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Boodle is the mayor of Orange Town.[4] He is an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Orange Town Arc.


Boodle is an elderly, bespectacled man, with curling gray hair (black in his youth) distinctly bunched atop his head and down both sides of his neck. He typically wears simple, lightweight shirts and shorts with sandals.

During the Buggy Pirates' occupation of Orange Town, he donned a clumsy set of brown leather armor (consisting of chestplate, gauntlets, and greaves), but discarded this after Buggy's threat was ended.


Boodle Digitally Colored Manga.png
Boodle in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Boodle Anime Concept Art.png
Boodle's concept art from the anime.
Boodle at Age 33.png
Boodle at age 33.
Boodle No Armor.png
Boodle without his armor on.


He knows this town better than anyone. But he also cares about the town more than anyone. Maybe too much...
— Poro

As one of its original founders, Boodle is fiercely dedicated to Orange Town and its people, sparing time even for specialty merchants like Hocker—and, after Hocker's death, his faithful pet Chouchou. Though usually pragmatic and coolheaded, his dedication can also manifest as a strong, almost childish pride, spurring him to take unnecessary risks.

Abilities and Powers

In his younger days, Boodle was well-built enough to participate in both farming and carpentry work. However, he was never known to possess any combat skills (and at his current age was easily overpowered by both Buggy and Luffy).

While opposing the Buggy Pirates, he armed himself with a spear.



Boodle was one of many refugees from an unnamed town destroyed by pirates, who proposed a new town be built on an uninhabited part of the Organ Islands. His leadership and efforts united countless people through forty years of labor, developing the wilderness into the bustling port of Orange Town.[5] Over this period, he maintained a peculiar friendship with a pet-food merchant named Hocker, even patronizing his shop when business was low.[6] When Hocker died of illness, his dog Chouchou—who took up a lifetime vigil outside their shop—fell into Boodle's unofficial care.

Three months after Hocker's death, Orange Town was invaded by Buggy the Clown and his infamous crew. Unable to oppose them, Boodle and his fellow citizens fled the town, once again becoming refugees. Chouchou alone stayed behind, impelling Boodle to periodically sneak back in and feed him.[7]

East Blue Saga

Orange Town Arc

On one of his feeding trips, Boodle came across the Buggy Pirates' newest enemies: Nami, Roronoa Zoro, and Monkey D. Luffy, the latter trapped in a cage and attacking Chouchou (who had eaten the only key). At first outraged, Boodle quickly grasped the full situation, and sent Zoro (earlier wounded by Buggy) to recuperate in his own house. Afterward, he explained Chouchou's story to Luffy and Nami, but fled at the approach of Buggy's First Mate Mohji and his lion Richie, leaving Chouchou and Luffy to fend for themselves.[1]

To Boodle's shock, Chouchou and Luffy both stood their ground and fought; while the former was easily overpowered, the latter seized advantage once his cage was broken, beating both Richie and Mohji senseless. Soon after, Boodle found that Mohji had burned Hocker's shop down—a sight that instantly provoked the pirate-hating Nami. As she raged and threatened Luffy, Boodle struggled to restrain her, until she realized that Luffy had only fought to avenge Chouchou.[8]

Boodle knocked out by Luffy.

At the same time, Boodle himself was deeply struck by Luffy's—and Chouchou's—efforts. Ashamed of his own inaction, he proclaimed Orange Town his treasure, and swore to defend it from the Buggy Pirates personally. Seconds later, his house was destroyed by the invaders' latest bombardment, sealing his resolve; over Nami's protests (and Luffy's encouragement), he ran off to confront Buggy.[9] However, Boodle proved little match for Buggy's powers, which effortlessly strangled him with a single hand. When Luffy again intervened and saved his life, Boodle angrily rejected the "outsider" help, still determined to fight alone. While acknowledging his pride, Luffy also deemed him a liability—and promptly shoved him into a nearby wall, knocking him unconscious.[10]

Later that day, after the Straw Hats had beaten Buggy's entire crew, the rest of Orange Town's evacuees returned out of concern for their mayor. On finding him unconscious, the townspeople mistook the Straw Hats for rival invaders, and chased them off. The commotion woke Boodle, who quickly realized his debt to the Straw Hats; after declaring that he alone had the "right" to hate them, he raced to the town harbor, and shouted his deepest thanks to the departing trio.[11]

Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles

Following the Straw Hats' departure, Boodle, Chouchou, and their fellow townspeople quickly drove the remaining Buggy Pirates out of Orange Town.[12]

Fish-Man Island Saga

From the Decks of the World

Two years later, with Orange Town mostly recovered, Boodle and Chouchou co-hosted the grand opening of a new pet-food shop named in Chouchou's honor.[13][3]

Major Battles


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  • Boodle has several meanings in colloquial English, but in the context of the character is most likely meant to reference the poodle dog, reflecting his affinity for Chouchou (as well as his hairstyle).
  • Boodle's favorite food is salmon.[3]


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