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Bokuden is Apis' grandfather. He lives on Warship Island.


Bokuden is an old man with gray hair and a beard. He is often seen leaning on his cane, and wears a brown tunic over a blue shirt and tan pants. He wears a pointed hat that is similar to all of the villagers's that inhabit Warship Island.


He tends to tell long and boring stories about the ancestral kings of the islands, making him and anyone who hears them fall asleep then continue stories when he wakes up. Despite this, he is a wise and gentle old man.


When Apis found her way back to the island with the help of the Straw Hats, he gladly welcomed them into his house and prepared food for them. He then went on to explain the history of Lost Island and that there is a legend among their people about an elixir to immortality. However, he quickly changed topics and started talking about the full history of their people, starting with their founding king. Soon after, he fell asleep, before being rudely awaken by Lieutenant Commander Hardy.[2]

He later appears admiring the sight of the dragons' nesting grounds and offers to make his special pork buns for them, only to be rejected. Soon after, Apis and him say farewell to the Straw Hats. Upon hearing her say that she will protect Lost Island, he begins to tell her the history of their ancestors, to which she runs away in fear.[3]


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