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Hancock was born on Amazon Lily 31 years ago. Twenty-four years before the current storyline she was one of the many seen commenting on Gol D. Roger's death (or more specifically on the Great Age of Pirates) to her younger sisters Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold.[10]

Gorgon Sisters Escape Mary Geoise

The "Gorgon" Sisters escape from Mary Geoise after being freed by Fisher Tiger.

When Hancock was twelve years old, she and her sisters were included into the Kuja Pirates crew and were sailing on their ship, when suddenly, they were captured by slavers and sold to the World Nobles. During her time as a slave, Hancock was fed the Mero Mero no Mi to entertain her captors. The three suffered the greatest horrors imaginable. Four years later, Fisher Tiger appeared in Mary Geoise and freed as many slaves as he could without discrimination, even though his goal was simply the liberation of the fish-man slaves.[11]

Left with nowhere to go, the sisters were eventually rescued by Elder Nyon, Silvers Rayleigh, and Shakuyaku and brought home, but the Hoof of the Celestial Dragon, the symbol of the World Nobles, was burned deep into their flesh. Hancock chose to hide the mark and her Devil Fruit powers and disseminated to the fellow Kuja that it was punishment for slaying a gorgon, for if the truth were revealed, the three sisters would have nowhere to go. She, Marigold, and Sandersonia collectively gained the nickname: the Gorgon Sisters.

Unfortunately, despite being freed, the experiences that Hancock went through corrupted her innocence, and she would later grow up to distrust everyone (with the exception of her sisters), men especially. She also especially hates the World Government, in particular the World Nobles. Over the years, despite Elder Nyon's love and mercy, Hancock became cold, burying any warm feelings, kindness, and sensitivity deep within her, and although she would later become the Empress of the Kuja, she was selfish and uncaring towards her people.

When Hancock was eighteen, she became the empress of the Kuja and quickly gained a notorious reputation despite her young age, catching the attention of the Marines and even the World Government, who were frightened of her potential, as she had earned a large bounty after only one campaign. Hancock later opted to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea in order to protect her fellow Kuja, by forming a treaty to protect their homeland from the government, preventing them from entering there.[9] When Hancock was twenty-seven, she was given news that a new replacement member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea was elected, but she did not care much for this news causing Gloriosa to protest that they needed the information.[12]

Summit War Saga

Amazon Lily Arc

Hancock's first appearance is three to four days after Bartholomew Kuma had sent Monkey D. Luffy flying to her island (not to her knowledge). After sailing with her all-female crew, they met a Marine ship led by Vice Admiral Momonga, who told Hancock that the Seven Warlords were being summoned to prepare for the upcoming war against the Whitebeard Pirates due to the execution of Portgas D. Ace a week from then. However, Hancock refused, stating that she would not obey the World Government, even though she fancied her Warlord position. When Momonga threatened to revoke Hancock's position if she did not comply with the summoning, she came up with a make-believe story. The Marine crew turned into stone mysteriously.

She also demanded all the treasure on Momonga's ship (which the Marine rookies happily and absent-mindlessly complied to) and justified her selfish actions by claiming herself to be "beautiful", which everyone present (excluding Momonga) vehemently agreed with. Then, she performed a special move that mysteriously turned the Marines to stone, except for Momonga, who had stabbed his own hand to avoid the effects of her attack. As her crew sailed away, Momonga called that he would wait for two days, and if she did not follow him, the treaty with the Kuja would be null and void. She arrogantly told him to "Do as he pleased".[1]

Upon returning to Amazon Lily, Hancock was greeted with pleasantries though concerned that the warriors were not around, due to them chasing after a "monkey." She speaks with Elder Nyon (herself a former Kuja empress) about the danger that would befall Amazon Lily if she does not comply with the Government orders, but she remains arrogant and confident that both her power and beauty would allow her to get her way, throwing Nyon out of a window to prove she was right.[13]

Luffy Interrupts Hancock's Bath

Luffy stumbles into Hancock's bath and notices the mark on her back.

