looking forward to seeing your answers!

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RubberLotus RubberLotus 21 December 2020

References in Other Media - Master List

Proposal for a page that catalogues every reference/homage/parody that other media have made to One Piece. Right now many characters (I think all of the Straw Hats, in particular) have a section in their respective Trivia tabs dedicated to this, but that strikes me as a little unwieldy. Putting all of them in one place would, I hope, make it easier for people to find and contribute to.

Structured as a table so I can have my cake and eat it too, vis-à-vis Alphabetic Order vs. Chronological Order.

(Needless to say, this is very, very in-progress at the moment. Just rounding up all the ones already documented elsewhere on this site will probably take me weeks...)

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Fliu Fliu 20 December 2020

Chapter 999: One More Step to the 1000th Chapter Mark

So Kaido and his top subordinates were away when Ace showed up at Onigashima. A less exciting story, but I suppose it’s better than Kaido beating Ace down and forcing him to submit. It’s too bad the Whitebeard Pirates never went to war with Kaido despite knowing about Oden’s death. At least Marco and Izo are here now.

It’s a good thing Momonosuke and Shinobu still trust Yamato even after learning that she is Kaido’s daughter. I hope the people of Wano will be accepting of her. At least Yamato has friends who would vouch for her.

Now with Marco, Zoro, Robin, and Brook going up the castle, I wonder who will bring down King and Queen. I just hope that Sanji has not been reduced to being Black Maria’s “pet”.

Seeing Kaido just sitting on the roof …

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Fliu Fliu 13 December 2020

Chapter 998: More Ancient Zoans Revealed

This chapter just shows that it’s a great thing that Marco decides to participate in this war. I was wondering how Chopper was going to mass-produce the antidote, but this chapter also explains it. Apoo really just needs to stay down and I’m happy that Drake is fighting on the alliance’s side. What is Queen going to do? Surely, he isn’t just going to sit idly by.

Sasaki looks like a fearsome opponent to deal with, which makes me more mad at Denjiro. But like hell Franky is going to let the Franky Shogun lose.

Too bad that Jinbe has to separate from Luffy for the moment. That means Luffy would have to go to the roof by himself unless he joins up with Kid and Killer. Anyway, I know Who’s Who isn’t a foe that Jinbe can’t handle.

As for Sanji, at…

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Dog turkey9000 Dog turkey9000 12 December 2020

Best Devil fruit

As the nearing of chapter 1000 is here,I would like to hear you’re opinions. This is my first blog post that hasn’t been deleted. Sayonara Mina-San!

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Harshit0914 Harshit0914 10 December 2020

Zoro all Enemies faced and defeated

Zoro all opponents faced and defeated

Hello Mina-san, today I’m here to list down all the opponents Zoro faced throughout the course of his journey in becoming the “The Greatest Swordsman in the World”.

Captain Morgan– Zoro was introduced in the series as a prisoner of Captain Morgan and was scheduled to be executed the other day. Later on, he managed to slice numbskull captain, thus defeating him.

Buggy Pirates- Strawhats got themselves mixed in a scuffle with Buggy pirates. Zoro ends up defeating Cabaji and other minions before falling down exhausetd.Later on buggy was taken down by Luffy.

Nyaban Brothers and Kuro– In the syrup village Zoro met Nyaban Brothers and took no trouble in proving their dominance and end up defeating them. He also l…

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Harshit0914 Harshit0914 10 December 2020

Sanji all Enemies Faced and Defeated

Sanji all opponents faced and defeated.

Through my post, I would cover all the opponents faced by the Sanji in his journey so far along with the Mugiwara’s.

    • 3.1 Wano Arc

Gin & Pearl– Before even joining Luffy’s crew, Sanji found himself at a very tough spot and faced the crew members of Don Krieg. He defeated no of pirates and even kicked the hell out of Pearl, who was different from the others and was known for his unbreakable wall. As Sanji could finish off Pearl, Gin intervened and knocked his own crewmate down in order to fight Sanji himself. Gin unleashed counterattacks on Sanji and mocked him that he could never beat him. Infuriated with anger Sanji finally managed to get the better of Pearl but he …

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Harshit0914 Harshit0914 10 December 2020

What anime that deserve to be rated 10/10

What anime do you think deserves to be rated 10/10?

