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[[fr:Blue Fan]]
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Blue Fan is a short lady who is a member of the Kuja Pirates. Her name was revealed in a SBS by Oda.[1]


Blue Fan

Blue Fan's scheme from "Share the World".

Blue Fan is a short, chubby Kuja Pirate who wears skimpy revealing clothes. She has a round face and orange-brown hair. In her appearance in the opening, Share the World, she is dark skinned and blonde.


Blue Fan usually has a happy expression. She is a member of the Kuja Pirates, to whom she seems to be loyal to.

Abilities and Powers

As a member of the Kuja Pirates, it can be implied that she is very strong as only the strongest warriors are allowed on the Kuja Pirates' ship. Like all members of the Kuja Tribe, Fan can utilize Haki.


Amazon Lily Arc

Blue Fan was first seen on the Kuja Ship in the Calm Belt near Amazon Lily when Vice Admiral Momonga was requesting a meeting with Boa Hancock. After Hancock turned Momonga's crew into stone, the Kuja Pirates returned to Amazon Lily.

Later, Luffy was captured for trespassing and was brought into the battle arena. Blue Fan and the other Kujas then witnessed Luffy's strength as he felled Bacura with a single punch. She then watched Luffy's fight with Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold and witnessed Luffy unleashing his Haoshoku Haki. After Luffy gained the upper hand, Sandersonia's back was nearly exposed, but Luffy covered it up. The Kujas immediately evacuate the arena. After the Trials of the Arena, she welcomed back a newly de-petrified Marguerite and was surprised to hear that Luffy was brought to Kuja Castle. After Luffy came in good terms with the empress, Blue Fan was seen enjoying the party with Luffy. After Luffy resolved to save his brother from execution, Blue Fan and the Kuja bid farewell to Hancock and Luffy as they boarded Momonga's ship and promised to help take care of the county in her stead.

Post-War Arc

After Luffy rang the Ox Bell, she is seen on the Kuja ship stretching Luffy's arm.

Two Years Later

After picking up Luffy from Rusukaina Island and arriving somewhere close to Sabaody Archipelago, Blue Fan and the Kujas bid Luffy farewell as he sailed to Sabaody Archipelago on a small boat.

As the Straw Hats prepared to head for Fishman Island, the Kuja Pirates aided them by holding back the Marines.


  • Her name "Blue Fan" comes from a flower of the scaevola family. This family of flowers is a primitive species and instead of forming as a full circular head like other flowers, they instead form in a half-circle or fan shape. As a note, she is only half the size of most of the other Kuja.


  1. SBS One Piece Manga - Vol. 54 - Blue Fan's name revealed.

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