When deciding to take a bath in privacy, she unexpectedly encountered Luffy, who fell down into her bath while looking for the person in charge, wanting to borrow a boat. He managed to see the symbol on her back and commented that it looked familiar.[13] She attempted to petrify Luffy, but Luffy, being simple-minded, mistook the beam for a Noro Noro Beam (which Foxy used to slow Luffy down several times) and panicked. The beam did not have any effect on him even though he saw her naked. Luffy attempted to run away but ended up captured and thrown in the battle arena.[14]

In the combat arena, Hancock showed no mercy to Luffy or anyone who tried to defend him, turning Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra to stone for attempting to defend him after they admitted to bringing him to their country. At first, she attempted to have Bacura execute Luffy, but predictably, he knocked it out with a single punch. Soon afterwards, she realized that Luffy was not attracted to her in any way, and was in fact disgusted by her behavior, nearly causing her to collapse.[14]

Out of desperation, she sent her younger sisters to attack him in the arena, ordering them to bring back his head.[14] The sisters kept him at bay with their Devil Fruits, Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Anaconda and Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: King Cobra, and with Haki, but after Sandersonia attempted to shatter Marguerite, Luffy released a burst of Haoshoku Haki, which caused some Kuja to faint; Hancock noted that Luffy had achieved the level of Haki that she herself had.[15]

Luffy stopped holding back and entered Gear 2, and effortlessly defeated the sisters' strongest attack. After Luffy defeated Hancock's younger sisters and when Sandersonia's back was about to be revealed to the audience, Luffy sympathetically covered her back as he stated he realized that the sisters would rather die than let the symbol be revealed. In response, Hancock ordered everyone to evacuate the stadium immediately. The Snake Princess was then seen crying silently to herself.[16]

After the other Kuja evacuate the arena, Hancock decides to test Luffy. She offers Luffy the choice between the restoration of the three women or a boat home to safety. However, Hancock and her two sisters are shocked to find Luffy, without a moment's hesitation, down on his knees with gratitude upon hearing that the three women can be recovered. Hancock had been expecting Luffy to be selfish and immoral like all the other men that she had encountered.

Love Sickness Infobox

Hancock fell ill with Love Sickness.

Later at her palace she showed Luffy the symbol on her back and he confirmed that it was not the symbol he saw before. Elder Nyon walked in and revealed that Luffy punched a World Noble, witch astonished Hancock and her sisters. Hancock then told Luffy of her painful past. After many years, Hancock revealed the side of her that had been buried until then, crying from the painful experiences. She then asked if Luffy scorned her because of her past, though he said the only ones he hates are the World Nobles. Hancock smiles, saying she liked Luffy, and offered him use of her ship.[17] As revealed later, this is where Hancock fell in love with Luffy.

After Luffy learned that his brother Portgas D. Ace was to be executed in a week, he went to ask Hancock a favor to learn that she had suddenly taken ill. Elder Nyon diagnosed the disease as fatal but revealed that Hancock has Love Sickness: Hancock had fallen in love with Luffy.[18]

She happily agreed to answer the World Government's summons so that Luffy could sneak aboard a Marine vessel in order to get to Impel Down and save Ace from execution (something that shocked even her).[19]

Wearing a large robe around her body with Luffy clinging to her back, Hancock leaves the Kuja to board Momonga's ship, agreeing to the government's summons but ordering the vice admiral to go to Impel Down while reviving the men of his crew with her Devil Fruit power.[20]

On the warship, Hancock hid Luffy in her room, while punishing and ordering Marines around, with demands like ordering 100 kg meals five times a day (to feed Luffy) and petrifying anyone who dared to peep on her. She also daydreamed about hand feeding Luffy, even embarrassing herself by taking responsibility for Luffy's food related outbursts.

Impel Down Arc

After four and a half days of sailing, Hancock and Luffy arrive at Impel Down. Because the Marines consider the Seven Warlords to still be pirates, Hancock would have to wear Seastone handcuffs and be subject to a full-body search. Although this puts Luffy's objective in danger, he merely tells Hancock he will think of something and that she should press on.

When Hancock is allowed to enter, she is told by the "Vice-Chief of the Great Impel Down" Hannyabal and Vice Head Jailer Domino how the prisoners get treated when they arrive. During the full-body check, she uses her charm and successfully petrified Domino, along with the Surveillance Den Den Mushi. Luffy immediately comes out of her robe. Hancock shows her concern towards Luffy and nearly fainted when he finally says her name, "Hancock". She is then sent to Ace's prison while praying for Luffy's fortune. Afterwards, when Luffy decides to say thank you by using lip sync, Hancock mistook it as "I love you" and fainted.

Hancock Talking to Ace

Hancock tells Ace that his brother is coming to rescue him.

