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Template:Char box Bluejam is the captain of the Bluejam Pirates.


Bluejam is a tall man with short hair on his top that is fashioned in a stripped manner, but the hair flows down long and unkempt on his sides. It seems half of his molars are missing in an alternating pattern, and he wears the traditional captain's jacket over a white shirt.


Being born a noble is not something you can aspire to... It means being born under a lucky star... I'd change places with him if I could...

Bluejam is a cruel pirate, who killed his own subordinate for failure. He is also deceptive as his claim that he likes strong people which incited Ace and Luffy into his crew. However, this was only part of his ploy to use them to load explosives into the Gray Terminal, and then tying them down to leave them to die in the flames they assisted in unintentionally.

On top of this, his most defining character trait is his wish to become a Noble, for the wealth and the life would grant him. For that, he is willing to contract the King of the Goa Kingdom, and kill all of the people in Gray Terminal via arson, in order to be promoted to his dreams. This proved to be his downfall, for he was deceived by his contractors and left to die.

Bluejam also believes that on the battlefield the only one's who survived were the strong and cowardly.

Abilities and Powers

Bluejam is a well-known pirate, whose feared reputation has been remarked by many characters since his first appearance. He was seen wielding a flintlock when shooting Porchemy to death and also wielded a rifle during the arson of the Gray Terminal. He was later armed with a long, standard pirate sabre, which he seemed quite proficient in wielding, as he was able to draw it and parry Curly Dadan's attack in mere seconds. But his most impressive feat is certainly his strong will: he appeared unaffected by Ace's burst of Haki, while his entire crew fainted.


Both Portgas D. Ace and Sabo steal their money to buy a pirate ship. After Porchemy's defeat at the hands of Ace and Sabo, Bluejam shot Porchemy dead. Later, Sabo's Father paid him and his crew to find his son for him so he could return home to live with his family. He was also ordered to "take care" of Ace and Monkey D. Luffy so that they could never see Sabo again.

Instead of killing Ace and Luffy right away he convinced them to help him move some cargo boxes to marked points in a map, which in fact contained explosives and oil that would be used to start a fire that would kill everyone in Trash Mountain. Bluejam was promised by the King of Goa Kingdom that if he succeeded he would be made a noble. However, once the plan was in operation, Bluejam and his pirates where deceived and left outside the Great Gate to die in the fire they themselves created. They were also used as the scapegoats for who caused the fire all on their own, ironically believing they did so to prevent the World Nobles from visiting. He attempted to come back to his boat, but it was caught up in flames as well, but then he spots Ace and Luffy, and sayd he would kill them if they don't tell him the location of their treasure. Ace tells him, and Bluejam's crew tried to take Ace and Luffy with them, but are stopped by Dadan and her familly of Mountain Bandits. They manage to escape, but Ace stays to fight him, and so does Dadan for being responsible for Ace. He was ultimately defeated by the two. It is unknow what happened to him afterwards, throught is very unlikely that he survived do to the fire.

Major Battle

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