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The Blood Batako[2] was the ship of the Bluejam Pirates until its destruction.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Blood Batako was a simple pirate ship with a red skull figurehead with teeth aligned similarly to its captain, three masts, two anchors on the front and side mounted cannons. The ship was incinerated when the fire they created ran rampant, cutting off their last chance of escape.


The Blood Batako was used by the Bluejam Pirates for quite some time. It was used by them to transport explosives and gasoline into Gray Terminal as they were hired to do so by the nobles of Goa so that it would all be burned away in preparation for the arrival of the World Noble, Saint Jalmack, under the promise that they would become nobles as well. However, this was a lie and the pirates were left to die in their own flames. They attempted to escape on their ship, but it was burned down along with everything else.


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