Finally, Hannyabal takes Hancock and Momonga to the Chief of Impel Down: Magellan, to allow them their request to see Ace. Thanks to the antics of Luffy and Buggy the Clown, the prison guards report to him that there is an emergency situation. Hancock decides to buy more time for Luffy by using her charms to insist on having them taken to the level he is kept in, and an enamored Magellan complies.

Upon reaching Level 6, she visits Ace and Jinbe's cell. Many of the prisoners ogle her, as she tells Ace and Jinbe that she is joining the fight against Whitebeard, but cryptically tells Ace that his brother is coming to rescue him before leaving for Mary Geoise.[21]

Marineford Arc

In the anime, it showed her sitting in a guest room with the other Warlords at Marineford during the assembling of troops worrying over Luffy's safety. When the broadcasted execution of Ace started, she was shown alongside Kuma, Donquixote Doflamingo, Gecko Moria, and Dracule Mihawk, ready for the battle ahead.[22] The revelation of Ace not being Luffy's brother by blood seems to have surprised her somewhat.[23]

When Oars Jr. attacks Marineford, several of the Whitebeard Pirates attack her, trying to take advantage of her distraction. Hancock, far from being unaware of the battle, annihilates the group attempting to attack her and then indiscriminately attacks everyone around her, pirates and Marines alike.[24]

When an angered Marine questions her as to whether she is friend or foe, Hancock reasons that she only agreed to fight Whitebeard, not ally herself with the Marines. She then claims that, in front of her, every man (except Luffy) is an enemy.[24] Luffy's arrival at Marineford has her voicing aloud her relief that he is safe.[25] When Sengoku tells the world that Luffy is the son of Dragon the Revolutionary, Hancock states that she could not care less even if he was the son of the Devil.[26]

Hancock Protects Luffy from Smoker

Hancock protects Luffy from Smoker.

When the then-Commodore Smoker pins Luffy to the ground with his Seastone jutte, Hancock intervenes and violently kicks Smoker aside, claiming she has never been so angry in her life and threatened to chop him up and feed him to beasts.[27] She then gives Luffy the key to Ace's handcuffs, which she somehow came into possession of. Luffy hugs her in gratitude, making Hancock collapse from joy, believing that the hug was a marriage proposal on his part. Luffy then runs off towards Ace again, leaving the Marines watching to presume Luffy defeated her using a sumo move. Before Smoker can follow after Luffy, Hancock intercepts him again, easily breaking his jutte in half, and prevents him from giving chase before casting aside Smoker's warning of what her actions could mean for her people.[28]

Her battle with Smoker seems to end unceremoniously, when he and Tashigi depart in order to make room for the deployment of the Pacifistas, while Hancock remarks that Luffy needs to hurry and save Ace. When Whitebeard causes the island and sea to tilt, Hancock wonders if Luffy is alright. She is then seen blushing in astonishment as Luffy is sent soaring over the siege wall and lands in front of the three admirals. She had been seen standing with her fellow Warlords of the Sea only moments before. She screams in anger at Aokiji when he stabs Luffy with an ice blade, but before she can interfere, Marco knocks Aokiji back.

Hancock Pacifista

Hancock covers Luffy from a Pacifista.

She is next seen blocking a group of Pacifista, who stand down because she is an ally, to prevent them from firing lasers at Luffy in order to buy him time to make it to the execution platform. Even after Luffy successfully moves ahead, she goes so far as to destroy a Pacifista's head with a slap. Sentomaru confronts her afterward, wondering why she is demolishing Pacifistas left and right despite being a Warlord. Her only response is to say that "love always comes in a hurricane", which leaves Sentomaru perplexed.[29]

She is next seen urging Luffy and Ace to hurry up and escape. When Whitebeard splits Marineford in half, so that his forces can escape safely while he remains to settle matters with the Marines, Hancock is seen telling Salome, her Snake Weapon, how she is worried for Luffy.

As the war ends and Trafalgar Law carries Luffy away in his submarine, it is shown that Hancock has commandeered a Marine ship, having them take her to Luffy while commanding that they report to the Marines that she is chasing after him to take his head. Although the Marines do not know what direction to go in, she commands that they just keep going after Luffy.[30]

Post-War Arc

Having tracked Law's submarine through Salome, Hancock turns the Marines on her ship to stone and inquires about Luffy's condition, while scolding Bepo and calling him a "beast" for trying to change the subject about how she located them. Law informs her that Luffy's life is preserved for the moment, but that he is in critical condition, which worries Hancock. At that moment, the Impel Down prisoners, led by Emporio Ivankov, emerge from the Marine ship that Hancock had hijacked, having hid themselves on board earlier, and Hancock determines that they are on Luffy's side.

