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Bonbon the Researcher is a Bürst Lab scientist and the youngest brother of Bürst and Misutta. He is a secondary antagonist of One Piece Premier Show 2015.[1]


Bonbon is an average-sized man with a blond pompadour hairstyle. He wears a peacock-like vest, baggy white pants, black boots, and a black and red cape.


Like his brothers, Bonbon is a genius scientist who acts brainy and cerebral. He lacks empathy for other's humanity, as he was willing to use his abilities to brainwash Nami to marry his brother. Bonbon believes that if he can use his older brother's power, the world will belong to him.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Unlike his brothers, Bonbon has average physical abilities and needs to be protected by Misutta.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Hore Hore no Mi

Bonbon ate the Hore Hore no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit which allows the user to make people fall in love with them through lights and singing.


One Piece Premier Show 2015

Misutta and Bonbon confront the Straw Hat Pirates to kidnap Nami.

Bonbon and Misutta were ordered by Bürst to capture Nami so that he could marry her. Bonbon and Misutta attacked the Thousand Sunny, and Bonbon used his Devil Fruit abilities to brainwash Nami and kidnap her. On Marriage Greenland, Brook disguised himself as a wedding officiator to ruin Bürst and Nami's vows, and when he revealed his true identity, Bonbon was shocked. When the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies interrupted Bürst and Nami's wedding, the scientist brothers fought Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo and were ultimately defeated by a combination of Luffy's Red Hawk and Sabo's Hiken.[1]

It is unknown what became of Bürst Lab and Bonbon after Bürst was arrested an imprisoned in Impel Down.[2]

Major Battles


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