Back in the heyday of the year 2004, i was first introduced with Anime. Back then it was Pokémon where I fell in love with this series and through nothing would enthrall me more than this, but i wrong and when i got the first opportunity to explore the Anime Universe, i was deeply mesmerized and felt immense bliss. Of all the Anime, I have watched, there are some Anime that I found to be apt and they deserve to be rated 10/10

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is and will remain as the anime that deserve to be rated 10/10 of all the anime. First of all its all characters are powerful as hell, and no-one can come close to even surpass them in strength (excluding few). The entire story arcs, plots an…

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Insane Makaioshin Insane Makaioshin 1 December 2020

Hobi Hobi no mi vs Observation Haki

Would someone that has mastered Observation, like Luffy, Zoro & Sanji, forget someone affected by the Hobi hobi no mi, like Robin?

They weren't shown reacting to have been affected by it, but that could've just been then focusing on their fights.

If Armament lets you touch a logia, then shouldn't Observation let you resist mind altering fruit?

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Fliu Fliu 29 November 2020

Chapter 997: Onigashima Rising

(sigh) Why am I not surprised about Sanji’s current predicament? He really needs to improve his Kenbunshoku Haki, maybe learn how to see into the future like Luffy. I’m not going to waste my energy being upset about this. At least we all can take comfort in the fact that Sanji is not going to die because of plot armor. So what’s next for Sanji? Is he going to lay there helpless until someone or something comes to his rescue? Or can he escape on his own without any help? If it’s the second one, then good. If not, then Luffy, Zoro, and Jinbe will be my new favorite trio.

And while Sanji falls into a trap, Zoro takes down Apoo, got the antidote (hopefully it’s the real deal), and destroys Queen’s gatling gun. Thus, Zoro gets more win points in…

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KhangND KhangND 23 November 2020

🛠 Fandom Utils - a browser extension for your own convenience

Hello everyone, I'm dropping by to promote a browser extension that I developed to benefit our community.

Try out Fandom Utils - a browser extension that incorporates several tools and utilities developed by the awesome developers at the Fandom Dev Wiki. All your favorite tools in one place and easy configuration. How does it sound?

More information and install links are available on the following page from the Fandom Dev Wiki.

Fandom Utils - Fandom Developers Wiki

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Fliu Fliu 21 November 2020

Chapter 996 Discussion

Tama is one brave girl for sneaking into Onigashima. Now that Usopp and Nami are safe for the moment, what is Tama planning to do?

Yamato manages to get away with Shinobu and Momonosuke, but aside from one-shotting a giant (which has been done many times already), is Yamato going to do anything significant aside from being Momonosuke’s babysitter? This chapter does hint that Yamato possesses a Devil Fruit power. Sasaki has yet to be fully incapacitated, so I guess it’s up to Franky to correct Denjiro’s error.

This chapter also shows the current whereabouts of Law, Kid, and Killer. Law finds a poneglyph, and Kid and Killer are ahead of Luffy’s group, which is fine because Kid and Killer can thin out the enemy forces. My question is where are …

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Fliu Fliu 15 November 2020

Chapter 995 Discussion

One good thing is that Marco has not been critically injured yet. Another good thing is that Wanda and Carrot are able to see the full moon. Hopefully, they can take out Perospero before their Sulong forms wear them out. Perospero is not even one of the Three Sweet Commanders so he can’t be as tough as Jack, right?

I don’t envy Apoo’s position right now. I hope he really does have the real antidote and Zoro and Drake were not wasting their time. The alliance is now in a tough spot with Chopper infected. However, there is still one other doctor who can help. Hurry up Law! The alliance needs your help! At least Brook does not have to worry about the Ice Oni virus. I guess it’s one of the many benefits of being nothing but bones. I wonder wher…

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Montblanc Noland Montblanc Noland 9 November 2020

Real-World Pages

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a major progress update to come out of my 2020 quarantine: I'm effectively done with Category:Real-World Articles.

After starting with One Piece Live Attraction at the end of April, I have worked through almost every show, event, and performance related to One Piece. (Note: I have to say "effectively" and "almost" about the status of this project because there are some pages I have chosen not to work on.)

For years, I had wanted to destub the characters from the Premier Shows, but I never had access to information for all of them. A couple years ago, Awaikage and Kaido helped me purchase the Premier Show 10th Anniversary Book, but between studying abroad and finishing college, I either was not physically wit…

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