When Ivankov claims that the ordeals that Luffy has gone through would crush anyone's mind twice, Hancock laments that she should have been hurt in Luffy's place, her worry for Luffy inciting envy from several Heart Pirates. She later demands that Bepo give her a Den Den Mushi, so that she can call the Kuja Pirates to carry them across the Calm Belt to Amazon Lily, where Luffy should be able to recover.[31]

When Luffy finally awoke two weeks later, Hancock showed great pleasure at hearing this and desired to see him immediately. However, Elder Nyon claimed that it would be bad for her to go meet him on her own, as they already have enough man troubles with Law as is. Hancock's sisters also tell her that she needs to eat something, as she has hardly eaten anything since she had arrived home. Hancock ignores their requests and demands that a mountain of food be prepared for Luffy, while she lovingly states that she will watch over all of the cooking personally. Nyon scolds Hancock though, telling her that she can see Luffy once he has recovered.[32]

After Luffy resolved to go back to the Sabaody Archipelago to reunite with his crew, Hancock, her family, and her servants went down to the beach with the food to see Luffy. On the way to the beach, Nyon was explaining to her that the hug she received from Luffy at Marineford did not indicate a marriage. Hancock then asks Nyon what she would have to do to have a proper marriage ceremony.

When she arrived at the beach, Hancock showed great joy in seeing Luffy. When Jinbe saw the food, Hancock glared at him, saying that the food was meant for Luffy, but then she decided to allow him to have just a little. While her sisters were shocked to see Rayleigh there, Hancock remained single-minded about Luffy, only moments later realizing that Rayleigh was there.[33]

After Luffy rang the Ox Bell, he boarded Hancock's ship with her, Rayleigh, and Jinbe. Hancock orders her crew to watch over the resting Luffy before collapsing from her heart pounding too much.[34]

Hancock Grabs Rayleigh

Hancock angry with Rayleigh telling her she cannot see Luffy during his training.

Later, after parting ways with Jinbe, Hancock took Luffy and Rayleigh to Rusukaina Island for Luffy's special training. She said she would bring food for Luffy every day from Amazon Lily. When Luffy thanked her, she said that was the tenth time that Luffy had called her by her name and asked Nyon if that meant they were engaged. Nyon replied no, and then asked why Hancock kept moving farther and farther away from Luffy.

When Rayleigh told her that no women would be allowed on the island during Luffy's training, she was furious, but calmed down when Rayleigh told her that it was all for Luffy's own good. She then asked Rayleigh if she should be worried about Luffy since the island is dangerous. Rayleigh replied that it would not be training without danger, and that if she is worried about Luffy, the best thing to do would be to pray for him.[35]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

During the Timeskip


After some time passed while Luffy was in training, Hancock decided to send her crew to deliver some food and clothes to Luffy, thinking he would like it. Nyon scolded her for her decisions, reminding her she promised Rayleigh she would not interfere with his training. She went on saying that men do not like meddlesome women like her and that she was a Warlord and should not be so obsessed over a man. Hancock interrupted her with a kick to the head, stating she knew that and was why she was sending her crew to do it for her. Just then, a messenger bat arrived and Nyon read the letter revealing the World Government was calling all the Warlords together for an emergency. However, Hancock was more focused on Luffy than anything else. She later tore up the letter.

At night, Hancock's sisters delivered the food for Luffy and Sandersonia informed her sister of Luffy's condition and Hancock was ecstatic to hear Luffy loved it leaving Nyon to mention Hancock would have had a heart attack if she met Luffy in person again. Just then, a pirate named Byrnndi World showed up and demanded Hancock's location from her sisters. He then defeated the Kuja Pirates and Luffy as Hancock listened to what was happening. As she tried to figure out what happened, Nyon informed her of what the letter mentioned as World was on it, leaving Hancock shocked. World picked up a Den Den Mushi as he talked with the Pirate Empress to which Hancock demanded what he did to her sisters and Luffy. World challenged her, stating he took her sisters hostage and would leave a Vivre Card if she wanted them back.

