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The Boin Archipelago is a series of flower-shaped islands in Paradise. Within them are various gigantic bugs and vicious man-eating plants. Usopp was sent to one of these islands by Bartholomew Kuma during the events of Sabaody Archipelago and spent two years on the island honing his skills.[1] It is said that anyone who enters this island has no chance of leaving it again, though both Usopp and Heracles managed the feat.


Heracles guides Usopp to the Forest of Gluttony.

The island Usopp was sent to is home to the swindling forest of Greenstone (グリンストン Gurinsuton?, called Glinston in the FUNimation subs and Viz Manga). Also, it is known to have a forest made of food, called the Forest of Gluttony (暴食の森 Bōshoku no Mori?). This forest not only includes ordinary wild food such as plum trees and corn stalks, but also a river of already prepared ramen. In the anime, this forest resembles a food-based theme park more than anything else. Although it's mentioned there are thieves in Greenstone, the only known resident so far is Heracles.

The islands are actually giant carnivorous plants scientifically known as "Stomach Baron", that eat overweight animals that are in the Greenstone forest. A group of giant beetles guard the edges.[2]

The 'islands' hosts a large variety of unique plant species known as Pop Greens.[3] According to Usopp, the further one delves into the islands, the greater the variant of Pop Greens one can find.[4] However, since the further you go in, the more difficult it is to escape, it is not wise to do so.[2]

Former Inhabitants


Summit War Saga

Straw Hat's Separation Serial

When Usopp was sent here by Bartholomew Kuma, he succumbed to gluttony and gorged on the many delicacies within the forest until he became morbidly obese,[5] and nearly got eaten alive when he tried to escape after reading about his captain's tragic loss when a newspaper fell from the delivery bird.[6]

It was here that Heracles trained Usopp during the timeskip. Heracles taught Usopp everything he knew about fighting techniques, the nature of the forest such as Pop Green, so that he may grow strong and to become a true Sniper.[7]

Anime and Manga Differences

The maw of one of the islands.

The Boin Archipelago is first revealed to be a group of giant, seaborne carnivorous plants in the anime, Episode 455. This was later revealed to be canon in the manga, Chapter 591. The only difference is that the anime originally depicted the island's center as having teeth, while the manga shows the island with no teeth whatsoever. This was corrected in Episode 507 where the island had no teeth as in the manga.


  • It uses several methods of trapping that real life plants use. The method of luring via tasteful fruit is yet another reference to these carnivorous plants as many use sweet scents or sticky mucilage or glue to lure insects to them. Its leaves resemble plants like the pinguicula, however its method of entrapment more closely resembles the Venus Flytrap.
  • Boin and the Sabaody Archipelago's are the only archipelagos to be made of flora instead of actual land.


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