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Bolt is a parrot who appeared in One Piece Film: Z. He is the pet of Mobston.


Bolt is a colorful parrot whose left wing missing. Instead, there is a scar in it's place. Bolt has red feathers at the top, and green below it. Below his head are also yellow feathers and the rest of his lower body is covered in green feathers. The end on his tail is also red. His beak is yellow and orange, and his wings are yellow, although one of them is featherless. He also has orange talons.[1]


Not much is known about Bolt's personality, but he seemed very shocked when Secon Island blew up.


One Piece Film: Z

When the Straw Hat Pirates shipwrecked near Dock Island, Mobston and his grandchildren offered them assistance and shelter while the Thousand Sunny is being repaired. Bolt was among the group of Mobston and his family who helped the crew repair their ship.

Later, Bolt and the others watched as Secon Island blew up. They all hoped that the pirates were alright.

At the end of the film, when the Straw Hats returned to the island to give back the borrowed gear, Bolt, Mobston, and the others saw the crew off.


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