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Bobrad is a pirate who was captured and imprisoned by the Silver Pirate Alliance.[1]


Bobrad's Wanted Poster

Bobrad's wanted poster.

Bobrad is a middle-aged man with slicked back, spiky brown hair, sideburns, and a predominant widow's peak. He has a large nose, a square jaw, and a scar spotting his forehead and along the side of his cheek. He wears an open-chested, grey collared shirt.


Not much is known about Bobrad's personality, but he appeared quite upset and distressed about his capture.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bobrad is strong enough to be given a bounty of  Beli68,000,000, as well as reach the New World . However, he was not strong enough to avoid being captured by the Silver Pirate Alliance.[1]



At some point in his life, Bobrad became a pirate, reached the New World and was given a bounty. Despite this, he ended up being imprisoned by the Silver Pirate Alliance.[1]

Silver Mine ArcEdit

Bobrad was presented to the Alliance's leader, Bill, by his captors alongside other pirates including Monkey D. Luffy and Tambu.[1]


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