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The Bluejam Pirates was a crew that Luffy, Ace, and Sabo faced 12 years ago on Dawn Island. The conflict began with Ace and Sabo stealing money from one of the crew members.[1]

Crew Members

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Bluejam Pirates
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Crew Strength

While the crew wasn't anywhere on par with the enemies Luffy faced when he started his pirating career, they were powerful enough to subdue him, Ace and Sabo as children, who even then were formidable fighters in their own right.


Main article: Blood Batako

The Blood Batako.

The Blood Batako was the Bluejam Pirates' ship until it was destroyed by the very fire the crew themselves started.



When Ace and Sabo stole money from one of the crew members of the Bluejam Pirates, Porchemy immediately set off to find the two children. Instead, he found Luffy (who just found out about the stolen treasure), who was refusing to tell the pirate where the treasure was hidden. Ace and Sabo then defeated Porchemy to save Luffy. Porchemy was subsequently executed by his captain, Bluejam, for being pathetic.

Bluejam and the remainder of his crew were hired by Sabo's father to find his son, and they did so by locating the trio of children. Bluejam was ordered to kill Ace and Luffy, to ensure they will never influence Sabo again. However, the pirate captain instead incited the two into his crew, having them load explosives and gasoline into the Gray Terminal; the Bluejam Pirates have been hired by the Nobles of the Goa kingdom to destroy the trash-filled area to make a good impression for the incoming World Nobles, and that the pirates would become Nobles if they assisted in this cleaning up. However, after leaving Ace and Luffy to die in the flames, the Bluejam Pirates were left locked out of the Great Gates, having been used by the Nobles to do their dirty work, and then as scapegoats, left to burn to death in the inferno.

The crew attempted to force Ace and Luffy to reveal the location of their stolen goods so they can die with it, but were knocked out by Ace's sudden burst of Haoshoku Haki, and when Bluejam attempted to kill him, he was intercepted by Curly Dadan, foster mother of the boys. Ace and Dadan fought against Bluejam and defeated him, while Luffy was taken away by Dogra and Magra.


  • The name of the Bluejam Pirates' ship, Blood Batako, is likely a reference to the Anpanman character Batako-san, who is the assistant of Uncle Jam.
  • They have the lowest known group bounty so far.


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