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For the captain of the Bonney Pirates, see Jewelry Bonney.

Bonney is a female pirate from the second TV special (along with Maccus and Amanda) who escaped from Zap's pirate ship looking for Amanda's father's treasure.[1]


She has certain tomboyish features whereby she has spiky silvery gray hair and a grimace across her face. During the TV Special, she wore a shirt with zebra stripes that covered her hourglass figure. She wore one earring in each ear.[1]


She appears to have a short temper and a rowdy behavior on the pirate ship.

Abilities and Powers

Bonney is a skilled thief, as she is always stealing from others, for her own benefit.[1]


After being held prisoner by Zap on his pirate ship. She managed to escape his ship and began looking for Amanda's father's treasure.[1]


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