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Bonbori is a Super Lamp Anglerfish who holds the island of Alchemi in its stomach and the Pure Gold in its esca.


Bonbori is an extremely large fish that resembles a real-life Anglerfish. It has dark red skin, red and white fins, and very sharp teeth. Its most prominent feature is a giant esca attached to an illicium on its head that glows very brightly; the glow turned much brighter once the full Pure Gold was absorbed into it. Inside its body, Bonbori has three stomachs which hold several islands, including the island of Alchemi in its third.[1]


Bonbori is very attracted to the Pure Gold and will instantly consume it once it draws near. When it fully consumed the Pure Gold, it disappeared, never to make its presence known again.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Due to its immense size, Bonbori is capable of swallowing entire islands and ships.[1]



200 years ago, Bonbori came to consume Myskina Olga's ring, which had Pure Gold contained in it, and it ended up swallowing nearly the entire island of Alchemi and everyone on it in the process.[1]

Shortly before the present, Olga forced Bonbori to throw her up so she could explore the outside world.[1]

Heart of Gold

When Olga's ring fell into the ocean again, Bonbori came to consume it, and consumed the Thousand Sunny and the Shark Emeralda along with it.[1]

Later, Monkey D. Luffy sent Mad Treasure flying into the wall of Bonbori's third stomach, causing it to get dry heaves and vomit. When this happened, the Pure Gold was dissolved in Bonbori's stomach, causing its esca to glow even brighter. Bonbori then went back underwater, never to show itself again.[1]


  • Bonbori (ぼんぼり bonbori?) is a kind of paper lamp used in festivals around Japan. Though most of them have hexagonal shapes, some of them can be round, similar to Bonbori's esca.


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