Hancock made her way to Rusukaina and reunited with Rayleigh and Luffy as they discussed what just happened. Hancock naturally wanted to go save her sisters and Luffy decided to tag along despite objections from Rayleigh since he was still in the middle of training. He eventually agreed though only after Luffy promised not to make too much of a scene to keep himself hidden from the Marines. As they sailed off, Nyon revealed some backstory on Byrnndi. The Kuja Pirates eventually reached their ship which was revealed to be a massive island base submarine. World then revealed Hancock's sisters as Hancock prepared to face the World Pirates with Luffy. World used his powers to send large cannonballs to Hancock's ship. Luffy blocked them but fell into the water. Hancock tried to jump in, but Nyon stopped her and sent Salome instead. Nyon reminded her she was also a Devil Fruit user, and she would drown if she tried to swim.

Hancock then went to land and furiously attacked World's crew for what they did to her sisters and Luffy. After Luffy was saved by Salome, the two faced off against Sebastian, who revealed his blindness, which made him immune to Hancock's powers. The duo defeated him with little difficulty as they ran off (to which Hancock called Luffy "honey" along the way). They were found by Perona, who used her powers to stop Sebastian as Luffy tried to remember where he saw her. Once they made their way inside, Hancock asked Luffy who Perona was and when Luffy could not remember, Hancock thought he was lying and wondered if this was what they call "cheating". They eventually ran off into a room and Hancock was separated from Luffy by World. Though hesitant to leave him, she did so after he said he would fight World and she could save her sisters. This left the Pirate Empress swooned by Luffy saving her and ashamed for thinking he was cheating on her.

She made her way to a room where she met Nightin. Despite her mockery of Hancock being a Warlord, Nightin was able to counter Hancock's powers with medical herbs, which made her immune to her powers. She then proceeded to destroy some of Hancock's clothing and made a drink to make herself as young as Hancock. The two fought with Hancock having little difficulty against Nightin as Hancock was able to easily dodge her moves and continue to temp her into her charms. Nightin did fall for them as Hancock defeated her by turning her to stone.

Hancock Defeats Gairam

Hancock defeats Gairam.

Hancock soon arrived in the room where Luffy told her to get her sisters off the ship while he dealt with Byrnndi. She did so with an order of her own for Luffy to survive. After World's defeat, Hancock anxiously waited for Luffy's return. After the ship exploded, Hancock screamed Luffy's name as she worried for him. Luckily, Luffy survived by flying in the air as Hancock was happy to see he was alright and then rushed over and hugged him happily, leaving her sisters, Salome, and Nyon shocked at her action. Hancock then realized what she did and soon backed off blushing heavily, but Luffy and Hancock just smiled.[36]

Concludes non-canon section.

Fish-Man Island Saga

Return to Sabaody Arc

Kuja Pirates Pick Up Luffy

Hancock and the Kuja Pirates picking up Luffy after his two years of training.

Hancock and her sisters greeted Luffy after his two years of training were complete and prepared to take him back to Sabaody Archipelago. When Luffy regretted not eating the animals on Rusukaina Island, Hancock said that she had all of Luffy's favorite foods on the ship. When Hancock brought up the idea of becoming Luffy's wife, Luffy bluntly declined, but she appeared undeterred by his rejection.[37]

She was later seen on her ship near the Sabaody Archipelago, giving Luffy a large amount of supplies (with enough supplies to last him years in some cases). She also helped in disguising him by giving him her coat and a fake mustache. When Luffy was departing, she asked Luffy not to say goodbye. Luffy responded by saying that he never does, and he hopes to see her and everyone again. Hancock mistook Luffy's words as a marriage proposal.[38]

As Luffy and his crew prepared to head to Fish-Man Island, Hancock and the Kuja Pirates aided them by holding back the Marines. Hancock concealed her aid to Luffy by claiming to be angry that the Marine battleship crossed her path. Hancock also winked at Luffy while giving him the opportunity to set sail. She was next seen stalling the Marines, mesmerizing them with her beauty.[39]

Whole Cake Island Saga

From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc

After the events at Dressrosa, Hancock hung a gigantic version of Luffy's bounty photo on her castle wall.[40]

