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The Blue Sea is a huge body of water spanning across the entire world. Nearly everything in the world can be found on the Sea, save for sky islands such as Skypiea and Weatheria.

The Sea itself is divided into five oceans by the Red Line and the Calm Belts:

  • Grand Line is the part of the Blue Sea enclosed by the Calm Belts. It is divided into two parts by the Red Line. The first half is known by those who have been to the second half as Paradise. The second half is known as the New World.

The main governmental body of the Blue Sea is the World Government which currently exercises control over a hundred-seventy countries. The Revolutionary Army is the main force opposing the World Government and they control multiple islands including Baltigo and Momoiro Island. The Four Emperors are the four strongest pirates who rule over the New World.

Moving from one section of the Four Blues to another is no easy task, as they are separated by either the Red Line or the Calm Belt, which would entice a full-voyage to go through.[1]


  1. One Piece Manga — Vol. 81 Chapter 813 (p. 4-5), Brook notes that Sanji moving from North Blue to East Blue is something big.

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