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Boo Jack is one of the Trump Siblings Pirates who appeared in the second movie as one of the major antagonists.[1]


Boo Jack is a fat man with a pig-themed outfit. He wears a bandanna-like hat with a pig's head design, a yellow shirt with a "J" printed on the front, suspenders, and his white, furred Toge Toge Armor. He also has furred arm and elbow bands.


Boojack's Movie 2 Wanted Poster.png
Boo Jack's wanted poster from Movie 2.
Boojack's Movie 9 Wanted Poster.png
Boo Jack's wanted poster from Movie 9.


Like his siblings, Boo Jack is an arrogant and ruthless enforcer of Bear King's will, always eager to press unfair advantages and mock those he believes to be weaker than himself. This arrogance was partly responsible for his brutal defeat by Sanji.

Occasionally, he will adopt the mannerisms of a quiz-show host - as "Boo" is also the standard Japanese sound effect for a wrong-answer buzzer - and quiz enemies on who will be the Pirate King. His stated answer is inevitably "Bear King" (though Monkey D. Luffy always answers "me").[1]

Abilities and Powers

Boo Jack is a good swimmer, as Honey Queen could stand on his back while he was floating in the ocean.[1] He was also strong enough to be given a bounty of Beli.png3,200,000.[2]


Boo Jack's armor.

Boo Jack's primary weapon is the Toge Toge Armor (トゲトゲの鎧 Toge Toge no Yoroi?, literally meaning "Spike Spike Armor"), which can deploy spikes or launch them at people. He can also become a giant, rolling, spiked ball.

He also has white balls that he can throw at his opponents, which either explode like bombs or emits spikes.[1]


Clockwork Island Adventure

Boo Jack first appeared with Honey Queen when their fleet encountered the Straw Hats and the Thief Brothers. The Straw Hats demanded that they hand back the Going Merry, but the two Trump Siblings denied that they took it. Boo Jack then asked the Straw Hats who would the Pirate King would be. After Luffy said it was himself and Boo Jack corrected him by saying it was the Bear King, Sanji and Zoro mocked him and said that it was a stupid riddle. After hearing this, he and Honey Queen ordered their fleet to attack. The Straw Hats proved themselves to be stronger than the average pirate, but when Usopp saw Boo Jack's spinning attack, he rowed the crew to safety.

Unbeknownst to the Straw Hats, Boo Jack and Honey Queen had been following them, and when they were near the Straw Hats and Thief Brothers, they threw bombs onto the the Thief Brothers' ship. He then asked them what he and Honey Queen wanted the most. When Sanji screamed out Nami's name, Honey Queen revealed that it was the correct answer and that their intentions were to kidnap Nami as a gift to their Captain.

Later, they returned to Trump Castle, where Boo Jack handed Nami over to Bear King. When Bear King asked who this Luffy that Nami mentioned was, Boo Jack explained that it was her friend that could stretch like rubber.

While waiting for Luffy to arrive, the Trump Siblings played cards with Nami, losing every game to her. When Honey Queen left to go scout out the area for the Straw Hats, Boo Jack left with her. Afterwards, they found the Straw Hats and the Thief Brothers floating up in a hot air balloon. Boo Jack then attacked the balloon by throwing one of his surprise spike balls, which ended up piercing through Sanji's foot. After Sanji fell from Honey Queen's attack, the two captured him and brought him back to Trump Castle. They then watched in awe at the completed King Cannon being brought in. Boo Jack wnt on to step on Sanji for saying too much.

Sanji defeats Boo Jack.

Afterwards, Boo Jack watched as Bear King prepared to fire the King Cannon at the captured Sanji, Usopp, and Zoro. However, Borodo interrupted them, and Boo Jack became surprised when he saw that the thief had dynamite strapped to himself. He then watched in shock when Luffy pushed through several floors and into the room before blowing up all the dynamite. Boo Jack then leapt into action and charged at Nami, but was blocked by Sanji, who told him that he would not let him lay a hand on her. In response, Boo Jack laughed at Sanji and asked what he was going to do with his bleeding feet. After Sanji put on his boots, Boo Jack ridiculed him about whether that would make a difference and then spun at him in his Toge Toge Armor. However, Sanji easily kicked him away and then defeated him after a few more kicks.

Afterwards, Bear King was defeated and the impact from Luffy's attack using the King Cannon's bullet caused the island to collapse. His fate remains unknown, as he was unconscious and was most likely caught in the island's destruction.[1]

Major Battles


Video Games

Enemy Appearances


  • Every member of Bear King's crew had both an animal and a card based theme. Boo Jack was based on a Pig and the Jack. The similar noise "Buu" is the sound a pig makes in Japanese ("Oink" to an English speaker).
  • Both name-wise and visual-wise, his armor bears similarities to Miss Doublefinger's Toge Toge abilities. This, however, is likely to be coincidence, as the latter was introduced in Chapter 190, several months after Clockwork Island Adventure premiered.


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