Wano Country Saga

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Cidre Guild Arc

Hancock received an invitation to the Pirates Festival, and on her way there, she stopped by an island with Sandersonia, Marigold, and Nyon to take a bath. To her shock, Luffy emerged in her bath from a spout, and they reunited. The bounty hunter Ginger and his subordinates from the Cidre Guild then came in to kill her and Luffy, and the duo fought the bounty hunters alongside Sandersonia and Marigold. However, Ginger released carbon dioxide gas into the air, forcing Hancock and Luffy to escape.[41]

Hancock and Luffy went toward the Cidre Guild's factory, where they were confronted by Cidre.[41] Cidre was joined by Guarana and her subordinates, whom Hancock fought against. Cidre, Ginger, and Guarana then retreated toward the factory, and Hancock battled Ginger and Guarana while they stood guard. The duo attacked Hancock with concentrated blasts of carbonated water, but she avoided them and landed attacks on the bounty hunters, turning them to stone. After Luffy defeated Cidre, he bid Hancock farewell, revealing he would see her soon as he had acquired an invitation to the Pirates Festival.[42]

One Piece: Stampede

Luffy, Law, Smoker, Sabo and Hancock United

Hancock joins Luffy, Smoker, Sabo, and Law to face Bullet.

Hancock arrived at the Pirates Festival with her crew as reinforcement for the Marines, though she quickly left to look for Luffy. Later, after Douglas Bullet used his ability to entrap the island and create a massive colossus, Hancock was still looking for Luffy, until she found something red under a pile of rubble. Believing it to be Luffy she pulled it out, only to find it was Buggy's nose, whom she angrily kicked. Soon after, Sabo, Smoker and finally Trafalgar Law, appeared before her, the latter proposing an alliance to take down, Bullet, though Hancock was originally uninterested.

Law, Smoker, Hancock, Sabo and Buggy Attack Bullet

Hancock, Law, Smoker, Sabo, and Buggy attack Bullet together.

Luffy then appeared and attacked Bullet but was knocked down before the group. After Law proposed a plan, Luffy instantly agreed, which prompts Hancock to go along with them. Luffy then used Gear 4 and attacked the colossus again, but was again knocked down, causing Hancock to be enraged enough to kick the colossus in the torso, which gave the group (assisted by Crocodile) an opportunity to destroy the right arm. Seeing as that it wasn't enough to take down Bullet, the group performed a combo attack which destroyed most of the torso, though they were all knocked back right after. However, this gave Luffy the opportunity to deliver the finishing blow and defeat Bullet once and for all.

She then rushed to Luffy after he deflated, who had managed obtain Gol D. Roger's treasure, which she identified to him as an Eternal Pose to Laugh Tale. After noticing he was coming under attack from Crocodile and Rob Lucci, Luffy destroyed it, stating that he didn't need it, causing Hancock to swoon. Hancock and Luffy were then teleported to the coast by Law, where they attempted to flee. Hancock went with the Kuja's, who followed the Worst Generation as they made their escape, with the assistance of Sabo and Ann who used their abilities to create a path of flame on the water. In the ending credits she is seen waving goodbye to Luffy atop a Yuda, which caused her siblings to be worried.[43]

One Piece Film: Red

Hancock and her sisters watched Gloriosa singing to Uta's childhood song Where the Wind Blows.[44]

Concludes non-canon section.

Wano Country Arc

Blackbeard captures Hancock

Hancock at Blackbeard's mercy in front of Koby.

After the Seven Warlords system was abolished, Hancock told her subjects not to worry about the incoming Marine fleet and reminded them that the reason the Warlord position had been offered in the first place was because of how strong they were.[45] During the ensuing the battle, the Marines successfully breached the island. When the Blackbeard Pirates also arrived to take Hancock's ability, Koby pleaded with her to leave with the Marines. She refused to surrender and petrified most of the Marines (including Vice-Admiral Yamakaji) and the invading pirates. She was about to attack Koby when Blackbeard grabbed her and nullified her ability. She warned that killing her would condemn his crewmates to permanent petrification. She did agree to restore the Marines and pirates if they left the island, but Teach refused to trust her. Before Teach could kill her, Rayleigh arrived and drove the Blackbeard Pirates and the Marines out of Amazon Lily, and Hancock restored those who had been petrified.[46]

Final Saga

Egghead Arc

Weeks later, believing the Marines would come back to Amazon Lily due to her presence, Hancock questioned where she should go, before concluding that she wanted to marry Luffy. She then listened as Shakuyaku discussed Vegapunk's technological developments, like the new Seraphim, one of which looked like a young Hancock.[47]


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